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Independence Day SMS Messages

Independence Day SMS

Ghulami Mai Na Kaam Aati Hain Shamsherain Na Tadberain
Jo Ho Zouq-e-Yaqen Paida Tu Kat Jati Hain Zanjerain

(Happy Pakistan Day, Long Live Pakistan)

Sender:mishal Date:22-02-2018
Independence Day SMS

There Are Some Unforgetable Days
In The History Of Any Nation…

23rd March 1940

Is Very Important Day
On Which
Quaid Gave A Plateform
To The Movement Of Pakistan
And This Is A
Milestone Of Pakistan’s History…



Sender:zoobia Date:20-02-2018
Independence Day SMS

Sina’ay Aflaak Se Uthti Hai Aah-E-Soz Naak
Mard-E-Haq Hota Hai Jab Maroob-E-Sultan-O-Ameer

Sender:kiran Date:02-02-2018
Independence Day SMS

Aaj Woh Kashmir Hai Mehkoom-O-Majboor-O-Faqeer
Kal Jise Ahl-E-Nazar Kehte Thay Iran-E-Sagheer

Sender:jameel Date:02-02-2018
Independence Day SMS

Deikhte Hain R0z Khabaren Kashmir Ke
Sunte Hain R0z Khabaren Kashmir Ke
Behs Itna He Karte Han R0z Hm
Kya Kabhi Amli Fikar B Ke Kashmir Ke.

Sender:ghalib Date:02-02-2018
Independence Day SMS

Aaj 5th February Hai
Kia Kahu Happy Kashmir Day
Ya Happy Lahu Day
Ya Happy Gulami Day
Haay Haay Haay

Kash Quaid E Azam
Kashmir Ka Masla Bhi Hal Kar Jate
Kash… Kash… Kash…

Sender:maaz Date:01-02-2018
Independence Day SMS

Suna Hai Bohat Sasta Hai
Khoon Wahan Ka
Aek Basti Jese Log Kashmir Kehte Hain

Sender:ulfat Date:31-01-2018
Independence Day SMS

Ay Donia Ke Monsafo Salamti Ke Zamno
Kashmir Ki Jalti Wadi Mein
Behte Lahoo Ka Shur Suno
Behte Lahoo Ka Shur Suno

Sender:yumna Date:30-01-2018
Independence Day SMS

History Of 5 Feb,

In Feb 1990 Paki Leaders Nd Nation,

Made Human Chain To Show Unity,

Wid Kashmiri Brothers,

Against Indian Barbarism,

This Is 2 Remind Uno Dt,

Kashmir Issue Is Still Unresolved,

Nd It Needs Solutions With Justice.

Sender:junaid Date:29-01-2018
Independence Day SMS

The people of the country have the right to live and freely and decide for their future as they want.

Sender:kashif Date:27-01-2018
Independence Day SMS

Koi awaz ab uthaye ki kashmir jal raha hai
Koi insaf ab dilaye ki kashmir jal raha hai

Har fard hai pareshan, bechain o dil shikasta
Koi marham inhein lagaye ki kashmir jal raha hai

Maon ki goad suni, har baap tadap raha hai
Koi inki sunle haye ki kashmir jal eaha hai

Zalim hai sena tane, mazloom hai besahara
Koi zulm ab mitaye ki kashmir jal raha hai

Din mai bhi hai andhera, khurshed bhi hai benoor
Koi shamma banke aaye ki kashmir jal raha hai

Sender:Jamal Date:26-01-2018
Independence Day SMS

BLood Of “Kashmiries” is saying to you:

“In the time of crisis,
I was not hurt by the weapons of my ENEMIES,
by the silence of my FRIENDS!”

Let’s Think!

Sender:reema Date:25-01-2018
Independence Day SMS

Wadi Ma Bichi Ha Saf E Matam Ab Tk

Zulm-O-Sitm-O-Choor Nhi Km Ab Tk

Uf Sbzah O Gul Ma Ya Lpakte Shulay

Kashmir Ki Jannat Ha Jahanum Ab Tak.

Sender:shahab Date:24-01-2018
Independence Day SMS

Yarane Jahan kehtay hain, Kashmir hai Jannat,

Jannat kafir ko Na Mili hai, Na Milay gi.

May Allah bless us and Kashmir.

Sender:Altaf Date:23-01-2018
Independence Day SMS

She know how 2 live with justice.

She know how 2 live like legend.

She love''s her envirmont whtevr is it''

she is symbol of tolerence''

she iz a WOMAN!
Plz respect a WOMAN bcoz''
some time she''z MOTHER, a sister, a daughter n a wife.
Happy woman''z day... ;->

Sender:mawra Date:22-01-2018
Independence Day SMS

Ai! dunia kai munsifo,Salamti kai ZaminoKashmir ki jalti wadi main behtai laho ka shor suno

Sender:amina Date:20-01-2018
Independence Day SMS

Deikhte Han Roz Khabaren Kashmir Ki
Sunte Han Roz Khabaren Kashmir Ki,

Behs Itna hi Karte Han Roz Hum
Kya Kabhi Amli Fikar Bhi Ki Kashmir Ki..?

Sender:mishal Date:19-01-2018
Independence Day SMS

Ay Donia K Monsafo Salamti K Zamno

Kashmir Ki Jalti Vadi Mein Behte Lahoo Ka Shur Suno…

Sender:Farooq Date:18-01-2018
Independence Day SMS

Aj 5th February Hay Kya Kahoon Happy Kashmir Day Ya
Happy Lahoo Day, Ya Happy Gulaami Day Hay Hay Hay
Kaash Quaid E Azam Kashmir Ka Maasla Bhi Haal Kr Jaaty
Kash Kash Kash…!!!

Sender:Abida Date:17-01-2018
Independence Day SMS

Waadi Mein Bichi Hai Saaf E Mataam Ab Tk
Zulm-Oh-Sitm-Oh-Choor Nhi Km Ab Tk

Uff Sbzah Oh Gul Ma Yeh Lpakty Shulay
Kashmir Ki Jannat Hy Jahanum Ab Tk…!!!

Sender:abiha Date:16-01-2018

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Independence Day SMS – Freedom is not free, it comes with a price. Gaining independence cost you sacrificing lives of many, therefore it should be protected, love, respected, and appreciated. Independence Day SMS is an initiative to pay gratitude and homage to your motherland. Celebrate freedom and express love for your homeland through kind words. Independence Day SMS can be sent and dedicated to all your fellow countrymen on the eve of Independence.

Find 2018 largest collection of Independence Day SMS messages at submitted by user. Access the latest Independence Day SMS text messages of 2018 presented on this page for your assistance. You can pick and choose your most liked Independence Day SMS Quotes, Wishes, Greetings in Urdu, English & Roman Urdu that can be sent to your friend & family members in Pakistan now.