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Huawei Y6 Prime 2018

Huawei Y6 Prime 2018 User Reviews & Feedback

This mobile is so perfect for me as it’s camera result is outstanding and the fast processing speed is so helpful for me during my office work
By: Shehzad , Islamabad on Jul, 10 2019
Huawei y6 prime has gorgeous design which attracted me towards it and its price is also very affordable so I bought it and loved it seriously
By: Hira, Karachi on Jul, 10 2019
This Huawei y6 prime has fast processing speed and it does not hang at all I use it and love it too
By: Mariyam, Karachi on Jul, 03 2019
Hi sir mjy y6 prime 2018 new pin pak 3 ram or 32 memory ma chaye ?
By: Asim awan, Gilgit baltistsan on Jun, 15 2019
The Huawei y6 prime is the beautiful smart phone that giving us the facility for buying the great device of the malty tasking processor
By: ayaz, karachi on Jun, 02 2019
The Huawei y6 prime is so beautiful smart device with the amazing speed that has the great operating system for getting this device faster
By: ramsha, multan on Jun, 02 2019
Huawei y6 prime has mind blowing battery that can charge the 5000mAh battery so quick that you won't even believe your own eyes.
By: kalsoom, lalamusa on May, 20 2019
I am so excited to buy new Huawei y6 prime mobile I watched a video which is about Huawei mobile and in that video they tells us all features of this mobile which I really like.
By: nargis, chakwal on May, 20 2019
Features are really cool in the Huawei y6 prime because it has the faster operating system with the updated android specs what you want
By: ahnmed, multan on May, 02 2019
Here available the whole details about the Huawei y6 prime who available in the rang able price with the many good qualities
By: raza, multan on Apr, 29 2019
Its exclusive features and the beautiful display make this device so exciting of Huawei y6 prime that help us to use it with lots of enjoyment
By: zoya, is on Apr, 24 2019
This reliable smart phone or Huawei y6 prime that giving us the facility to get use this device without face any trouble like hanging or heat up the body temperature
By: nayab, muree on Apr, 24 2019
every mobile phone description and detail is given on this website even if the mobile is in the market or the smartphone is soon to be released every single detail is given here
By: aqsa, gujranwala on Apr, 21 2019
I have this device of Huawei y6 prime which has the beautiful metal body and also gives me the amazing experience every time without get any trouble
By: zayfa, karachi on Apr, 16 2019
The beautiful device of Huawei y6 prime that has the faster speed that helps to use this device easy to use and the battery standby also gives the good performance
By: hassan, panjab on Apr, 16 2019
Huawei y6 prime this smartphone is extremely amazing in the performance I just bought it once a week ago and it has the rare camera result
By: hayma, karachi on Apr, 08 2019
Huawei y6 prime is really amazing for the cars and for listening the Music because it has the best audio version of every song which looks amazing on listening
By: azra, lahore on Apr, 08 2019
Huawei y6 prime this is the brilliant smartphone which has the very good functions with all kind of features we need to use and this is extremely amazing for me to have
By: ammara, islamabad on Apr, 01 2019
If anyone sale under 1100 plz contact
By: daniyal chaudhry, sialkot on Mar, 20 2019
Huawei y6 prime is a good and i like it but it price is so high
By: M.sohaib Shafique, Muzaffargarh on Mar, 09 2019
Without get face any trouble we easily get use this device
of Huawei with the great battery timing and the faster
performance of their
By: Qasim, karachi on Mar, 09 2019
The Huawei y6 prime is the good device of this reliable brand of Huawei that giving us the good smart device in this good cheap rates now
By: tooba, karachi on Mar, 08 2019
I want to buy Huawei y6
By: M.Tasho, Sharaqpur sharif on Mar, 03 2019
The beautiful designed of Huawei y6 prime that having the stylish metal body with perfect shape and the amazing camera result
By: sanam, karachi on Feb, 09 2019
Huawei is the best brand which is selling the amazing android smartphone in the really good functions and it is also help me to get the amazing features we need
By: fayqa, islamabad on Jan, 30 2019
I want huawei y6 prime
By: Alamgir Khan , Mardan on Jan, 28 2019
I want huawei y6 prime
By: Alamgir Khan , Mardan on Jan, 28 2019
Huwai y6 prime
By: Mustansar abass, Wah kant on Jan, 27 2019
Huawei y6 prime the smartphone is literally awesome I have just used it by my friend and it is really fast as I never think before
By: haris, karachi on Jan, 26 2019
I wana buy a cell phone of Huawei under 20thousand plzz sujjest me a better phone??
By: sheraz , kpk on Jan, 25 2019
Its my first experience to use Dual camera smart phone in shape of Huawei y6
prime, I recently purchased this wonderful device and enjoying a new journey with
By: Talbeyah, Hydrabad on Jan, 16 2019
The good display and the beautiful screen resolution with the lots of bright colors
provide in this device of Huawei y6 2018 that can make this device with the lots of
By: Shahid, Quetta on Jan, 16 2019
This is very useful device with the malty performance processor that helps to use it
easily every time with the long time battery standby
By: Khird, faislabad on Jan, 15 2019
Its nice features and the amazing specs can make this device that helps to get use this device for a long time without get any trouble
By: ammar, LAHORE on Dec, 21 2018
Huawei y6 prime the amazing smartphone which has the very good application performance and the brilliant option what we exactly need
By: biya, panjab on Dec, 18 2018
Price of this cellphone is increasing daily and according to me the hike of the price is
making the worth of this cellphone less.
By: Shawaiz, wazirabad on Nov, 27 2018
I bought the Huawei y6 prime a couple of months ago and i immediately fell in love
with it. I used to be a Samsung user but now i am hooked on Huawei
By: Hania, Karachi on Nov, 27 2018
Huawei give you the amazing features and the good performance promise which is really likeable and trust able by the most selling brand in the world
By: sayam, faislabad on Nov, 20 2018
I would rank this cellphone top among the other cellphones in this price range. Amazing cellphone followed by amazing customer services by Huawei.
By: Ghulam, karachi on Nov, 16 2018
When I purchased smart phone, first I visit this site to check the specs of the model which is in my mind. Currently I am thinking to buy Huawei Y6 Prime, this device is all the best and the price is reasonable, I will definitely go to buy it.
By: wajeeha, lhr on Nov, 16 2018

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Huawei Y6 Prime 2018 Reviews

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