3G 4G Internet Package

This page offers you the information about how to activate internet packages on various cellular networks. You can access information about how to activate daily, weekly, and monthly packages of internet on your network. 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE packages can be activated on your device by following a certain procedure. Access the most popular FAQs that can answer all your questions about activation of data internet settings and packages on your device. You can check how many MBs are left on your device and much more.

Reviews & Comments

I frequently travels out of city where i dont have access to internet. this 3 days internet package from zong is a life saver for me on those trips .

  • Shehzad , Bahawalpur
  • Thu 14 Oct, 2021

the zong 3 day internet package is great. whenever i am travelling intercity for my work i subscribe to this offer.

  • Hamza , Gujrat
  • Thu 07 Oct, 2021

i go on official trips in different cities mostly for three days and this package really helps me through those trips to stay connected.

  • Aryan , Bahawalpur
  • Wed 29 Sep, 2021

These zong whatsapp offers are really worth it. Zong has the fastest internet in the country , and video calling voice calling is smooth on whatsapp with zong.

  • Farrukh , Lahore
  • Wed 08 Sep, 2021

i was going out for town for three days and wanted a package that suit my needs. it is the best package for me in current situation

  • Yasir , Gujranwala
  • Fri 03 Sep, 2021

the 3 day internet package is great, i am in another city for a short stay and i am enjoying this package.

  • Owais , Khairpur
  • Wed 11 Aug, 2021

hourly internet is what i rely upon on my way from work to home. the package covers me well

  • Jamshed , Quetta
  • Wed 11 Aug, 2021

Just purchased a phone and did not receive automatic Jazz internet settings, thanks to this page for helping me setup internet on my mobile.

  • Malik , Faisalabad
  • Wed 11 Aug, 2021

Thanks for providing all zong daily internet packages in one place.

  • Haroon , Islamabad
  • Wed 11 Aug, 2021

I am thinking to purchase jazz 4G device, if anyone is using it kindly tell their experience. Since i have never used it before.

  • Shadab , Karachi
  • Wed 11 Aug, 2021