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Check Huawei Y6 2018 reviews and video reviews. Get all information about the Huawei Y6 2018 features and specifications. The Huawei Y6 2018 review gives a better idea about the mobile phone’s performance. Get in-depth analysis of phone’s screen size, processor, RAM, camera resolution, and battery timing through Huawei Y6 2018 video review.

Huawei Y6 2018

Price: Rs. 2

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3000 mAh
13 MP
16 GB 2 GB RAM

Huawei Y6 2018 Video Review

Huawei Y6 2018 User Reviews & Feedback

why is it that my huawei y6 always sounds aitomatically off. I was not able to answer some important calls? I bought it just a few months ago.
By: marites aldave, mandaluyong on Mar, 09 2019
Huawei y6 has the good Ram speed and the Ram will never be expand so you have to manage with it in this affordable price Huawei gives you
By: hafsa, multan on Nov, 20 2018
Internal storage of this cellphone isn’t very much sufficient. One has to put extra storage card in this cellphone to make it more worthy.
By: Haseeb, Texila on Nov, 16 2018
Can you please confirm if the Huawei Y6 2018 is available to buy now?. 2018 has almost ended, when is this coming?
By: Saad, Peshawar on Nov, 05 2018
The beautiful and stylish metal body of Huawei y6 that has the good front and back camera that is able to get shot the every photo very clearly
By: sadaf, multan on Nov, 02 2018
Without get face any trouble now we easily get use this device of Huawei y6 with the good performance and the nice speakers that give the amazing volume
By: samreen, faislabad on Nov, 01 2018
This is so good device of Huawei y6 that has the beautiful smart display with the good screen pixels that never get blasting
By: nayla, multan on Oct, 31 2018
It is better to have Huawei Y series cell phone which is much cheaper and reliable. I must discourage people buying other cell phones in this range.
By: Baseer, karachi on Oct, 12 2018
What is the exact price of Y6, i came here to know it but it is not mentioned. I feel it wold be somewhere in 30's.
By: Azhar, Faisalabad. on Oct, 04 2018
If i overlook all its qualities for a moment, i would want to say that Huawei should have equipped Y6 with satisfactory RAM as 2GB is a mere disappointment for its users.
By: abid, Hyderabad on Sep, 25 2018
I love Huawei, they make very cheap phones of very high quality. I like them better than Q Mobile
By: Iqra, Saiwal on Sep, 18 2018
Huawei Y6 is all set to be launched and considering its features and design, it is expected that the model will be a successful one!
By: Essa, Multan on Sep, 15 2018
The Huawei Y6 2018 is a stunning phone that provides a little bit of everything for its users, if you want something a bit more powerful, go with the Y6 Prime
By: Shoaib, Karachi on Sep, 15 2018
Huawei Y6 is an amazing cellphone if one does not require to install many applications. It is economical and very stylish. Graphics of this cellphone is appreciable.
By: Khizer, jhelum on Aug, 31 2018
It has the great performance software and the amazing features with the
malty colors with the full of brightness that attar t to everyone for using it
By: Shehnila, Lahore on Aug, 29 2018
This is the useful smart phone of Huawei y6 who had the beautiful display and the malty touch screen as everyone like to use that
By: amena, multan on Aug, 29 2018
Huawei Y6 has very weak internal storage capacity and these types of cellphone cannot be updated after a year or two due to unavailable of space in the cellphone. I might not recommend this cellphone to anyone.

