Ufone Advance Code 2022

Ufone Advance Balance, the company calls it UAdvance, is a legit facility for getting instant balance in case of emergency. When you are running out of mobile balance and can’t top-up on an urgent basis, Ufone provides the facility to have the advance balance that can be returned upon the next recharge.

  • To get Ufone Advance Balance, dial the code *546# from your handset and receive 20 rupees of credit.

Ufone Loan Code - Ufone Advance Balance Lene ka Tarika

Ufone Advance Loan is a service from Pakistan’s state-owned mobile telecommunications company for their subscribers. When your balance drops below Rs. 11.95, you can opt for an advance balance of Rs. 20 by dialing a simple code *546#. When you recharge the following time, Rs. 4.40 plus tax service charges will be deducted with the advance amount.

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