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I love this series of Nokia and it worked very well for me
By: Mehnas meher, Karachi on Jul, 01 2019
Nokia 4 the great smartphone which has the brilliant performance and has the good functions which is required for playing games in it
By: wareesha, islamabad on Nov, 26 2018
This cellphone is very much durable and the body of this cellphone is also very strong. Camera quality of this cellphone is also very impressive and eye-catching.
By: Azam, lahore on Nov, 16 2018
I was expecting the Nokia 4 to have a 1080p screen at least, but this is just too sad of a phone. Really need to up your game Nokia
By: Omar, Karachi on Nov, 05 2018
How durable is the Nokia 4?. I don't really have much faith in the new Nokia company so i would love recommendations
By: Hira, Lahore on Nov, 02 2018
The Nokia 4 is a very sleek phone, with a good from factor that fits pretty well in my hand. Why is this more expensive than the Nokia 6?
By: Hina, Jamshoro on Nov, 01 2018
You won't find a lot of phones like the Nokia 4. At 20 000 rupees you have a phone with 4gb of ram and an amazing build quality
By: Fatima, Lahore on Oct, 31 2018
Nokia 4 is available in the market and even one can have it second hand. Amazing cell phone with amazing specifications.
By: Beenish, karachi on Oct, 12 2018
Nokia 4 is a good set against this price but the design is a bit boring and dull. I believe Nokia needs to pay attention to the design factor, as much as it pays on the durability of its phones.
By: Amjad, Islamabad on Oct, 04 2018
The features sound too good and decent in this price range, though, i resist commenting on its processor or the durability factor unless i personally use the set myself first.
By: Hasan, Faisalabad on Sep, 25 2018
The Nokia 4 does not feel or look like a 20 000 phone. My only wish for this phone is that it would have a full HD display
By: Kadija, Islamabad on Sep, 18 2018
Nokia 4- the Android V8.0 Oreo is expected to launch anytime sooner, and I am ready to get my hands on this apparently perfect set by Nokia.
By: Shah Nawaz, Gujrat on Sep, 15 2018
It has the good Belton memory with the great performance operating system and the much more amazing things that can make this device so good
By: arfa, islamabad on Sep, 15 2018
This is looking so cool smart phone of nokia 4 that giving us the great software of jelly beans and lollypop in this reasonable price
By: fayqa, multan on Aug, 29 2018
The nokia 4 is the good warranty and the beautiful screen with the beautiful smart screen as everyone need to use that `
By: sobia, Karachi on Aug, 28 2018
Nice phone
By: Hassan Rasheed, Turbat on Aug, 24 2018
Nokia 4 has the most splendid and lean body. I think Nokia has good innovative ideas which is now they are implementing in many of their cellphones.
By: Shahzaib, lahore on Aug, 19 2018
I think Nokia is again going to regain its position in the market. I recently used their cellphone and was really amazed with its camera quality. I admire their efforts to cope up in the industry.
By: Asad, karachi on Jul, 29 2018
Nokia 4 seems to have very old fashion design but having very sufficient features. Nokia has introduced finger print technology and octa core processors in their cellphones. Nokia just need to work on their designs.
By: Fayyaz, lahore on Jul, 23 2018
With the different price and the faster operating speed you have the mobile phones by the Nokia for the simple and better usage of your life
By: Hamida, Lahore on Jul, 18 2018
Nokia 4 I have this my uncle recently gifted me this gear and its heavy so looks better on hand because of the weight and design of it
By: zara, zurich on Jul, 17 2018
This nokia 4 has the long life battery standby that give the great performance as we expect to use this whole day long without get face any trouble
By: hasham, multan on Jul, 13 2018
Nokia 4 was the best option for me to buy because I don’t have enough budget to buy any other smartphone but now I am feeling very great with this smartphone specs
By: rabia, Karachi on Jul, 11 2018
Its battery timing is so good of their that allow us to get use it easily without get face any trouble and the performance also good of their
By: ghani, islamabad on Jul, 11 2018
Actually the new model of this series is also available in the market that is why I don’t think so.
By: Roohullah Khan, karachi on Jul, 11 2018
The front body of this Nokia 4 device is quiet different from the other Nokia. I really love it and willing to buy because the specs of this phone shows that it support 4G LTE.
By: Mahnoor Khan, karachi on Jul, 11 2018
Nokia 4 was the best option for me to buy because I don’t have enough budget to buy any other smartphone but now I am feeling very great with this smartphone specs
By: Ali, Karachi on Jun, 30 2018
This is the good device in the cheap rates of nokia 4 that has the beautiful display that has the good pixels that never get blasting any way
By: anaya, islamabad on Jun, 20 2018
I love Nokia mobile sets overall because they are very hard to damage. Which is why I bought Nokia 4 mobile and I haven’t looked back ever since! The waterproof cover and gorilla glass, along with other great features like quad core processor, amazing battery life and camera makes this set my favorite!
By: aqsa baig, LAHORE on Jun, 12 2018
This useful smart phone having the good performance operating system that allow us to get use this device for a long time without face any trouble
By: azmat, Panjab on May, 31 2018
I am using the Nokia 4 which is the best smartphone for me and has the really good performance of the applications which is we definitely love to use in the latest android smartphones
By: Shakeel, Karachi on May, 22 2018
Nokia 4the smartphone which is reliable and has the really good features with the amazing functions which is we definitely love to use
By: Asim, Karachi on May, 14 2018
Nokia launch new Phone (2018).
check it out.
You would not belive this phone specification.
By: Sameer Rehman, Islamabad on May, 12 2018
The nokia 4 is the useful smart phone who has the god sound speakers and the good battery timing who we easily get use that
By: layba, multan on May, 08 2018
The lots of amazing qualities and the beautiful screen resolution who we easily get use that for watching the blue ray movies easily
By: zafar, lahore on May, 07 2018
this phone is quite same as of nokia 5. I read an article about it and came to know that it did not
came with new features but a new body and a bit new front design. Company played a game.
By: Hira, Larkana on Apr, 30 2018
Many rumors about the nokia 4 body structure and the specs but more probably that this device comes in full black metallic color and large display, I am waiting for its launching.
By: uzair, khi on Apr, 25 2018
Nothing can beat the thrill and excitement of Nokia 4! The specs and features it offers are truly outstanding. I am all excited to buy and gift this device to my mother on her upcoming birthday. She loves Nokia phones.
By: Javed, Rawalpindi on Apr, 25 2018
Here available the good quality smarts phone of nokia 4 that helps to get use this device with the good performance for a long time
By: anam, la on Apr, 19 2018

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