Miscellaneous Sms Messages

Miscellaneous Sms

"Talent" is like a Perfume bottle.
If u never open it Noboday knows the Fragrance inside it.
Act wisely, be open n fragrance in ur Life

Sender:Yaseen Date:14-01-2019
Miscellaneous Sms

Teach this triple truth to all: A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity

Sender:Ali Date:11-01-2019
Miscellaneous Sms

I wish memories were like text messages. I could delete the ones I don’t like, and save the ones I love.

Sender:Tehreem Ali Date:07-01-2019
Miscellaneous Sms

Judge: How can you prove
you were not speeding your car?

Man: Sir, I was on the way to
bring back my wife from her mother's home!

Judge: that's all, case dismissed :p

Sender:Nehal Date:03-10-2015
Miscellaneous Sms

Sometimes, I 4get 2 say hi.
Sometimes, I even miss 2 reply.
Sometimes, my msg doesn't reach u.
But, it doesn't mean dat I forget u.
Im just givin u time 2 miss me!

Sender:Ali Date:10-09-2015
Miscellaneous Sms

Two things define you:
Your patience when you have nothing;
And your attitude when you have everything!

Sender:Anum Date:02-07-2015
Miscellaneous Sms

The only things you can take when you leave this world are the things you've packed inside your heart!

Sender:Anum Date:18-06-2015
Miscellaneous Sms

If you ever want to succeed in your life follow these:
Be sweet as honey;
Be fresh as a rose;
Be soft as tissue;
Be regular as a clock;
And be strong as a rock!

Sender:Irfan Date:06-05-2015
Miscellaneous Sms

People with good intentions make promises but people with good character keep them!

Sender:Mani Date:23-04-2015
Miscellaneous Sms

Tomorrow's Yesterday is Today,
And Yesterday's Tomorrow is Also Today.
But Today's Yesterday Was Yesterday's Today,
So Tomorrow's Today is Today's Tomorrow!

Sender:Ali Date:05-03-2015
Miscellaneous Sms

I'm on a course of collision
I'm not about to give in
Can't explain my position
Or the condition I'm in

Sender:Hamza Ali Date:02-02-2015
Miscellaneous Sms

Humanity is like treasure
Find it in humans not in expensive Cloths

Sender:Rizwan Ali Date:29-01-2015
Miscellaneous Sms

Life is a tragedy for those who feel;
And a comedy for those who think!

Sender:Adam Date:19-11-2014
Miscellaneous Sms

Past is your experience;
Present is your experiment;
And future is your expectation.
Use your Experience in your Experiments to get your Expectations.
Best of Luck!

Sender:Taha Date:06-11-2014
Miscellaneous Sms

I wish:
Sweetness in your speech;
Peace in your mind;
Love in your heart;
Strength in your hands;
And victory at all times.
Good Luck!

Sender:Tahir Date:12-06-2014
Miscellaneous Sms

Duaa`on mai basay logo,

Ye Raabton ki dunia hy,
Raabton sy Rishtay hain,,,

chahton k ye sangam,
Khushiyun k ye angan,
Dosti Pyar k ye bandhan,

Hum ko Yaad ayen gy,
Anay walay saalon main,

Kis k sangh hansna hy.?
Kis sy milk rona hy.?
kb ye apny bas main hy,

Magr Asmaan ki janib,
phelaay hath kehtay hain!!!

Diil sy Dil ka har Rishta,
Mot`bar duaa sy hy,

Duaaon mai bassay logo,
Jahan bhi Raho,,

Sadaa Khush Raho,,,,,

Sender:mazhar Date:01-01-2014
Miscellaneous Sms

NICE THOUGHT! The success never depend on the size of our brain, infact it always depend on size of our thought.

Sender:afarsayab Date:02-11-2013
Miscellaneous Sms

phol ko phol bhej rahi hon
apni khushi ,apna vjod bhej rahi hon

mehak mehak jay gee oski hasti
potlie mea bhandh k rang bhej rahiee hon

poet: saiyaan_sham

Sender:saiyaan-sham Date:30-06-2013
Miscellaneous Sms

Saari Duniya ki Muskaan Tare pass hai,
Ye Zameen or Asman Tere Paas Hai,
Gham na karna k tujhe yaad nahin krtey
Aye dost mari to JAAN bhi tere pass hai

Sender:dHARMENDRA Date:25-06-2013
Miscellaneous Sms

words nd water are easy to flow but impossible to recollect...

Sender:asif Date:04-06-2013

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