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Jumma Mubarak SMS Messages

Jumma Mubarak SMS

Prayer is an amazing exchange
We hand over our worries to Allah
He hands over peace to us..!!! :)
Jumma mubarak !...

Sender:imran Date:22-09-2017
Jumma Mubarak SMS

Allah is the One who favors us each drop of the water we drink and each bite of the food we eat.
Our task is to seek halal sustenance.
It is not to forget that each blessing, each opportunity is entrusted to us by our Lord.
It is to be able to see both wealth and poverty as a test.
Just as our Prophet (pbuh) said, it is to be grateful by saying: “All praise and thanks be to Allah in all circumstances".

Sender:vaneeza Date:19-09-2017
Jumma Mubarak SMS

Dil Paak Nahi To Paak Ho Sakta Nahi Insaan.
Warna Iblees ko B Atay Thay Wuzoo k Faraiz Bohat.
Subah Bakhair
Jumma Mubarik.

Sender:jasmene Date:15-09-2017
Jumma Mubarak SMS

Today is Friday . . .
the day of acceptance of Dua!
I pray to ALLAH for u nd ur family a good health,
long life, brilliant success, Barkat-e-Kaseer in ur Jan-o-Mal,
Izzat, Eeman, Sehat, Rizq, Elm and Umr and all joys of life
which u have ever wished.
Jumma mubarak

Sender:lubna Date:13-09-2017
Jumma Mubarak SMS

Jo Mugh Par Shab-E -Jummah Or Roz-E-Jummah 100 Dafa Daroode Pak Pary Ga

Allah Tala Uski 100 Jaiz Hajty Puri Farmyee Ga

70 Aakhrat Ki 30 Dunya Ki

Sender:ghazal Date:11-09-2017
Jumma Mubarak SMS

Merciful ALLAH Our Sins Are So Many But Your Mercy Is Limitless Please Forgive Us You Are The Greatest Forgiver You Love To Forgive Plz Forgive me, my Parents, my Family, my friends And The Whole Muslim Ummahh Past & Present ( A A M E E N )
Jumma Mubarak!!

Sender:hina Date:08-09-2017
Jumma Mubarak SMS

The Beautiful Word Iz ALLAH
The Beautiful Word Iz ALLAH
Most Beautiful Song Is AZAN
Best Exercise Is NAMAZ
World Prfect Book Is QURAN
nd u r So Lucky If U r A MUSALMAN
Happy Jumma Mubarek
to You & ur family.

Sender:owais Date:06-09-2017
Jumma Mubarak SMS

Prayer is an amazing exchange…

We hand over our worries 2 Allah…
& He hands over peace 2 us..!!! 🙂

%%%%%HApPY FRidaY%%%

Sender:abeer Date:30-08-2017
Jumma Mubarak SMS

Juma Mubarak
“Jab Tak Tera Itraana or Ghusa Karna Baqi Hy
Apny Aap Ko EhlEIlm Men Shumaar Na Karo

Happy Jumma Mubarek
to You & ur family.

Sender:ghazal Date:25-08-2017
Jumma Mubarak SMS

*NAMAZ* Jaisi Koi Ebaadat Nahi.
HAJJ* Jaisi Koi Ziyaarat Nahi.
*ISLAM* Jaisa Koi Mazhab Nahi.
*QURAN* Jaisi Koi Kitaab Nahi.
*MADEENE* Jaisa Koi Sheher Nahi.
*KALME* Jaisi Koi Dolat Nahi.
*DAROOD PAAK*Jaisa Koi Khazana Nahi. Aur
*JUMMMA* Jaisa Koi Din Nahi. ♥♥♥♥

Sender:tabish Date:21-08-2017
Jumma Mubarak SMS

Whenever you have a burden on you and,
If the road is uphill then don’t Despair,
Cause the view from the top is breathtaking,
and Allah is always with you,
Always Follow Your Heart.

Jumma Mubarak

Sender:zafar Date:17-08-2017
Jumma Mubarak SMS

When we live our lives looking for people’s acceptance we lose everything. When we live it looking for Allah’s acceptance we win everything.
Jummah Mubarak…

Sender:muzna Date:15-08-2017
Jumma Mubarak SMS

Tu Meri Zaat Ka Malik Hai Bakhsh

Dey Mujh Ko YA RAB

Hisaab Mujh Se Na diya jaega

Meri Khattaon Ka.

Jummah Mubarak

Remember me in your prayers

Sender:bilal Date:10-08-2017
Jumma Mubarak SMS

ALLAH Pak Farmate He”TU Mjhe Fajar or
Asaar Ki Namaz K Bad Thori Dair
Yaad Kar Liya Kar
Tere Tamam Kamo Ki Zimedari Meri Hai
May This Jumma brings
to your life Happiness nd prosperity.

Sender:laraib Date:08-08-2017
Jumma Mubarak SMS

Feel good when somebody Miss u.
Feel better when somebody Loves u.
But feel best when somebody never forgets u.
Good Friday..

Sender:huma Date:05-08-2017
Jumma Mubarak SMS

Pray 2 Allah Almighty.. . And show some faith& dignity.. . Quran be at ur side.. . Islam giving u a pride… . Sunnah be a light 4 u.. . That willglow and let u do.. . All the acts 2 make u feel.. . Nothing but this land is real…
!!Juma Mubarak !!

Sender:Mujeeb Patel Date:04-08-2017
Jumma Mubarak SMS

Help me,
I pray
To get through this day.
As this day is the master of all days
I don’t even ask
To have things my way,
Your will is okay.
Things done in your way
Are best suited to stay
In the Master Plan,
Help me to help
In any way that I can
Don’t let me be
Part of the problems I see,
I just want to come
And bow infront of you atleast this day
Help me to come every day
”Jumma Mubarak”

Sender:jabeen Date:01-08-2017
Jumma Mubarak SMS

It has been adviced in surat Luqman to his son is that not a single good deed will be wasted in the ranks of Allah.
Even the smallest one will not go unanswered. Because Allah is aware of even the most well-kept things.
He knows everything.
Jumma mubarak!

Sender:qaiser Date:29-07-2017
Jumma Mubarak SMS

Kuch Logo Ko NAMAAZ Padhte Wqt
Tarah Tarah Ke Khayalat Aane Ki Shikayat Rehti Hai..
NAMAAZ Padhty Waqat Agle Lafz Pe
Tawajjah Rakho ” Insha ALLAH ”
Iz Tarah Dusre Khayalat Ruk Jayenge
Kch Log Nahi Jante
Apka 1 SMS Kisi Ki NAMAAZ Sambhal Degi
Jazakallah Khaira
Happy Jumma Mubarek
to You & ur family.

Sender:wareesha Date:27-07-2017
Jumma Mubarak SMS

Ap S.A.W Ne Irshad Farmya..!!!
Jumma Ke Din Mujh Pr Darood Ki Kasrat Kya Karoo
Woh Beshak Jo Bhi Mujh Par
Jumma Ke Din Darood Bejhta Hai Us Ka Darood Mujhe Pesh Kya Jata Hai..!!!

Sender:faraz Date:25-07-2017

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