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Nokia 3310

The Nokia 3310 is a blast from part which we all used at one time or another. It was one of the most popular phones of that time, and we all were hooked to Snake game. The Nokia 3310 build was sturdy and quite indestructible with a battery that will last you for a month. It was king of phones in that era. Nokia recently upgraded its iconic 3310, modern day advancements. It won’t compare with your modern day smartphones, but can be used for a backup phone. Let’s have a look at what Nokia 3310 has to offer to us.


The new Nokia 3310 is much slimmed down phone, with the upgraded design making it small and light weight. The design is not anywhere to the original version, which was quite disappointing. The device is made up of plastic and is not slippery at all. The phone is not a solid sturdy build like the original version.


The screen is 2.4 inches, with a low resolution of 240 x 320 and can pack up 720p HD displays. The display is sufficed for generic use like texting and calling, so you don’t need a super crisp display for it. The phone isn’t touch screen so you have to navigate around the phone with the button.


The upgraded Nokia 3310 features 2MP back camera, which is not much in our modern day. The original one didn’t have the camera phone, as back then we didn’t have this feature available. The picture quality is low and not something that you will use much. This phone doesn’t come with front selfie camera.



The new Nokia 3310 was originally running Nokia’s feature phone operating system; Nokia Series 30+. This is a very basic interface compared to the modern day smart phone. Earlier this year they upgraded it to Android. The apps are very basic and similar to the feature of original Nokia 3310. The Nokia app store comes with very limited options of games and other generic apps. You can visit your social media accounts, but the browser is not only but you will have to navigate with buttons. The Nokia 3310 was originally supported by 2.5G due to which browsing will be very slow. But in 2018 it has been released with 4G LTE. You will only get a 16MB of internal storage, for additional space you will have to get a micro SD card.


The much loved Snake is back with the new Nokia 3310. This is colored version and snake looks very snake-like. The Snake game was made by Game loft. In order to play game you will have to use the same 2, 4, 6, and 8 keys to direct your snake or the four way navigation pad. There are other basic games that you can play with like Asphalt 6: Adrenaline, Doodle Jump, Diamond Twister 2 and Drag Race. The gaming of the phone will take you back to the old arcade games.



This phone will definitely live up with battery life expectation. The Nokia 3310 is powered by 1200mAh removable battery, which is an upgrade from the old 900mAh battery. The phone will last you for a month.


The return of Nokia 3310 is quite nostalgic. You can carry this phone with you as your back device. The Nokia 3310 is for those who want a very basic handset that performs simple task as call and texting. You can get a better phone within the same range that can perform better. The old Nokia 3310 users will definitely want to grab this phone as they fond memories of the original 3310.

