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Nokia 1 simple and better look of the smartphone with the great life experience what we need and this is extremely good for me to have it
By: tania, panjab on Sep, 20 2019
3rd class phone
By: Mudassir , Mazhar on Jul, 09 2019
This smart phone is suitable for everyone because I wanted to buy a phone which is good and also affordable so I got this for myself
By: Saba Haris , Karachi on Jul, 01 2019
This nokia 1 is looking so nice in this photo that has beautiful features and the amazing performance processor that everyone need to use that
By: HAMMAD, karachi on May, 19 2019
Nokia 1 the good smartphone with all the great features and has the really good amazing specs what we extremely need for the great performance
By: zania, LAHORE on Feb, 25 2019
The nokia 1 is the useful smart phone that give us the amazing qualities who the
everyone cane easily afford that
By: Farooq, Lahore on Jan, 21 2019
Nokia 1 has tremendous looks with reasonable features available within this range.
It led flash enables us to take splendid pictures and 2 GB ram allows the mobile to
work in speed.
By: Shams, Karachi on Jan, 15 2019
Nokia 1 the good smartphone with the better performance and has the really good functions what we exactly need to get here
By: nafeesa, LAHORE on Dec, 28 2018
Nokia cellphones have amazing battery timing and camera quality. Internal storage
aren’t that much sufficient.
By: Khird, Sialkot on Dec, 18 2018
Nokia 1 the best smartphone which has the brilliant functions with the great camera result we would definitely love to have
By: zafar, lahore on Nov, 26 2018
The best part about this cellphone is that it has amazing battery timing and favorable for calling and texting purposes.
By: Hussain, karachi on Nov, 16 2018
I need a phone that i can track and is also very cheap. Does the Nokia 1 have a gps? and can i use google maps on this?
By: Lareeb, Lahore on Nov, 05 2018
The Nokia 1 is one of the best phones for kids who are getting their first phone. It is very cheap and with good specs
By: Aftab, Karachi on Nov, 02 2018
This is a huge surprise, the Nokia 1 has the Android 8.1 Oreo, but it says Go Edition. What is that?
By: Moiz, Karachi on Nov, 01 2018
I want to buy a phone that has a good gps tracker to use as a tracking system. Does the Nokia 1 have a gps in it?
By: Afnan, Lahore on Oct, 31 2018
Nokia is charging very much high for garbage like these. Very poor quality phone with very weak attributes.
By: Moiz, lahore on Oct, 11 2018
It is a very basic Android which i am unsure whether or not still exist in the market. things are good with it, though, battery could have been better.
By: Sameena, Faisalabad. on Oct, 04 2018
I haven’t seen anyone using Nokia cell phones nowadays as Nokia is far in technological advancement and its promotions are not very effective. I must not suggest anyone to go for Nokia 1.
By: Yasir, karachi on Oct, 02 2018
My cousin was looking for a second hand device for home use. I recommend him this Nokia 1 due to its amazing usage and working capabilities. The price of Nokia 1 is the best reason to opt for this device. It is easily affordable.
By: Harris Khan, Lahore on Sep, 27 2018
Ths Nokia 1 is a low budget phone with 1 GB of ram. It is surprising that it runs Android Oreo, though the GO version.
By: Tariq, Rawalpindi on Sep, 18 2018
A very nice and a very simple phone to gift someone or keep it for getting in touch with your loved ones through smooth messaging and calling.
By: Dilshaad, lahore on Sep, 18 2018
Nokia 1 is merely meant for basic uses like messaging, calling, listening to songs and taking simple pictures. Of course, you cant expect something extra ordinary in this range.
By: Sheraz, karachi on Sep, 16 2018
It is a very affordable set that offers almost everything you want in a quality phone. It has a reasonable camera and a good battery timing, and yes, let's not forget that Nokia sets are very durable!
By: Ibrahim, Lahore on Sep, 15 2018
Its speakers are so good for listening the music with the good waves and without blasting the volume that is the best thing in it
By: falaq, Karachi on Sep, 15 2018
This is so nice smart phone of nokia 1 has the good features and the beautiful
bright display that attract to everyone for using that
By: khansa, Karachi on Aug, 29 2018
The picture quality is really good of this device of nokia 1 who giving us the beautiful screen with the great resolution with the lots of bright colors
By: ayma, faislabad on Aug, 29 2018
Nokia 1 has an amazing shiny back and looks very impressive when a person uses this cellphone. Features within this range is very appreciable and I must suggest this cellphone to others.
By: Junaid, Hyderabad on Aug, 26 2018
Nokia 1 is nothing but just waste of money. I would not recommend anyone to this cellphone as it does not provide sufficient features. One can have better features cellphone within this range.
By: Kashan, Karachi on Aug, 20 2018
NOKIA 1 prime has unique looks and available in many different colors. Camera quality of this cellphone is very impressive with very good internal storage capacity.
By: Ali, Islamabad on Aug, 19 2018
I must not recommend Nokia 1 as it has very small display screen difficult for the users as well as very limited internal storage. I must suggest for go for a local brand if they are seeking for a cellphone within this range.
By: Huzaifa, Islamabad on Aug, 06 2018
This nokia 1 looking the reliable smart phone who has the good warranty for using the device for a long time without get face any trouble
By: eeman, faislabad on Aug, 02 2018
Iv always felt secured while purchasing Nokia's sets but unfortunately, Nokia 1 couldn't really sink into my heart. The most discouraging element for me is its limited external storage.
By: Taha, Sialkot on Jul, 28 2018
I have always preferred and trusted Nokia for a number of reasons, and let me say that Nokia 1 has further strengthen my faith on the brand.
By: Sarah khan, Islamabad on Jul, 27 2018
Min be Nokia 1 bechna ha 11mah warante pare hai rabta

By: Seyyad tayyab shah, Lodhran on Jul, 27 2018
A very cheap cellphone with many reasonable attributes. I must recommend people to buy NOKIA 1 who are seeking any cellphone within this range. Nokia has had always been a trusted and durable brand.
By: Mohammad, karachi on Jul, 23 2018
The sole highlight here is that the stock automaton version of cooky Go edition, although the worth makes this appear dearly-won compared to the competition.
By: Raheel Bhatti, karachi on Jul, 21 2018
The sole highlight here is that the stock automaton version of cooky Go edition, although the worth makes this appear dearly-won compared to the competition.
By: Raheel Bhatti, karachi on Jul, 21 2018
Nokia one might sound sort of a smart proposition on paper, particularly with automaton Go edition. However, the phone is tough to suggest because it fails to impress once it involves actual performance.
By: Abdul Rehman Memon, karachi on Jul, 21 2018
Nokia one heats up terribly quickly, say at intervals one minute of gap videos on YouTube or launching the camera app. because of restricted storage, I couldn't transfer a great deal of apps. There’s associate degree choice of expandable storage for those willing to undertake it.
By: Liquat Ali, karachi on Jul, 21 2018
The performance on Nokia one isn't the most effective, even with automaton Go edition apps that ar presupposed to run swimmingly on this budget device. I practiced multiple app crashes and lag with most of third-party apps.
By: Daud Soomro, karachi on Jul, 21 2018

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