How to Stop Android Phone from Overheating

The temperature of your phone's internal components is typically affected by the temperature of its surroundings. When your phone becomes too hot, it might suffer from issues such as battery loss, forced shutdown, and even a complete meltdown. Since the phone’s Central Processing Unit is capable of melting if it reaches extreme temperatures. If your phone was forced to shut down due to overheating, there's a chance it won't restart. Here’s how to cool down the phone fast.

Avoid Direct Sunlight Outdoors

Keeping your phone out of the sun is the easiest approach to avoid overheating. Your phone absorbs light and heat from the sun and stores it, becoming hotter the longer it is exposed to it.

Close Background Apps Not in Use

Running in the background, open, unused apps make your phone work harder, which causes it to heat up. It will not only keep the phone cool while charging or playing games but will also save you a considerable amount of battery.

Don’t Turn Up Your Screen Brightness

Increasing your screen's brightness and running background apps causes your battery to work harder and generate more heat. Keep the brightness level to optimal and only turn up when necessary. It not only damages your eyesight but also causes the phone to heat up.

Remove the Case While Charging

If you are worried about your phone overheating while charging, the first thing you can do is to remove the protective case. Most of the cases are made of silicon that absorbs and retains heat. Which in turn makes your phone heat up while charging.

Blow Fan on your Phone

As silly as it may sound, if your phone is getting a bit too toasty, you should place it in front of a fan. It will cool down the phone fast. Don’t force a cool down by placing it in the refrigerator or doing some experiment of the sort, as rapid cooling may damage the phone or its battery. A simple fan blow will be enough in most cases.

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Reviews & Comments

Very useful tips. My phone had an overheating issue, by following these methods i successfully curbed down the problem.

  • Junaid , Karachi
  • Tue 05 Oct, 2021