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Nokia 7.1 Plus

Nokia 7.1 Plus User Reviews & Feedback

Nokia 7.1 plus the best smartphone with all the great feature si want to use and I also nee di my life for my office work
By: naveed, faisalabad on Sep, 27 2019
This is so cool smart phone of nokia 7.1 plus that give the smart signal strength that helps to use this device easily with the good data connection
By: zareen, karachi on May, 19 2019
This nokia 7.1 plus is the nice model of this nokia brand who makes with the every reliable abilities with the good performance
By: tooba, islamabad on Jan, 21 2019
How much mobile 7.1plus rate
By: Raza Haider, Karachi on Jan, 16 2019
Nokia 7-1 plus the smartphone which has the great specs and the best speed of the RAM what we definitely like to have in the list
By: tooba, LAHORE on Dec, 28 2018
The camera of Nokia 7.1 plus android phone is amazing that’s why I keep this phone
for a long time but unfortunately its battery timing is out of order, it gives me just
two hours backup.
By: Nadeem, Mandi on Dec, 18 2018
when will nokia 7.1 plus launch in pakistan?
By: aamir, faisalabad on Dec, 16 2018
nokia 7.1 plus is one of the most beautiful and classical cellphone I have come
around. Amazing looks followed by amazing features.
By: Jameel, ziarat on Dec, 03 2018
I don’t have any complaint related to this smartphone because it has everything and
has the best functions for using the amazing functions on it
By: Najma, Jalalpur on Nov, 30 2018
Not a very reliable cellphone. Nokia is still struggling with android cellphone and would take more time to come on an industry average.
By: Huzaifa, Islamabad on Nov, 25 2018
Good battery time amazing signals range and has the good life of the software you want so you don’t need to update it in a while
By: kashaf, Karachi on Nov, 25 2018
This is looking the nice device of nokia 7.1 plus with the good signal strength that gives the good 4G data connection with the faster browsing
By: yumna, Karachi on Nov, 22 2018
Display graphics of Nokia cellphones aren’t that impressive neither attractive. Nokia must improve their quality as most of their cellphones are static.
By: Labeeb, karachi on Nov, 18 2018
I have been using Nokia cellphones and one thing I really like about Nokia cellphones is that they have amazing battery timing as well as good camera result.
By: Amjad, karachi on Nov, 15 2018
Nokia 7.1 plus the smartphone which has the good specs and the definite specs what I extremely need and this is the great smartphone for me
By: nahid, Karachi on Nov, 15 2018
Nokia is one of the worst cellphone brand currently operating in Pakistan. Their customer services are worst among all other brands.
By: kasim, Faisalabad on Nov, 11 2018
Nokia 7.1 plus is the great smartphone I am using it the price were too low of this smartphone and has the good performance of making multi-tasking in it
By: ayza, islamabad on Nov, 11 2018
Nokia 7.1 plus this is truly brilliant for me to have the smartphone like the Huawei which has the collection of the application with the best features
By: zareen, islamabad on Nov, 11 2018
Is the Nokia 7.1 Plus out yet?. I have been waiting for this phone for a while now. It really look amazing and i love the design and display. Please update
By: Afnan, Karachi on Nov, 09 2018
I am very obsessed with 7.1 Plus looks and its rear mounted fingerprint technology is very fascinating as well as very impressive and innovative.
By: Asad, karachi on Nov, 09 2018
I am not very much impressed with the shape and design of this cellphone. It seems to be an ordinary cellphone like other small local brands.
By: Asad, karachi on Nov, 06 2018
NOKIA 7.1 Plus seems to be a very decent cell phone useful for normal use. Price would also be in affordable range.
By: Zamir, Peshawar on Nov, 04 2018
Looks of this cellphone is very impressive and apart from that camera quality of Nokia cellphone is very outstanding.
By: Zuhair, karachi on Nov, 02 2018
The shape and looks of Nokia 7.1 is very much outdated whereas features of this cellphone is quite impressive.
By: Rafay, karachi on Oct, 29 2018
Nokia 7.1 has an amazing display size and beautiful graphics. I am very obsessed with it display qualities.
By: Shahbaz, karachi on Oct, 29 2018
I am very disappointed with NOKIA 7.1 plus internal storage capacity. Nokia must provide sufficient storage for cellphone ranging in this price.
By: Danial, karachi on Oct, 29 2018
I have been saving up my allowance for the Nokia 7.1. I just hope that because of the Gorilla Glass 3 then screen doesn't break too easily
By: Akhter, Lahore on Oct, 28 2018
Can you please update the price for the Nokia 7.1 Plus as soon as possible. I really love this phone and want to buy it
By: Adeel, Karachi on Oct, 26 2018
I love the Nokia 7.1 Plus and i am so getting this as soon as i can. I think this is much better than even the new iPhone
By: Saad, Karachi on Oct, 25 2018
Nokia's back with a bang product, but it would be fair to say that the phone expected in a price bracket it would be in will face the heat with its Chinese peers. Nothing to differentiate itself from.
By: Jibran, karachi on Oct, 22 2018
Nokia cellphones are very much reliable and durable. Battery timing quality of Nokia cellphones can never have any predator ever.
By: Hafiz hussain, karachi on Oct, 20 2018
Display graphics of Nokia cellphones aren’t that impressive neither attractive. Nokia must improve their quality as most of their cellphones are static.
By: Fatima, islamabad on Oct, 19 2018
The Nokia 7.1 Plus takes everything present in the Nokia 7.1 and makes it better. I really love the new screen on this phone
By: Qamal, Islamabad on Oct, 18 2018
Nokia can be predator in near future if they persistently try to improve their quality in android phones. According to me there is no better durable and reliable cellphone than Nokia.
By: Farooq, Jhelum on Oct, 17 2018
I must not suggest Nokia cell phone in the current scenario. Nokia designs are very outdated and one cannot even guarantee its reliability and durability.
By: Usman, lahore on Oct, 16 2018
Mujy pehly gift karo
By: Qasim, Lahore on Oct, 12 2018
What is the price of this mobile?
By: Tahir Ali, Multan on Oct, 12 2018
The nokia 7.1 plus with the great battery timing and the reliable abilities of their without get any trouble like hanging or heat up the body temperature
By: kashaf, lahore on Oct, 08 2018
Nokia keeps making amazing looking phones, i am very confident that Nokia will soon over take Apple and Samsung again
By: Tariq, Karachi on Oct, 07 2018

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Nokia 7.1 Plus Reviews

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