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Motivational Quotes SMS Messages

Motivational Quotes SMS

Success is like tip of the tail !!! If cat runs to catch the tail. It has to keep running forever. But if it walks in its own style. Tail follows!! Live life with your own rules....

Sender:saad Date:15-11-2017
Motivational Quotes SMS

You are under no obligation

To be the same person you were a year,

A month, or even 15 minutes ago.

You have the right to grow

!! No Apologies !!

Sender:Masud Date:13-11-2017
Motivational Quotes SMS

Hard-work is like stairs
and luck is like lift.
Sometimes lift may fail
but stairs will always take you to the top.
Have a successful life ..!

Sender:asif Date:08-11-2017
Motivational Quotes SMS

Study and work is not easy, but if you put your mind on this, then you will reach your optimal performance in both aspects of your life.

Sender:NABEEL Date:01-11-2017
Motivational Quotes SMS

A beautiful life does not just happen!
It’s build daily
In Prayers
In Trust
May a beautiful life be yours always

Sender:zeenat Date:23-10-2017
Motivational Quotes SMS

The relationship between success and procrastination is similar to that of love and cheating. You can never achieve success if you procrastinate and you can never be in love if you cheat.

Sender:veena Date:23-10-2017
Motivational Quotes SMS

It is true that experience is one of life’s best teachers. But if you don’t study you will probably never get any experience in the first place.

Sender:bisma Date:23-10-2017
Motivational Quotes SMS

Live life like a pair of walking feet,
The foot that is forward has no pride
the foot behind has no shame

because they both knows their situation will change!

Sender:abeer Date:16-10-2017
Motivational Quotes SMS

In this world people will always throw stones in the path of your success, it depends on you...
What you make from them a wall or a bridge

Sender:abeer Date:09-10-2017
Motivational Quotes SMS

Never give up your dreams, if you are already half way and then you have many difficulties get over them. Only with your studies you will feel fulfilled.

Sender:imran Date:04-10-2017
Motivational Quotes SMS

People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success.

Sender:pakeeza Date:02-10-2017
Motivational Quotes SMS

Good thoughts:
Kill the tension before tension kills you.
Reach your goal before goal kicks you.
Help everyone before someone helps you.
Live LIFE before the LIFE leaves you..!

Sender:lubna Date:02-10-2017
Motivational Quotes SMS

Give yourself a chance,
Give yourself the moment,
Give yourself the freedom,
Give yourself the power,
Give yourself the confidence,
Live for today not for tomorrow,
Live the EXTREME !!!!!!!
Because you got yourself only one life... LIVE IT !!!!

Sender:wadiya Date:25-09-2017
Motivational Quotes SMS

If you were wrong in some evaluations does not mean you should give up. That these errors push you to study more diligently so you can show everyone and yourself that nothing can make you to turn back.

Sender:danish Date:22-09-2017
Motivational Quotes SMS

Today's Thought..

"Everyday May Not Be Good,
But There Is,,,
Something Good In Everyday.."

Sender:fareeha Date:19-09-2017
Motivational Quotes SMS

Whenever you feel like giving up

Think of all the people that

Would love to see you fail

Sender:moiz Date:15-09-2017
Motivational Quotes SMS

I know that you would be able

to get through this by yourself,

but why should you have to?

I just wanted you to know that

I am here for you always.

Sender:moiz Date:08-09-2017
Motivational Quotes SMS

Always have a unique character like SALT,
It's presence is not felt


it's ABSENCE makes all things "TASTELESS"

Sender:abbas Date:30-08-2017
Motivational Quotes SMS

No one saves but ourselves.No can do and no one may.We ourselves must walk the path

Sender:Eehan Aaqib Date:29-08-2017
Motivational Quotes SMS

It is not because things are
difficult that we do not dare,
it is because we do
not dare that they are difficult.

Sender:zaigham Date:25-08-2017

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