By: Yasir, Hyderabad on Aug, 22 2018
Can’t wait for Huawei Y6 to get launch so that I could buy this cellphone. An amazing cellphone with very impressive display screen and huge storage capacity. I would be amazing watching movies on this cellphone.
By: Jabbar, Karachi on Aug, 19 2018
Huwaei prime y6 ki price kia hey
By: m Anwar Chohan, OKARA Pakistan on Aug, 14 2018
I am disappointed with Huawei as they are charging higher than the market just because of their name. One can easily have other brand cellphone with excessive features with this range.
By: Rida, Karachi on Aug, 11 2018
The worst thing I feel about Huawei Y6 is its battery timing. I suggest Huawei to work on their battery average timing in every of their Y series cellphones.
By: Sadiq, lahore on Aug, 02 2018
This nice device of Huawei y6 make so easy to use it with the great operating system that has the faster speed and also works with good battery standby
By: saman, Karachi on Jul, 30 2018
Huawei Y6 resembles more of Samsung galaxy s series cellphones. Mobile phone companies need to come up with innovative design like Apple. Internal storage of this cellphone is also not impressive.
By: Ibrahim, Sukkhur on Jul, 27 2018
Person like me just want to have a good camera feature in any cellphone. Huawei y6 can be considered as favorable for me for its splendid camera features. I will be buying this cellphone as soon as it launch.
By: IQRA, islamabad on Jul, 23 2018
Huawei y6 has a very splendid display screen. I would prefer people who loves to watch movie or play games on cellphone to buy this cellphone as this could be a very best possible option for them.
By: Ghufran, karachi on Jul, 20 2018
Huawei y6 the upcoming new smartphone by the Huawei brand which can give you the faster speed of RAM what you are waiting for
By: sobia, lahore on Jul, 17 2018
I am trying to find the specs of this Huawei y6 but it is not available in any page. The price of this phone is very expensive which tell is that it is an expensive phone.
By: Farooq Khan, karachi on Jul, 17 2018
Huawei has the very good experience of making the android smartphone and I love to use their smartphone because they are reliable
By: Asad, Karachi on Jul, 13 2018
Related to the smartphones I only the Huawei which is selling the best smartphone with amazing stuff and has the very good battery life
By: Kashan, Karachi on Jul, 11 2018
Its malty tasking processor gives the great facility of their user to get use the many thing at a time without get face nay hanging or other problems
By: farwa, guangzhou on Jul, 11 2018
Any user of this Huawei y6 share me your experience to use 4G LTE in this device, actually I like the look of this phone that is why I decide to purchase it urgently.
By: Hina Shakeel, karachi on Jul, 11 2018
Due to the slim metallic gold body and the super fast processor I love the J series smart phones. I recently sell my Huawei y6 and purchased this Huawei y6.
By: Munib Aktar, karachi on Jul, 11 2018
Would you like to tell me the difference between new Samsung galaxy J7 Prime smart phone and Huawei y6? I am using Huawei y6 and willing to purchase the new model for that I am asking.
By: Sulaiman Brohi, karachi on Jul, 11 2018
I love the wide display smart phone, the display of Huawei y6 is so wide as well the camera is amazing which helps to capture photo with high zoom, I love it.
By: Muhammad Adil, karachi on Jul, 11 2018
The Huawei y6 is the out standby device that has the big for using the device after saving many data in it easily without face any trouble
By: arzoo, islamabad on Jun, 30 2018
This is so nice device in the reasonable price that everyone expect that in this price with the amazing performance without get face any trouble
By: layba, multan on Jun, 20 2018
Huawei Y6 this smartphone has the chap price and also the has the great speed of the RAM which helps me so much to find out the good great apps on it
By: Adnan, Karachi on Jun, 01 2018
It has the good Belton memory that allow us to get use it easily after saving many things in it due to the great Belton memory without get any trouble
By: sonia, lahore on May, 25 2018
I have bought the Huawei Y6 which is the amazing smartphone and has the really good performance of the application which is I love to use
By: Waqas, Karachi on May, 24 2018
Huawei Y6 the best smartphone with all kind of functions with the brilliant features what we definitely love to have for the god browsing experience
By: Ghani, Karachi on May, 22 2018

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Huawei Y6 2018 Reviews

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Where to Buy Huawei Y6 2018 in Pakistan?

Huawei Y6 2018 is available in all major mobile markets across Pakistan, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Quetta, Peshawar, and more.

Where to Buy Huawei Y6 20185 in Karachi?

Huawei Y6 2018 is available in all major mobile markets across Karachi, including Star City Mall Mobile, Serena Mobile Market, Mobile Bara Market, and more.

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You can buy Huawei Y6 2018 from all major mobile markets in Lahore, including Faisal Mobile Market, Mirza Moblie Market, Bhatti's mobile market, and more.

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Huawei Y6 2018 is available to purchase in all major mobile markets of Islamabad, including Singapore Plaza Saddar, Imperial Market, Khalil Mobile Market, and more.