How to Check Biometric Verification Status

Check Biometric Verification Status - If you want to get information about the checking procedure of biometric verification then just read this article.

How to Check Biometric Verification Status

Biometric Verification Status - Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) collaborated with Subscriber identity Modular(SIM) and Wireless Local Loop (WLL) connectors and taking initiative of Bio-Metric Verification from NADRA.

It has included the following transactions.

• Buy or activate new SIM/WLL connection.
• Re-verify SIM/WLL connection.
• Obtain duplicate SIM/WLL connection.
• Convert mobile number to another network.
• Conversion of possession of SIM/WLL connection.

But how to verify all of above mentioned transactions? In this regard, just check out the overall process in next paragraph.

Procedure of Bio-Metric Verification for Above Transactions

1. Visit Bio-Metric Verification System (BVS) enabled sales outlet.
2. Carefully Check out Terms and Conditions for the purchasing of SIM/WLL connection at enabled sales channel.
3. Provide Computerized CNIC # to sales agent.
4. Then place your thumb/finger impression over BVS device.
5. By providing thumb/finger impression, you will agree with Terms and Conditions for buying of SIM/WLL Connection.
6. After successful verification your SIM/WLL is activated and now you are eligible to get SIM/WLL connection.
7. Lastly, collect your verified SIM/WLL connection from sales agent.

Some Important Instructions:

*If Bio-Metric Verification is Unsuccessful, must ask the reason and further guidelines with sales agent*
*If sales agent does not handed over your BV SIM/WLL connection, must be register your complain at ([email protected]) by mentioning; CNIC no (without dashes), Visit Date, Company whose sales channel you visited and Name/Address of Sales channel.
*Bio-Metric Verification has not provided any Gifts so be aware from fraudulent. And authorized sales agents have BVS devices
*Continuing checking your status against your ID card by following ways;, send CNIC # and send to 668.

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