How to remove icon from home screen of your Android phone?

>Remove Icon From Home Screen – If you want to remove the icon from the home screen of your mobile phone then try this method.

How to remove icon from home screen of your Android phone?

It is a simple procedure, you just have to unlock your Android's screen and press the "Lock" button. In the next step, you have to enterthe passcode, PIN, or pattern to unlock the screen. Find an icon that you want to remove. You should keep a thing in mind that the icons on the Home screen are links to the pertaining apps, not apps themselves. However, removing the app icon will not uninstall the app from your smartphone.Try long-pressing an app icon. Some Android developers put a menu option for removing apps in a long-press menu, so tap and hold the app to see if a menu pops up. Select the "Remove" or "Delete" option or if in the menu, look for the appropriate option to remove the app icon; if you see one, tap it to do so.

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How To Lock Or Unlock Android Phone With Your Voice

How to Lock or Unlock Android Phone with your Voice If you want to know how you can lock or unlock your phone with your voice the just read this article. It is the smart and the coolest feature in Android phones that it can recognize you by listening rather than any other way. You can specifically set your phone to listen for the sound of your voice and here is the way: Go to your phone’s Settings Then go to Security option Tap on the Smart Lock > Trusted Voice Then follow the prompts to set your Android phone to unlock with your voice when it hears you say “OK Google”. If you did not train your phone to recognize your voice, do it by saying “OK Google” three times. All done now lock your phone and say “OK Google”. A “Listening” cue will appear on the screen. You can skip this part and go ahead and say a voice command, or tap on dismiss the prompt and directly go to the home screen.

Apne Mobile Ko Garam Hony Sy Kesy Bachaya Jay

Apne Mobile Ko Garam Hony Sy Kesy Bachaya Jay Agar aap apny mobile ko garam hony sy bchana chahty hain to ye article parhain. Agr ap smartphone istimal krty han to 100% apny kbhi nakbhi is masly ka samna zrur kiya hoga k apka phone garam ho jata ha ye boht amm see bt ha lkn phone ka is trhan garam hona jana baz oqat nuqsan deh bh sabit ho skata ha. Aj hm apko kuch asy tareky btaen gy jinsy ap apny phone ko heat up hony sy bcha skty han: Apny phone ko 80% tk charge kren over charge krny sy bchaen Suraj ki roshni ya shuaon me phone ko na rkhen Apny phone ki brigjhtness/roshni ko km sy km rkhen Jo apps ap istimal na kr rhy hon unhen pury tareky sy band kr den Applications ko update krty rhen aur un k jaded versions ka istimal kren Ger zruri applications ko dlete kr den tak baki apps ko space mil jay Phone k basic functions istimal krty wqt usko Airplane mode per lga den Apny phone k cover ko utar den Ye kuch mufeed tareky han jin s yap apny phone ko heat up hony sy bcha skty han. Agar ap apny phone k temperature ko km krna chahty han apny roz mrah k kam k doran to ye tareky istimal kren

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Apny mobile internet ko PC ya computer k sath hotspot k zariye kesy connect kiya jata ha? Wifi ek ase zrurt ha jesy k electricity jo ho to uski ehmiyat ka anadaza nai hota lkn na ho to kami zrur mehsus hote ha. Agr ap k phone me internet package ha aur ap isy apny laptop ya computer sy connect krny chahty han to is tareqy sy kr skty han Apny screen py mojud “Start button” ya “Window” k icon py jaeye Us k bad “Settings” k option py jaeye “Network and Internet” > Mobile Hotspot Ab apko screen py sbsy upper “Share my internet connection from” nzar ayga usy on kr dijye Is k bad Edit” option > Enter a new network name and its password > Save it Ek asan tareka ye bh ha k apni screen pr mojud Wi-Fi k icon py click kren whan Mobile Hotspot ka option nzar ayga uspy click kren aur apny phone k sth connect kren aur password ko save kr len Is procedure ko krty wqt dyhan rkhen k apka mobile data aur hotspot option ko on rkhen Mobile Hotspot ko apny system k sath connect krny ka ye sbsy asan tareka ha. Kyunki ye zruri ni k ap jhan jaen whan Wi-Fi ki sahulat mojud ho isliye ye tareky qar ap k kam khe bh asakta ha.

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