Ufone Free Facebook Package

Ufone and Facebook allow the users to use free internet data for Facebook without any charges. There is no subscription code or charges for Ufone Free Facebook offer.

  • Simply select the 'Free Facebook' option in the Facebook app while using mobile data.

Ufone Free Facebook Code

Ufone Free Facebook offer falls under Ufone Free Basics. It allows users to stay in touch with friends and family while also providing free access to additional online services. There is no dedicated subscription code for Ufone Free Facebook offer.

Other websites that are included in Ufone Free Basics that can be used for free are:
  • Wikipedia
  • Accuweather
  • WikiHow
  • Bing

Ufone Free Facebook Code without Balance

The Ufone Free Facebook offer is provided to customers without any subscription. Even if you do not have balance, you can use Facebook for free by subscribing to Ufone Free Basics.

  • Users can subscribe to Ufone Free Basics Offers by dialling 'code *7694#' from their smartphones.

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