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Can I change my password to hide an app lock?

Hide app lock – If you are looking for information regarding the changing of password to hide an app lock then here is the answer.

Which application is best for hiding apps?

Best app for hiding apps – Here is the information about the app that you can use for hiding other apps in your smartphone.

Zong Balance Share – How to transfer balance with ZongYaari Load

Zong Balance Share or ZongYaari load is offering balance transfer with the means of simple code.

Telenor WhatsApp Package - Monthly WhatsApp Package

Telenor Monthly WhatsApp Package - Telenor Pakistan is a telecommunication company that is rebranded as Telenor 4G after the popularity of 4G services in Pakistan. The company is renowned as largest mobile network that is providing convenient call, SMS and Internet packages. Besides several packages they had also offered various digital products within affordable prices.

How to hide the hole punch camera of Galaxy S10 and other mobiles?

If you want to hide the hole punch camera of Galaxy S10 or any other mobile, then you should follow the method below.

What are the advantages of notch?

The notch is a gap usually positioned at the top of the display of the latest generation of smartphones.

How to Hide the notch?

Some smartphone manufacturers such as Huawei and OnePlus, for example, allow you to disable the display area on the sides of the notch at the system level.

What is Android Notch?

The Android notch or classic notch first appeared on the Essential Phone and was quickly adopted by other manufacturers.

What is Hole Punch Notch?

The hole in the top corner of the paper is very similar to the look of the hole which houses the selfie camera in the hole punch style notches.

What is Slider Notch?

The slider “notch” can be a mechanical or motorized function. This means some phones will let you slide the camera out, while some will use a motor that will slide the hidden “notch” out for you.

What is Water Drop Notch?

The classic/water drop notch is a simple way to give you more screen space while preserving the structural integrity of your display.

Which Components are Present in the Notch?

It depends. The answer varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and from model to model. Some manufacturers, like Essential, have tried to reduce the size of the notch to the bare minimum by putting only the front camera there.

How to Turn Off Notifications in Android?

If you want to know that how to turn off notifications in android then there is a complete guide.

How to turn off Facebook notifications on mobile phone?

If you want to turn off Facebook notifications on mobile phone then here is a complete method.

How to turn off Facebook notifications on desktop?

If you want to turn off Facebook notifications on desktop then here is a complete method.

How to Hide Text Messages on Android to Keep Your Messages Private?

Many people want to know that how to hide the text messages. However, here are the complete details about this data privacy feature. There are several applications that offer you facility to hide your text messages.

How to Hide Text Messages from Lock Screen?

If you want to know that how to hide text messages from lock screen then there is a complete guide.

How to find hidden text messages on Android?

There are several spying applications available on the internet today through which you could use to find hidden SMS.

Check Mobile IMEI and register Mobile Phones with PTA

Here is the complete method and details about the mobile phone IMEI and PTA mobile registration in Pakistan.

How to do the CPLC Mobile Verification?

In order to do the CPLC mobile verification, you have to visit the CPLC website of CPLC. Here you will have to provide the IMEI number of the mobile phone that you want to verify.