How can I find my app lock?

App lock is a perfect way to lock the applications on your smartphone. However, here is a complete guide on how to find the app lock.

How can I find my app lock?

Whenever you wish to open the app lock, use any of these two methods - Go to Phone app and type *#*#12345#*#* or # password in dialpad. However, in some smartphones, you need to press the call button.
Open any of your favorite browser (e.g: Google Chrome) and go to Now follow the on-screen link to open AppLock.
However, this method needs an active Internet connection.

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Yes I have use this app, Its great and the code that they provided to find app lock this is very safe I mean no one can open your personal things very great and nice app everyone should download this app thankyou for sharing .

akbar , rawalpindi Thu 18 Jul, 2019