# 0552

As I sit with little to do,
My mind is filled with thoughts of you.
As I work hard throughout the day,
I miss your smile that miles away.
I also miss u so much !

# 0551

If u wanna know how much I miss u,
Try to catch rain drops,
The ones u catch is how much u miss me,

# 0550

Hum Ny Bohat Kuch Seekha Is Dunya Me,

Na Seekh Saky To Bas Kisi Ko Bhool Jana..!

# 0549

Mosam Ki Nazakat Hai,

Hasraton Ny Pukara Hai..

Kese Kahen K Kitna MISS Kerty Hen Aapko,

Ye SMS Usi Yaad Ka Ik Ishara Hai..!

# 0548

TUM mere Ho Na ?

wo Jab b mujh sy millta tha
bas yehi ek sawwal karta tha

TUM mere ho na ?



me b us sy ek dafa poch leta


TUM mere ho na ?

# 0547

.*.......matt puch mujh se mere jagny ki wajah......*

*..........wo tera hi hum
shakal hai jo mujhy sony nahi daita.......*

# 0546

Ab is dil se ye gawara nahi hota,
inBOX main koi SMS tumhara nahi hota,
Bhool ker he sms ker diya kero,
Sirf yaad kerne se guzara nahi hota

# 0545

Har aahat ehsas hamara Dilaegi,
har hawa qissa hamara sunaegi,
Hum itni yaade bhar denge aap k Dil me,
na chahte hue bhi aap ko yaad hamari aaegi.
I miss u, do u?

# 0544

In the Flowers, My Rose is You.
In the Diamond, My Kohinoor is You.
In the Sky, My Moon is You.
I am only Body, My Heart is You.
That is why i always Miss You !!

# 0543

It feels nice when someone misses u,
feels good when someone loves u.
Feels better when someone with u.
But it feels the best when someone never forgets u..

# 0542

Kaash K Koi Raasta Mil Jaye Tujh Tk Pohanchny Ka,,
Qeher Ban K
Baras Rahi Hain Mujh Pe Yaadain Teri

# 0541

I hate that the distance between us, I want to touch you, but I cannot, it’s killing me. I love you and miss you terribly, I hope soon we’ll be together.

# 0540

A sky full of stars doesn’t amaze me anymore since you are gone. Nothing seems special without you. Come back soon. I miss you!

# 0539

I miss you so much that I want to throw a rock at you to show you how much it hurts.

# 0538

The divine gift of my life is you. My better half, at every beat of my heart I feel you. Without you, I am totally motionless. It’s your hubby who misses you each and every moments.

# 0537

Without you, the room feels empty, and my heart even emptier. You cannot imagine how much I miss you.

# 0536

You know, my love, I miss you every minute and every second, I realized that my life is meaningless and empty without you.

# 0535

No words can express how much I am missing you. My happiness lies there where you are. I love you so much. Miss you dear husband!

# 0534

Sending you lots of warm hugs,
kisses and all my love in this text.
Do I need to say I miss you now?

# 0533

Sweetheart, my days are going bad day by day, without you, I can’t think my existence. It’s enough, My every breath needs you. I love you so much and miss you badly.

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