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iNew L3 Price in Pakistan
RS. 20500

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iNew L3

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gh ishaque , hyd Sat 23 Dec, 2017

iNew Mobiles is a product of iNew Mobile Limited Company. The company deals with research and development, marketing & service, and production of intelligent mobiles. The first generation models of iNew Mobile include iNEW I1000 & iNEW I2000. The purpose of iNew Mobiles is to attract more customers by offering intelligent technology, credibility, innovation, and credibility as our core values. The process of innovation never stops at iNew Mobiles as they pledge to fulfill the requirement s of customers. iNew Mobiles features online direct-marketing and experience stores, the users will get an economically produced excellent product.

iNew Mobiles are for tech savvy souls who love to facilitate from latest technology integrated in the phones. iNew Mobiles are Android operated smart phones. The ones available are iNew U9 Plus, iNew U9, iNew L3, iNew U8W, iNew U5, iNew U5W, iNew U3, iNew L1, iNew V1 to name a few. The upcoming iNew Mobiles are iNew L7 and iNew L8 available later.

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