Nokia 3310 User Reviews & Feedback

I need n0kia 3310 in warnty, any 0ne have in muzafarabad plz c0ntact me.......
Ali,, 03047789600
By: Muhammad Ali, Muzafarabad on Nov, 21 2019
One. Year. Before. I. Purchased. Nokia 3310. My. Experience. Is. Not. Good. I changed. Battery. Two. Time. But my mobile can't. Oppenheimer
By: Naveed, Karachi on Oct, 15 2019
Nokia 3310 the smartphone which has the amazing performance and better looks with the large screen and the higher HD resolution
By: harib, karachi on Feb, 22 2019
This is looking nice of nokia 3310 that has the good skills for using the device for a long time with the good performance of their battery timing
By: ishal, karachi on Jan, 21 2019
agar kise k pas nokia 3310 single sim wala hai aur wo bechna chahta ho to rabta kary only islamabad
By: raja tufail, islamabad on Dec, 03 2018
Nokia 3310 I am using this smartphone which has the really good speed of the RAM with all the good solution of the battery life
By: tooba, karachi on Nov, 26 2018
The revival of this brand wasn’t very much popular. Nokia has been very poor in positioning their cellphones and doing effective marketing.
By: Mehboob, Faisalabad on Nov, 16 2018
Nokia 3310 very butiful tayp hand favrat mobil set.
By safi ur Rehman Bannu
By: Safi ur Rehman, Bannu on Nov, 11 2018
It says here that the Nokia 3310 has a video player in it. What formats does this play?. Can it play a 720p video on it?
By: Bilal, Attock on Nov, 05 2018
We hear a lot about 2500 mah or 3000 mah batteries so i am unsure about the 900 mah battery on the Nokia 3310
By: Sahab, Karachi on Nov, 02 2018
Nokia makes some of the toughest phones, even when they are so cheap. The Nokia 3310 is a great example of this
By: Huda, Karachi on Nov, 01 2018
This brings back so many memories. I remember my first Nokia 3310, it was indestructible. I wonder if this is the same
By: Fasih, Karachi on Oct, 31 2018
Its 2018 and people are yet not over with the success and much praised durability factor of Nokia 3310- well, its revival is its testimony.
By: Mohsin, Lahore on Oct, 04 2018
The new Nokia 3310 is a great reminder of the old 3310, the most indestructible phone there ever was.
By: Hira, Karachi on Sep, 18 2018
The phone is an excellent choice for people who wish to maintain their contact records. Since it is by Nokia, it is understandably, tough!
By: Hamad, Lahore on Sep, 15 2018
It has the many abilities for using the device whole day long with the helpful abilities and the nice battery standby for using it whole day long
By: ramsha, islamabad on Sep, 15 2018
The nokia 3310 having the useful features and the beautiful smart malty touch display that attract to everyone for using that very eagerly
By: mishal, Karachi on Aug, 29 2018
NOKIA 3310 has very serious issue with its body and design. It is not as same as Nokia previous 3310 which was a legendary cellphone. It’s useless to purchase this cellphone.
By: Junaid, karachi on Aug, 19 2018
If i overlook all the good associated with Nokia 3310, i just can digest its insignificant battery capacity- specially when its 4G LTE connectivity.
By: Tehmina erum, Lahore on Jul, 28 2018
Just for a safe side I have bought this cellphone because go to work at night and by the time I come home there would be high chances of getting rob. Really good for texting purposes.
By: Abid, larkana on Jul, 23 2018
he best piece of Nokia 3310 is its camera fuse. I was confounded to the point that best in class this much that a period has arrived when handheld gadgets like phones can find every n everything about pictures.
By: Shahzar, Lahore on Jul, 18 2018
Nokia 3310 the best smartphone which has the good configuration and amazing ram speed for the supporting of every application
By: ghani, sunderland on Jul, 17 2018
The nokia 3310 has the good speed that give the good performance as we exact expect that for using the reliable device with the long time battery standby
By: samia, Karachi on Jul, 13 2018
Good mobile phone with some feature we need in this time like the simple camera and the reliable body for not breaking easily
By: Khalid, Karachi on Jul, 11 2018
This is so nice smart phone of the reliable brand of nokia that give us the faster speed for using the device easily with the good speed
By: sobia, dhaka on Jul, 11 2018
It’s so good device with the nice camera result that never blasting the pixels and also capture the every photo very clearly
By: hiba, panjab on Jun, 30 2018
This is so nice device of nokia 3310 who is able to give us the beautiful sound by the good speakers and the amazing battery standby
By: anosha, islamabad on Jun, 20 2018
Unlike others, the one thing I care about in mobile phones is the color. Whether it’s the cover or the colorful display of the screen, I pick my phones solely on these factors. Luckily, I came across this Nokia 3310 set that comes in many different colors and the display is also very colorful. I also love the modernized look with a touch of the old Nokia mobiles.
By: Kamal, KARACHI on Jun, 12 2018
The nokia 3310 has the fast speed that gives the good performance with the long life battery standby and never get hanging any way
By: roohi, islamabad on May, 31 2018
This time I am looking to buy a Nokia device, currently I have a bar handset and my range is to buy Nokia 3310, this device is looking good in yellow color. I will definitely ask about this color in market.
By: hasham, khi on May, 21 2018
Nokia 3310 this is the another series by the Samsung which has some smartphone but they all are literally reliable
By: arshia, islamabad on Apr, 02 2018
Nokia 3310 simple and better mobile phone with the simplest camera in it which is you want nowadays because every smartphone have it
By: Sami, Karachi on Mar, 29 2018
Nokia 3310 the smartphone which has the simple functions and just added the camera which is working pretty good you want nowadays
By: Sami, Karachi on Mar, 28 2018
Nokia 3310 good mobile phone with some features and has the really good functions which makes my day really better and has the really good functions
By: Ammad, Karachi on Mar, 22 2018
Nokia 3310 smartphone with the budget and has the really good battery life which is we want for the best experience of the calling
By: Tahir, Karachi on Mar, 19 2018
I am a school understudy and I am the understudy of Information Technology also. Our
teacher who exhibits us current programming dialects the uses of nokia 3310 mobile phone.
By: Areesha, Sahiwal on Mar, 14 2018
Nokia 3310 the good smartphone which I love to use ever because of its huge performance of the applications what I really need to have in my phone
By: aneela, karachi on Mar, 13 2018
This nokia 3310 is the useful smart phone who give the good signal protection for using the good data connection easily with the good speed
By: fabiha, multan on Mar, 08 2018
Without get confront any inconvenience now we effortlessly get spare any
overwhelming programming in it and it will works extremely pleasant without
By: Kaleem, Karachi on Mar, 07 2018
Without get confront any inconvenience now we effortlessly get spare any
overwhelming programming in it and it will works extremely pleasant without
By: Kaleem, Karachi on Mar, 07 2018

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