How we can share Zong balance?

Zong Balance Share

Zong Yaari Load or Zong Balance Share is an easy and convenient balance sharing service between Zong numbers. To avail Zong to Zong balance transfer offer:

  • Just dial *828# for Zong balance transfer
  • Charges: Rs 5
  • Balance Required: RS 5.62

Being one of the largest GSM service providers in Pakistan with over 36 million active users and 21% market share, Zong offers a variety of offers, packages, and services to its subscribers, one being a gravely important Zong Balance share service. If you’re out of balance and need it urgently or want to share balance with someone in need, Zong covers you in such emergencies with the Yaari Load offer.

Scroll down to find out how you can avail Zong Yaari load offer.

How we can share Zong balance?

How we can share Zong Balance?

Want to share Zong's balance with a friend in need? But don’t know how to avail the Zong Balance share offer and help your friend? Here you will find the step by step guide to share balance in Zong.

• First, you have to dial *828# from your handset.

• Then enter the number of the recipient with whom you want to share your balance.

• Now enter the amount that must be between Rs. 10 to Rs. 200.

• Reply with “1” and you have successfully utilized Zong to Zong Balance share service.

How to Request Balance in Zong?

Out of credit and need emergency balance? You can always ask for balance from friends and family with Zong Yaari Load. Follow the below easy steps to request Zong balance anytime, anywhere.

• All you have to do is just Dial *829# from your mobile phone

• Enter the phone number of the Zong user to whom you want to request balance share.

• Input the amount of Balance you need.

Can we send the balance from Zong to Jazz, Ufone, Telenor, or any other Network?

No, Zong Yaari Load is exclusively for Zong users and cannot be used to share balance on other networks.

How many times in a day I can share Balance with Zong Yaari Load?

There is a limit of a maximum of 5 transactions per day.

Is Zong Balance Share Service Available All over Pakistan?

Yes, Users from anywhere in Pakistan can transfer Zong to Zong balance with Zong Yaari Load.

What is the eligibility criteria of Zong Balance Share?

Anyone who has recharged an amount of Rs. 50 or more in the last 30 days can use the Zong Yaari Load offer to transfer the balance from Zong to Zong.

Are there any charges for Requesting Balance in Zong?

No, there are no charges for requesting balance in Zong. However, the sender will be charged Rs. 5 after successfully transferring the balance.

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