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Huawei Y5 Prime 2018

Huawei Y5 Prime 2018 User Reviews & Feedback

This is such a nice smart phone with the good sound speakers and it’s camera and sound quality is excellent
By: saba , islamabad on Oct, 07 2019
Huawei y5 primme 2018 smartphone which I really need here and this is really good for me to have it because it has everything I would like to use
By: rayma, multan on Sep, 17 2019
It’s gorgeous design attracted me towards it and it’s processing speed is also very amazing I liked it
By: Saba , Karachi on Jul, 10 2019
This mobile has a good sound quality and it’s battery timing is outstanding I use it day long
By: Mehak, Karachi on Jul, 10 2019
This mobile phone is reliable and it’s camera and sound quality is excellent I liked it
By: Ammad, Karachi on Jul, 03 2019
The Huawei y5 prime has the great smart operating system that allow us to get use the anything easily even that we easily play any heavy games in it without get any hanging
By: neelam, karachi on Jun, 02 2019
This is such a nice smart phone with the good sound speakers that could everyone can easily use that for listening the sings in the good waves
By: rabia, multan on Jun, 02 2019
Ma ny y5 prime sail krna ha box and things not a use tottely wranti aaj hi aaeya ha Dubai sy aaeya ha 1:6:2019
Seriously person contact my what's up number.... 03066578278...
Pta approved....
By: Usama, Fsd, Lhr punjab on Jun, 01 2019
First time I used face unlock feature which I really like this is good because no one can unlock our mobile without our permission.
By: raheela, bahwalpur on May, 20 2019
I bought this mobile by inspired of its features and specially its HD wallpaper, I loved it’s all wallpaper.
By: ahsan, islambad on May, 20 2019
Huawei y5 prime the smartphone which has the amazing application by the reliable brand Huawei and it is really good for every user because it has the reliable chipset
By: MEHGMOONA, multan on May, 02 2019
Huawei y5 prime the smartphone which has the great system for the best performance and this is really good to have this smartphone for me which is faster
By: haya, karachi on May, 02 2019
Now we easily get use this smart phone of Huawei y5 prime who give us the amazing performance for a long time in this reasonable price
By: narmeen, lahore on Apr, 29 2019
This good smart phone is able to give the good performance with the good software and the amazing operating system for using this device easily
By: eeman, multan on Apr, 24 2019
This Huawei y5 prime has the amazing software of jellybeans that allow us to get use this device easily with the smooth malty touch display
By: tooba, karachi on Apr, 24 2019
This is pretty good smart phone with the great battery standby and the many best abilities that we expect that in our smart phone
By: BINISH, karachi on Apr, 17 2019
Huawei y5 prime looking very nice device in this photo who has the good quality and the amazing experience which everyone wants to use that
By: rukhsana, multan on Apr, 16 2019
This Huawei y5 prime looking the nice smart phone and the abilities are so nice of their that make it so good smart phone in the reasonable price
By: ishika, karachi on Apr, 16 2019
Huawei y5 prime is really good in the look with slim and stylish body of the design with multi colors where you can easily select yours
By: furqaan, multan on Apr, 08 2019
Huawei y5 prime the best iPod series which has the brilliant method of saving the songs with the internal memory with the very good sound quality
By: narmeen, lahore on Apr, 08 2019
Huawei y5 prime this is the best smartphone of all time which has the really good features with all kind of functions what we definitely need this time
By: ammara, islamabad on Apr, 01 2019
This is available in the market within reasonable price. A
very good processor with very fast speed. Internal
storage is exemplary and finger print sensor is very
By: Qasim, karachi on Mar, 09 2019
Looking so classy smart phone of Huawei y5 prime that has the great camera result with the front and back flash led light
By: neha, islamabad on Mar, 08 2019
My mobile lcd broken
By: Wajahat, Mainwali on Mar, 08 2019
Best smarphone it look awesome great smartphone
By: Furqan, Lahore on Feb, 28 2019
This is looking perfect handset of Huawei y5 prime that we easily get check that about their details from here who give us their price too
By: zareen, multan on Feb, 09 2019
The great display having in this smart phone of Huawei y5 prime that looks so classy and the many new things in it who everyone like to use that
By: Famya, Lahore on Feb, 01 2019
Aoa I want to sale my huawei Y5 Prime with 8 months warranty 10/10 condition full box blue colour in Islamabad demand 15k 03237740886
By: Muhammad Subhan , Islamabad on Jan, 31 2019
Support every application doesn’t matter where it comes from and run it on the compatibility mode which is many smartphone don’t have
By: samreen, manama on Jan, 30 2019
I want huawei y5 prime 2019
By: Alamgir khan, Mardan on Jan, 27 2019
Huawei y5 prime the best smartphone with the great functions and has the really good quality services we just need for the good experience
By: roshni, LAHORE on Jan, 26 2019
Prices of these cellphone has decreased and according to me it is the best time to
buy this cellphone. Very reasonable features within reasonable price.
By: Saiqa, Lahore on Jan, 23 2019
The Huawei y5 prime is the amazing device with the faster speed and the beautiful
display that having the beautiful resolution too
By: Raamla, Karachi on Jan, 16 2019
Personally, i like the design of Huawei Y5 prime (maybe because i go more on looks
than considering any other thing)- which looks elegant in a 5.9" screen!
By: Ghina, Lahore on Jan, 16 2019
Although Huawei y5 was a very successful cellphone, but it would be better if one
opts for prime version due to multiple reasons. Features in y5 is very limited as
compare to other prime series.
By: Jameel, wazirabad on Jan, 15 2019
This Y5 Prime 2018 is the device which support whatsapp and facebook very easily as well I also use it for browsing. I don’t think so in this range I can find any other Huawei's phone like this specs.
By: ali, khi on Jan, 08 2019
Urgent selling huawei y5 prime 2018, 2 months used blue colour and in good condition. Anyone interested can contact 0308 2933116. Final price 13,000/-
By: Saad, Karachi on Dec, 23 2018
Its amazing features and the beautiful display make this device so easy to use with the good speed and the nice battery standby
By: zafar, LAHORE on Dec, 21 2018
Huawei y5 prime this smartphone is amazing and this allow to install the latest API’s which has the new functions we want to see in the android
By: neha, karachi on Dec, 18 2018
Huawei y5 prime 2018 came under my budget so I bought it and I didn’t think it was that great of a phone until I used it myself. The camera is one of the best ones that I have used so far and the android 8.1 makes it very good for game playing. Superb!
By: Shazia Farhan Ali, Islamabad on Dec, 10 2018

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Huawei Y5 Prime 2018 Reviews

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