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Check Meizu M5c reviews and video reviews. Get all information about the Meizu M5c features and specifications. The Meizu M5c review gives a better idea about the mobile phone’s performance. Get in-depth analysis of phone’s screen size, processor, RAM, camera resolution, and battery timing through Meizu M5c video review.

Meizu M5c

Rs. 14,800

Display 5

Battery 3000 mAh

Camera 8 MP

Storage 16 GB 2 GB RAM

Meizu M5c Video Review

Meizu M5c User Reviews & Feedback

This will give you the new feelings of the android versions because of its great appreciate able performance of android because it has the fastest RAM by the Samsung ever

  • farwa , multan
  • on Nov, 20 2018

I haven’t use this cellphone neither saw any anyone using this cellphone. I would be really thankful if someone could help me out knowing it performance.

  • Shahbaz , Bhawalpur
  • on Nov, 16 2018

I don't even get why we have 720p phones in 2018. The Meizu M5c is such a disappointment to me with such a bad quality screen

  • Mumtaz , Karachi
  • on Nov, 05 2018

I think Nokia offer a phone at the same price as the Meizu M5C but with a much better screen. I have to find it

  • Raheel , Attock
  • on Nov, 02 2018

A very cheap phone that can fit any needs that you may have. The Meizu M5C is an all rounder phone

  • Taha , Lahore
  • on Nov, 01 2018

This is the great camera result that exact everyone expect that for capturing the photos in the great result and without blasting the pixels

  • naseem , multan
  • on Oct, 31 2018

Amazing cell phone within this range. I really admire MEIZU M5C for creating this masterpiece.

  • Arsal , karachi
  • on Oct, 13 2018

MEIZU M5C is a very decent cell phone available in very low cost, affordable by everyone eventually. Apart from its low internal storage this cell phone is sufficient for people like me.

  • Mehboob , lahore
  • on Oct, 06 2018

This is one of the most affordable set by Meizu though, people who have the habit of doing several tasks in a given task will not appreciate the phone much.

  • Basheer , Hyderabad
  • on Oct, 04 2018

I wouldn't go for M5C even when it is a very budget friendly phone because i feel its RAM is too insufficient for me.

  • Afia , Lahore
  • on Sep, 23 2018

Meizu is a relatively new manufacturer, and as you may guess from the name, it's Chinese. Do you guys think its worth it?

  • Taha , Karachi
  • on Sep, 18 2018

It has a dual sim option but I don't think that the set is solidly built. I dropped it, and found discoloration from the corner.

  • Minhaaj , Quetta
  • on Sep, 15 2018

Meizu is another Chinese manufacturer that produced smart phone that are very low in cost and of ok quality

  • Jahanzaib , Karachi
  • on Sep, 15 2018

Meizu is the good brand for the cheap price of the smartphone and has the latest android based operating system which is really good to see for me

  • Wajeeha , Lahore
  • on Aug, 29 2018

The meizu m5c having the reliable abilities including the long life battery standby as everyone can expect that for using for a long time

  • layba , faislabad
  • on Aug, 29 2018

MEIZU M5C is very economical and reasonable cellphone as per my knowledge. Internal storage is not that effective but other features does worth its price.

  • Yahya , lahore
  • on Aug, 22 2018

MEIZU M5C resembles more of VIVO cellphones and no innovative thing can be seen in this cellphone. I must suggest MI to bring innovation in their cellphones.

  • Hussain , lahore
  • on Aug, 19 2018

MEIZU M5V is very stylish and pleasant cellphone with reasonable features. I am planning to buy this cellphone for my wife and I think the specification is up to my expectation.

  • Faizan Furqan , Karachi
  • on Jul, 27 2018

I bought this cellphone one year ago for my mother and its seems that my mother is very satisfied with this cellphone. I must appreciate MI for providing good features within this range.

