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Check Huawei Watch 2 reviews and video reviews. Get all information about the Huawei Watch 2 features and specifications. The Huawei Watch 2 review gives a better idea about the mobile phone’s performance. Get in-depth analysis of phone’s screen size, processor, RAM, camera resolution, and battery timing through Huawei Watch 2 video review.

Huawei Watch 2

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420 mAh
4 GB, 768 MB RAM

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Looking a smart watch and start searching now in this page but unfortunately the model which I like is not available in Pakistan which is Huawei Watch 2.
By: samreen, khi on Aug, 29 2019
This is perfect watch for me who has the many good abilities and the attractive look that I like to wear that in any occasion
By: humera, multan on Apr, 29 2019
This is so cool smart watch of Huawei watch 2 that is looking so classy and the abilities are also amazing in it that gentle me to buy it
By: anam, multan on Apr, 27 2019
This watch of Huawei brand is looking very smart and attractive look that has the many specil abilities that doesn’t has any simple watch
By: munawwar, lahore on Apr, 22 2019
Its operating system helps me to get use this device with the great performance and
the specs are so nice of their as make so easy to use this device
By: Elaaf, Lahore on Jan, 23 2019
Amazing huawei watch 2 nice battery life it is beautiful watch with nice features
By: Kamran, Lahore on Jan, 17 2019
I have been using this watch and it is very helpful in many aspect. One can easily find this watch in very reasonable rates.
By: Rehman, karachi on Oct, 08 2018
I might not suggest to buy these watches as they are just useful for a particular not for day to day usage. I would recommend going for Apple watches if still someone wishes to purchase it.
By: Alam, karachi on Oct, 01 2018
Now this is a very classy watch i wear while going out for a walk, though i wish it had a camera too!
By: Zeeshan Akhtar, Islamabad on Sep, 18 2018
This is the perfect watch for mine using because it has the totally the beautiful and classy look that I like to wear that usually specially at any occasion
By: alishba, islamabad on Sep, 08 2018
Regardless of the good and bad about Huawei watch 2, the phone is quite
valuable to me. No wonder, its rare to have 4 cameras in a single phone!
By: Rameez, wazirabad on Sep, 01 2018
Huawei watch is not available in the market and as far as I remember it was an amazing watch having amazing features with very minimal price. It was far better than apple watches.
By: Ali , haripur on Aug, 30 2018
I really like Huawei concept of brining a smart watch in their portfolio. I used to get admire from Apple gears but that was difficult for me to purchase because of their higher prices.
By: Qasim, islamabad on Aug, 01 2018
I have used the Huawei watches before I never see this watch in the market maybe It is new or we don’t have these Huawei watch 2 in the local market but I’ll buy it soon
By: Talha, Karachi on May, 17 2018
Huawei Watches consider as the really good looking watches ever in this time in the market because they are literally amazing in look
By: Aqdas, Karachi on Apr, 29 2018
This Huawei watch 2 is the beautiful device who the everyone can easily use that with the good resolution and the good pixels without blasting
By: zara, islamabad on Apr, 21 2018
Huawei watches are the best in the design in the working and has many good colors we really need to have in our hand for the well-dressed up
By: Anwar, Karachi on Apr, 16 2018
Huawei Watch 2 here you can see the best look and the new stylish design for looking great with these new advanced Huawei watches
By: Ammad, Karachi on Apr, 13 2018
Huawei watch 2 is literally awesome and has the good features with all the loving specs we could definitely love in this price
By: Siqandar, faislabad on Apr, 13 2018
This is so cool watch of Huawei brand available now in the reasonable price that we expect that for wearing the cool watch
By: hasham, Karachi on Apr, 12 2018
Here available the Huawei watch 2 that is looking so cool and also has the many good qualities that we need get that form the simple watch
By: rameen, Karachi on Mar, 17 2018
This is the best watch of this best brand of Huawei that has the beautiful design and the many good abilities who doesn’t available in the another simple watch
