Ufone WhatsApp Package Monthly

Ufone WhatsApp Package monthly offers free WhatsApp for a whole month, allowing the users to enjoy Voice Calling, Video Calling, and unlimited Chatting. You can now stay connected with your friends, family, and collegues, everywhere, every time. Relish the best WhatsApp experience and stay posted on all your friends, family, study, and workgroups.

  • To enjoy unlimited Ufone free WhatsApp for the whole month, just dial *987#

Ufone WhatsApp Package

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging App across the Globe. Ufone knows the importance of social media and the internet in the present age, thus providing various Internet and Social Media packages. Ufone provides a multitude of Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and 3-day WhatsApp packages to millions of their consumers. So they can enjoy chatting and sharing with their friends, family, and loved ones non-stop.

Ufone Monthly WhatsApp Packages

We have compiled all the latest Ufone WhatsApp packages monthly 2021 with comprehensive information including validity, charges, and subscription method.

Package Name MBs/GBs Internet Validity Price Subscription
Ufone WhatsApp Monthly Package Unlimited MBs for WhatsApp/ FB/ Twitter 30 Days Rs. 50 (Incl. tax) Dial *5858#
Ufone Monthly Light WhatsApp Package Unlimited WhatsApp/ FB/ Twitter/ Line + 1GB 30 Days Rs. 250 (Incl. tax) Dial *7807#
Ufone Monthly Heavy WhatsApp Package Unlimited WhatsApp/ FB/ Twitter/ Line + 3GB 30 Days Rs. 500 (Incl. tax) Dial *803#
Ufone Monthly Max WhatsApp Package Unlimited WhatsApp/ FB/ Twitter/ Line + 10GB 30 Days Rs. 1000 (Incl. tax) Dial *5100#

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Reviews & Comments

these ufone whatsapp packages are great. since no one uses much of sms and calling now in the era of whatsapp.

  • Shadab , Rawalpindi
  • Thu 07 Oct, 2021

ufone monthly whatsapp package provides peace of mind for whole month. now we use whatsapp more than the default sms and calling. and these packages are a need of moment

  • Sameer , Jacobabad
  • Wed 29 Sep, 2021

Ufone internet is the slowest among all networks, its only worth it for whatsapp. and ufone whatsapp package for that very reason maybe the most affordable.

  • Kamran , Islamabad
  • Wed 08 Sep, 2021

ufone monthly whatsapp package really provides a great value for money. its not that expensive and provides a stable connection despite not having 4G.

  • Shahrukh , Karachi
  • Fri 13 Aug, 2021

Ufone whatsapp packages are good, the only issue i have with ufone is its slow internet speed.

  • Asad , Sahiwal
  • Wed 11 Aug, 2021

The monthly packages of ufone for whatsapp are really affordable. but ufone's internet is perhaps the slowest in Pakistan.

  • Zain , Islamabad
  • Fri 06 Aug, 2021

ufone monthly whatsapp package is great, the speed of ufone internet is slower than every other network. but since its my first network and using it as a primary business number i can't switch from it.

  • Zoheb , Sadiqabad
  • Thu 17 Jun, 2021

Finally found what i was looking for, all ufone whatsapp packages provided in one place. Good work, really convenient.

  • Asfar , Karachi
  • Thu 17 Jun, 2021

Ufone monthly whatsapp package is good but ufone needs to upgrade its internet speed, it provides the slowest internet among others.

  • Aqib , Sargodha
  • Tue 06 Apr, 2021

ufone monthly package karwa to liya but ufone internet speed is not up to the mark. still running 3g i think

  • Sameer , Tando Alahyar
  • Fri 12 Feb, 2021