  • Jibran , kara
  • on Jul, 23 2018

Looking so cool smart phone of meizu m5c that has the long life warranty and the best battery standby who is really helpful thing for everyone

  • neha , multan
  • on Jul, 17 2018

Meizu M5c the good smartphone of all time and this is the best smartphone which has the amazing configuration with many of colors we want to grab in our hand

  • Sarwar , Karachi
  • on Jul, 13 2018

Meizu is the good smartphone but nobody believe on this smartphone because it is newly available in the market and has not enough fame

  • Saqib , Karachi
  • on Jul, 11 2018

This so cool smart phone of meizu m5c that giving us the beautiful display and the nice malty touch screen that excite to everyone for using it very eagerly

  • anela , shenzhen
  • on Jul, 11 2018

It has the great performance software and the amazing features with the malty colors with the full of brightness that attar t to everyone for using it easily

  • hafsa , pa
  • on Jun, 30 2018

This reliable smart phone of meizu m5c that provide now in the rang able price so now I can easily buy it in this good rates with the many reliable abilities

  • farwa , Panjab
  • on Jun, 20 2018

Meizu is the good brand for the cheap price of the smartphone and has the latest android based operating system which is really good to see for me

  • Khalid , Karachi
  • on Jun, 01 2018

Meizu is also the top rated smartphone in the 2018 because of their good features people were very attractive with this smartphone which is really good

  • Saad , Ka
  • on May, 24 2018

Meizu m5c the upcoming new smartphone by the meizu which can give you the faster speed of RAM what you are waiting for

  • wareesha , multan
  • on Apr, 02 2018

Meizu M5c the smartphone which has the great system and the best speed of the RAM we just need because it is awesome for me to have it in the list

  • Sadiq , Karachi
  • on Mar, 29 2018

The best smart phone of meizu m5c that has the big screen with the beautiful resolution that attract to everyone for using that

  • azeem , Panjab
  • on Mar, 28 2018

This is so nice smart phone of meizu m5c has the good features and the beautiful bright display that attract to everyone for using that

  • aysha , Karachi
  • on Mar, 20 2018

For my working purpose I choose the meizu m5c because this smartphone have the faster operating system with everything I need

  • aneela , karachi
  • on Mar, 13 2018

Meizu m5c mobile phone is the best ever mobile phone of 2017 launched by Samsung in 2015. Really impressive price and a mobile phone with a very nice quality.

  • Omaha , Rawaat
  • on Mar, 12 2018

My mama was asking me that what mobile phone model she should choose for her new mobile phone. I gave her the suggestion to buy this new meizu m5c mobile phone due to its amazing features.

  • Kinza , Lahore
  • on Mar, 11 2018

This is looking so nice smart device of meizu m5c that is able to works faster with the many good qualities and long life battery standby

  • azra , islamabad
  • on Mar, 08 2018

Meizu m5c has the huge space memory that we easily use that to save many data which without get any trouble which we easily use that without using any SD card

  • bushra , islamabad
  • on Mar, 01 2018

This meizu m5s is looking the beautiful device which has the beautiful color and the good software that is able to give the good performance whole day long

  • azra , lahore
  • on Feb, 23 2018

Without get any trouble now we easily get save anything in this mart phone of meizu m5c because it has the huge Belton that is able to save anything easily

  • noshad , islamabad
  • on Feb, 08 2018

Meizu the best smartphone which has the really good price and gives me the amazing functionality what I need in it to use for the better use

  • Ajmal , Karachi
  • on Feb, 02 2018

Meizu the best smartphone which has the really good applications and has the amazing operating speed of the android we exactly want

  • Saad , Karachi
  • on Jan, 31 2018

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Meizu M5c Reviews

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Where to Buy Meizu M5c in Pakistan?
Meizu M5c is available in all major mobile markets across Pakistan, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Quetta, Peshawar, and more.
Where to Buy Meizu M5c5 in Karachi?
Meizu M5c is available in all major mobile markets across Karachi, including Star City Mall Mobile, Serena Mobile Market, Mobile Bara Market, and more.
Where to Buy Meizu M5c in Lahore?
You can buy Meizu M5c from all major mobile markets in Lahore, including Faisal Mobile Market, Mirza Moblie Market, Bhatti's mobile market, and more.
Where to Buy Meizu M5c in Islamabad?
Meizu M5c is available to purchase in all major mobile markets of Islamabad, including Singapore Plaza Saddar, Imperial Market, Khalil Mobile Market, and more.