By: anam, islamabad on Mar, 13 2018
What a great watch! This Huawei watch is the ideal gadget which
has the astonishing execution processor and the quicker speed that make this
gadget so natural to utilize.
By: Jahania, Lahore on Mar, 11 2018
The Huawei watch 2 is so nice smart device who everyone can expect that for wearing that very eagerly in this reasonable price
By: reenma, Karachi on Mar, 03 2018
This is the beautiful watch of Huawei brand that has the good quality and also able to give the good performance as we need that
By: rubina, Panjab on Feb, 28 2018
It has the long life battery timing is the best in it who work in whole day long and which we use for many things like video calling, playing games, watch many movies and man more things
By: layba, Panjab on Feb, 26 2018
Huawei Watch 2 the good watches by the Huawei is mentioned here and this is pretty good to see the watches from the Huawei here
By: Aqdas, Karachi on Feb, 21 2018
Buy the Huawei Watches which has the great quality for the wearing it to the long time as you need as well for looking much better
By: Wajahad, karachi on Feb, 20 2018
The Huawei watch 2 is the best smart watch that has the long time warranty that we need to use that with the many good qualities
By: farheen, karachi on Feb, 19 2018
I have the watch by the Huawei and it looks pretty good because of its color and the amazing design we will not ignore to buy
By: Sameer, karachi on Feb, 15 2018
My cousin bought this outstanding Huawei watch 2 mobile phone from Sydney for
herself. Once I used her cell phone to check its features and believe me they were really
very interesting.
By: Ghazala, Jalalpur on Feb, 15 2018
Casio style watch I dont think that it will attract the users since it an old style watch and people like digital watches these days.
By: Farhan, Karachi on Feb, 11 2018
This is the amazing watch of Huawei watch 2 that has the amazing performance and also has the long life warranty as we need to use that
By: seema, Panjab on Feb, 08 2018
This watch looks like and our childhood wristwatch when I and my friends used to wear it just to look cool among our other friends. Well, I think its god to see old style coming back with improved technology.
By: Emad, Karachi on Jan, 29 2018
Huawei Watch 2 the good watch which looks really better and good in the colors which we would like to wear for the normal use
By: Saim, KA on Jan, 26 2018
I saw the many peoples to using this brand mobiles because this brand gives the best mobiles in cheap rates what we expect and also afford that
By: alishba, islamabad on Jan, 24 2018
Huawei watch 2 the best smartphone which is really good in the performance and has the good specs with all the features we would love
By: Jameela, Attock on Jan, 19 2018
Because of my work I choose this smartphone which makes it really good for me because it has everything and the amazing speed of the RAM
By: Saim, Karachi on Jan, 17 2018
I am wearing the Huawei Watch 2 which is looks awesome and never fed of colors quality is purely high what I really need for wearing
By: Amjad, Karachi on Jan, 10 2018
I dont know what is the current price of Huawei Watch 2 smart watch but at the time when I purchased it it was expensive, recently I have faced an issue regarding its display for that I want to know about its repairing centre.
By: zakir, khi on Dec, 28 2017

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Huawei Watch 2 Reviews

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Where to Buy Huawei Watch 2 in Pakistan?

Huawei Watch 2 is available in all major mobile markets across Pakistan, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Quetta, Peshawar, and more.

Where to Buy Huawei Watch 25 in Karachi?

Huawei Watch 2 is available in all major mobile markets across Karachi, including Star City Mall Mobile, Serena Mobile Market, Mobile Bara Market, and more.

Where to Buy Huawei Watch 2 in Lahore?

You can buy Huawei Watch 2 from all major mobile markets in Lahore, including Faisal Mobile Market, Mirza Moblie Market, Bhatti's mobile market, and more.

Where to Buy Huawei Watch 2 in Islamabad?

Huawei Watch 2 is available to purchase in all major mobile markets of Islamabad, including Singapore Plaza Saddar, Imperial Market, Khalil Mobile Market, and more.