Upcoming Mobiles In Pakistan 2020

Upcoming Mobiles in Pakistan 2020 – If you want to know about the upcoming smartphones in Pakistan then just read this article.

Everyday smartphone companies are innovating smarter and faster phones that can perform efficiently. The demand for smartphones is increasing rapidly so the makers like Samsung, OPPO, Huawei, Infinix, Realme, Vivo, and many others producing phones frequently. Here on this web, you can find all the upcoming mobiles in Pakistan 2020.

Upcoming Mobiles In Pakistan 2020

Vivo Y20i

Chinese technology company Vivo that manufactures smartphones and smartphone accessories are launching a new variant of smartphones named Vivo Y20i. The official date of launching is not released yet but the phone will be in the mid-range phone and can be approached by the most Vivo users. This kind of price is specially set to hit the people who cannot afford the high-end smartphone variant. From the initial sources, it seems quite identical to its other series of phones that will be powered with a Snapdragon 460 with 3 Gigabytes RAM capacity. The internal storage can be expected to 64GB with stretchable space for a 256GB SD card. The device will carry a display of 6.51 that comes to the technology of IPS. The main camera can be seen as a triple-camera and the front camera will be a single lens. The Vivo Y20i can be a competitive device in the market. The expected Vivo Y20i price in Pakistan is Rs.26,999.

Huawei Y9a

Huawei is manufacturing smartphones for a quarter of a decade even their devices are being used in 170 countries around the world. To catering, all its users’ demands and needs company introduces new smartphones frequently. A new device is ready to be a part of the smartphone market named Huawei Y9a that will be equipped with the latest chipset of an Octa-core processor. Huawei also including 8 gigabytes RAM that will push the phone to function more smoothly. The internal capacity of Huawei Y9a is 128GB in case the storage seems not enough to you the device is capable to hold an SD card up to 512GB. The main camera comes with a Quad-camera and the front-facing camera will have the crisp of a Motorized pop-up camera of 16MP. Huawei Y9a can be a threat to any big name of the smartphone maker. The expected Huawei Y9a price in Pakistan is Rs.54,999.

Samsung Galaxy M51

Samsung is a South Korean company and being at the top in the smartphone market for a long time now. Samsung has done several successful experiments with its smartphone and sets new trends and its new gadget name as Samsung Galaxy M51 is the next one to do the same. This smartphone will hit the market next year with the biggest battery every used in Samsung smartphones that is 7000 mAh. Other than this it is featuring Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset that can function smoothly. Even the quad-camera capabilities will be up to the mark. Probably the fingerprint gesture would be set up at the backside of the device. Samsung is taking the battery power game to a whole another level with this smartphone Samsung Galaxy M51. The expected Samsung Galaxy M51 price in Pakistan is Rs.58,999.

Realme X7 Pro

Realme produce a wide range of smartphone and a variety of other mobile accessories. The company is about to drop a high-end variant of a smartphone called Realme X7 Pro the official release date is not announced yet. The handset will be equipped with the latest chipset of Snapdragon or Mediatek Dimensity. The storage will be more than enough for any user that is 128GB and 256GB although the availability of an SD card is not specified yet. The price seems to justify when we look at the camera capabilities of Raelme X7 Pro that is Quad-camera for the primary camera and single camera of 32MP for the front camera. The device will be powered with a Li-Po 4500 mAh battery. The phone is giving major competition to the phones of Samsung and other big names of smartphone makers. The expected Realme X7 Pro price in Pakistan is Rs.60,000.

Nokia 3.4

No matter you are a smartphone maker or not you must know about the phone maker Nokia. This company is working on the mobile phone’s market before the concept of smartphones and already have given many amazing phones to its users and still pursuing this ideology. Nokia is soon to unveil its new smartphone Nokia 3.4 the launch date is not announced but it is soon to release. This smartphone will be pretty affordable for the audience. Nokia 3 will be equipped with the chipset of Qualcomm Snapdragon, storage of 64GB, and 3GB gigabyte RAM that ensure its outstanding performance for your latest apps. Both cameras of this device will be capable to capture enchanting pictures even it is will be powered with a 4000 mAh battery that will provide talk time up to 35hours and music play of 98 hours. Nokia never learns to give up and still beating its competitors with great phones of this age. The expected Nokia 3.4 price in Pakistan is Rs.18,999.


OPPO is working in the smartphone market since 2004 and has given its audience several remarkable smartphone series even is continue doing this. Oppo F17 is expected to hit the market very soon this smartphone won’t be that different from its other smartphones. Let’s know much about it as it will have the chipset of Snapdragon and display of 6.43 inches. OPPO is already famous for its camera so it has held this title back by including the 64MP quad-camera at the back and 16MP front camera. The phone will be available in three different colors of Dynamic Orange, Navy Blue, and Classic Silver. No doubt Oppo is giving tough competition to other smartphone makers from the very start and has no intentions to stop that. The expected OPPO F17 price in Pakistan is Rs.55,999.

Infinix S6

Infinix has become the first smartphone manufacturer in Pakistan and currently is working in about 30 countries around the world. Infinix just geared up its profile by adding Infinix S6 that will be releasing soon. This smartphone will be working on the Android 9.0 Pie operating system, Cortex A53 processor, and Mediatek Helio chipset. As infinix is famous for making budget phones so this would remain similar in this gadget as well. Buyers will be getting good quality cameras on both sides with digital zoom. Even the storage is pretty suitable for users that are 64GB with 4GB RAM. Infinix is busy pushing its innovating boundaries with some amazing phones. The expected Infinix S6 price in Pakistan is Rs.34,999.

Motorola Moto 5G Plus

Motorola is one of the oldest smartphone brands in Pakistan its smartphone are famous for their solid built. The company is about to launch its new smartphone called Motorola Moto 5G Plus as it is described by name this phone will be able to perform with 5G connectivity already created its want in audience. On the other side, this high-end smartphone is equipped with the chipset of Qualcomm Snapdragon, 128-gigabyte storage, Quad-camera at the back of 48MP, and dual-camera at the front empower this device. Motorola Moto 5G seems like a futuristic phone. The expected Motorola Moto 5G price in Pakistan is Rs.78,999.

Honor V40

Honor’s smartphones are cost-effective that allows Huawei to give competition to mi-range phones. But this time Honor is going to break this rule as it is about to launch Honor V40 in September that is going to be a high range phone. From the initial looks, this smartphone will be powered with a HiSilicon Kirin chipset that allows the phone to work with high-end internet connectivity. Also, the internal storage of 128/256GB with 6 and 8GB gigabyte RAM pushes the phone to work efficiently. The quad-camera at the back and dual at the front surely be providing accurate image quality. The expected Honor V40 price in Pakistan is Rs.84,999.

Honor 10X

Honor 10X is another upcoming smartphone by Honor, the company is getting frequent in launching high-end smartphones. The phone will be equipped with a 4900 mAh battery. Honor also stepping into the trend of pop-up cameras by including one in this smartphone that will be 16MP also a triple-camera of 48MP at the back. The gigantic storage of 256GB is more than enough for any smartphone user in spite of this device is capable of external SD cards. All the features of this smartphone are justifying its high-end connectivity. The expected Honor V10X price in Pakistan is Rs.85,000.

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Upcoming Mobiles In Pakistan 2020

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