Jazz Digit 4G All Mobiles Price in Pakistan

Jazz Digit 4G mobiles is a line of keypad smartphones from Pakistan’s largest Telecom network provider Jazz, serving over 60 million active subscribers. The mobile phones are a step to connect working class and rural population from the internet and introduce them to the modern world. Reports suggest about 40% mobile phone users in Pakistan remain disconnected from internet and online resources due to lack of digital literacy. With Jazz Digit 4G Mobiles that comes with Google Assistant, WhatsApp, Facebook, and free Jazz resources, everyone will be connected to the internet.

Jazz Digit 4G Mobiles

Let’s take a closer look to Jazz Digit 4G all mobiles, prices, features, and specifications.

Jazz Digit 4G Defender

Jazz Digit 4G Defender is the entry level device in the lineup. It offers 2.4 inches TFT display, 4GB of built in storage, 512MB RAM, and WiFi. It comes powered by Dual Core Mediatek Processor and packs a 1700mAh battery. Jazz Digit 4G Defender price in Pakistan is Rs. 4,099 and it is available in Black, Blue, and white color options.

Jazz Digit 4G Classic

Jazz Digit 4G Classic specifications and features are same as Digit 4G Defender, the only difference between them is that the Classic comes equipped with a camera, a feature that the defender lacks. The phone is using cutting-edge technology for durability, affordability, and ease of use. Jazz Digit 4G Classic price in Pakistan is Rs. 4,199.

Jazz Digit 4G Elite

Jazz Digit 4G Elite specification and features make it the most premium device in the Digit 4G lineup. It comes with a premium design, larger 2.8 inches display, and a lasting 2000mAh battery. Other specifications are similar. The smartphone comes in Black, Blue, Gold, and Red color options. Jazz Digit 4G Elite price in Pakistan is Rs. 4,599.

Jazz Digit 4G Mobile Software

Jazz Digit 4G line of devices come with KaiOS, having more than 200 Apps in its App store. The phones support Google services like Google Search, Google Voice Assistant, and Google Maps with GPS Tracking. The smartphones support WhatsApp video call, Facebook, and Youtube. It’s focused on first-time internet users to allow them accessing information easily and broadening their knowledge by establishing a connection to the digital world.

Jazz Digit 4G Free Resources

The Digit 4G smartphones come with a competitive service bundle from Jazz, including 1,000 minutes of talk time, 1,000 SMS, and 1GB internet with three months of Free Facebook and WhatsApp. Jazz aims to bring 4G connectivitiy and high speed internet to the millions of Pakistanis who are disconnected with the modern technologies.

How Can I Get Jazz Digit 4G?

The Digit 4G mobiles are available at select Jazz retail outlets and service centers.

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