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Nokia 7 the best smartphone of all time from the Nokia because this smartphone has the features which we would definitely love to have
By: afeeqa, lahore on Sep, 20 2019
Nokia 7 this is the good smartphone which has the best functions and has the really good speed of the RAM which is we really need
By: zomia, panjab on Aug, 24 2019
Nokia 7 has a large display screen and its battery time is excellent and it also have dual- tone LED flash so what are you waiting for go and get your’s.
By: Makkia shehzad, Karachi on Jul, 01 2019
This is the best smart phone of the nokia 7 that helps to play any games in it easily in the beautiful resolution and no blasting pixels
By: shabana, karachi on May, 19 2019
Without any hanging problem this is the faster smartphone even you can make your multi-tasking better and great in this nokia 7
By: haleema`, LAHORE on Feb, 22 2019
This mobile of nokia 7 has the useful features and the smart battery standby that
help to sue this mobile easily for a long time
By: Daud, Lahore on Jan, 21 2019
Nokia 7 the best smartphone with the best functions what we really need to have and this is really amazing to see the best specs of it in this rates
By: naeema, islamabad on Dec, 28 2018
Instead of any samsung handset I decide to buy this Nokia 7 phone because this
such a reliable brand which I really like. The device comes with 2 MP camera and
long lasting battery, more amazingly I like the keypad.
By: Hania, Sialkot on Dec, 18 2018
Processor speed of the nokia 7 is really awesome because it helps user to find out the good applications with all the good speed of the RAM
By: haris, multan on Nov, 26 2018
Features of this cellphone is very much impressive but the price in quite high. One can have many better cellphone in this price range.
By: Abdul Qadir, lahore on Nov, 16 2018
Unlike the Nokia 8 the Nokia 7 has a fingerprint scanner that is mounted on the rear side. I think thats a better placement
By: Zohaib, Karachi on Nov, 02 2018
The Nokia 7 is a very sturdy phone. I have had mine for a couple of months and i have dropped mine so many times and it still doesn't even have a scratch
By: Salman, Karachi on Nov, 01 2018
Did the price of the Nokia 7 just go up?. I recall it was cheaper than this, or is this the 2018 version of the phone
By: Yasir, Lahore on Oct, 31 2018
Nokia 7 is highly charged cell phone, whereas one can have many better options within this price range.
By: Yawwar, karachi on Oct, 11 2018
I wish i could charge it without using the 'wires' similar to many other sets in this range. Sadly, i am too lazy to restrict myself to the charging spot.
By: Bk, Lahore on Oct, 04 2018
I think Nokia must not charge these types of prices without being advertising its product neither spreading any brand awareness. This cell phone would be a huge failure for Nokia again if they did not reduce its price.
By: Fasih, Islamabad on Oct, 01 2018
Now in this device of nokia 7 has the nice operating system that having the good ram and the nice battery standby with the great performance of their
By: salma, Karachi on Sep, 19 2018
Nokia is an unbeatable brand, a brand that has faced hardships yet emerged and survived like a warrior.
By: Shakeeb, Lahore on Sep, 18 2018
Keeping all the positive things aside, I wish Nokia 7 was water resistant. Though it runs on latest Android Nougat OS that is a 'serious" pro for me!
By: Shoaib, Multan on Sep, 15 2018
Nokia 7 is the best phone that I have ever had. On top of the indestructible cover, the features are undeniably good! The phone has really fast speed when opening apps or playing games. My son just loves it.
By: Aqsa Kawsar, ISLAMABAD on Sep, 15 2018
The fast speed available in this smart phone who help us to get use this device easily with the long time easily the good performance of nokia 7
By: eeman, Karachi on Sep, 08 2018
Nokia 7 is just a useless cellphone and completely a waste of money. One can have better options within this range rather for going this good for nothing cellphone.
By: Kamran, lahore on Aug, 31 2018
This is the useful smart phone of nokia 7 that available now in this cheap rate and also has the good battery standby as everyone expect that
By: rafia, multan on Aug, 29 2018
Can’t wait for this masterpiece to enter in the market and breaking every competitor share especially OPPO. I think this cellphone would more successful than OPPO and VIVO cellphones.
By: Sulaiman, Islamabad on Aug, 19 2018
Nokia has been improving day by day and I really appreciate their effort which can be seen in Nokia 7. A very reliable and durable phone with very beautiful camera quality.
By: Saad , sialkot on Aug, 03 2018
Nokia 7 has good looks with available in many different colors. The best part I like about Nokia is that they have strong battery timing as well as their internal storage capacity.
By: Humayun, Hyderabad on Jul, 29 2018
I am getting very positive response from Nokia 7 customers. According to me Nokia can build up its market share again if they continue to struggle and bring innovation in their products.
By: Sohaima, islamabad on Jul, 23 2018
I am planning to buy NOKIA 7 as it is offering very reasonable features in very reasonable price. Nokia cellphone are considered as durable and I have been a loyal customer of nokia.
By: Fahad, karachi on Jul, 23 2018
This mobile of nokia 7 has the useful features and the smart battery standby that help to sue this mobile easily for a long time
By: Faiza, Wazirabad on Jul, 18 2018
Nokia 7 for the office working this is the brilliant smartphone because it has the faster operating system what we exactly need
By: Gujjar, multan on Jul, 17 2018
The great smart phone of nokia 7 that has the stylish metal body specially the back side looking so cool and the camera result is outstanding of their
By: alian, hydrabad on Jul, 13 2018
At the same time we can do two work on the same screen with the help of its new functions which is called multi-screen in the Nokia 7
By: samar, islamabad on Jul, 11 2018
Without get face any trouble now we easily get use this device with the great performance and with the amazing new features in nokia 7
By: neha, multan on Jul, 11 2018
At the same time we can do two work on the same screen with the help of its new functions which is called multi-screen in the Nokia 7
By: Rayyan, Karachi on Jun, 30 2018
مجھے چاہیۓ لیکن کدھر سے ملے گا اور کیسے اگر منگوانا ہو تو کیا طریقہ کار ہے
By: شہباز خان , ضلع جہلم ویلی تحصیل ہٹییاں بالا موبائل نمبر 03042131133 on Jun, 29 2018
This is really nice smart phone of nokia 7 that attract me to get buy it due to the many reliable specialties that never get any trouble any way
By: neeha, neeha on Jun, 20 2018
Nokia 7 is a good device if you’re looking for something modern with a good processor but also something light and affordable in money. I don’t use mobile phones a lot unless it is for calling so it is the perfect phone for me.
By: Batool Khalid, larkana on Jun, 12 2018
This nokia 7 has the long life battery standby that give the performance as we expect to use this whole day long without get face any trouble
By: uzma, islamabad on May, 31 2018
The nokia 7 is so good device that give u the good performance with the good battery standby as everyone need to use that
By: soha, karachi on May, 07 2018
To be clear, I have no clue about this nokia 7 as I have never utilized this yet resulting to looking
at these specs, I am for all intents and purposes beyond any doubt that it will be the best to
By: Shahid, Wazirabad on Apr, 29 2018

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