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How dare you call it overpriced! It is better than any phone twice its price. Performance wise it is amongst top 15 phones - Go check reviews and performance benchmarks!
By: Ijlal, Karachi on Aug, 14 2018
Nokia has been outdated from the market and buying Nokia cellphone is waste of money according to my perception. A very poor design with very poor features available in the sets.
By: Fahad, Islamabad on Aug, 07 2018
I am very impressed with Nokia 8 because of its camera quality and internal storage capacity. I am very fond of taking pictures and seems like this cellphone would be a perfect choice for my hobby.
By: Zunair, lahore on Aug, 06 2018
Its good battery timing helps me to get use this device easily whole day
without get face any trouble of nokia 8 in this reasonable price
By: Nawaz, Quetta on Aug, 03 2018
I can’t find any new or innovative thing in Nokia 8 apart from its high prices. Nokia is just concern about charging high prices from its customer rather than bringing any innovative features.
By: Dawood, jhelum on Jul, 30 2018
this is really amazing cell phone, i like it this feather, camera , & battery time.
By: Muhammad jawaid, karachi on Jul, 30 2018
Nokia 8 is no other different than other sets of Nokia if we talk about looks. But additional features which one can find in this cellphone is its memory and brilliant camera quality.
By: Shumail, lahore on Jul, 29 2018
I appreciate Nokia’s effort of bringing such quality phones again in the market. Apart from its price Nokia 8 provide sufficient features for a normal daily use. Extremely well battery timing with sufficient storage.
By: rehman, sukkhur on Jul, 23 2018
Nokia 8 is really my favorite smartphone I never have any complaint in it related to the signal coverage battery life which is the perfect thing for me
By: Rashid, Sialkot on Jul, 18 2018
Nokia 8 has a splendid battery time with impressive fast processor. Camera quality is average but I am not concern with that. It is stylish and less difficult to carry due to its less weight. I feel very comfortable when I put it in my pocket.
By: shoaib, sukkhur on Jul, 17 2018
Nokia 8 smartphone is definitely awesome because of its amazing speed of the RAM and better usage of the Data that is the coolest thing in it
By: kashaf, Karachi on Jul, 17 2018
In the TFT display of 5.3 inches this Nokia 8 is so lovely. May be the price of it is little bit expensive as compare to the other bar handset but the body is superb which I like.
By: Malik Sarfraz, karachi on Jul, 17 2018
Nokia 8 resembles more of Samsung galaxy initial S series. Nokia must come up with their own innovative design rather than copying their competitive designs. Battery time is one of the key features where I usually get attracted and nokia never fails to disappoint me in that.
By: Farah , Rawalpindi on Jul, 16 2018
Can you tell me about the processor of this nokia 8? Actually I want to buy this phone due to the price but before that I want to reconfirm about its processor.
By: Ahmad Chishti, karachi on Jul, 16 2018
This nokia 8 is the nice smart phone that has the many reliable abilities as everyone expect to use that with the great performance
By: arham, islamabad on Jul, 13 2018
It looks good to have the smartphone which is fast and has the amazing support of the battery which helps me so much to do work in the free time I got
By: azra, islamabad on Jul, 11 2018
Functionality is really awesome and has the better functions which helps so much to get the right performance what I definitely love
By: aleem, multan on Jul, 11 2018
This nice features and the beautiful display attar t me to get buy this device easily without get face any trouble like having or heat up the body temperature
By: neha, M on Jul, 11 2018
This is looking such a nice smart phone of nokia 8 that is able to gives the good signal strength that is really good for using the 4g internet connection
By: lareeb, multan on Jul, 11 2018
If any one wants to buy this Nokia 8 so please reply me, actually I decide to buy a smart phone for that I urgently need to sale this phone, it is also in warranty.
By: Ahmed Sheikh, karachi on Jul, 11 2018
My husband brings this Nokia 8which I really like, I think this watch is the best gift for me because its look so beautiful in my hands as well the look is so decent which I want.
By: Fareena Akmal, karachi on Jul, 11 2018
Unfortunately I purchase nokia 8 in black color by mistake, although I want to buy this phone in red color. If any one wants to purchase this phone so please reply me.
By: Ayna Rahat, karachi on Jul, 11 2018
Functionality is really awesome and has the better functions which helps so much to get the right performance what I definitely love
By: Raheel, Karachi on Jun, 30 2018
Even though it’s not actually water resistant, Nokia 8 is still a very good set for me. I am always busy with foreign trips so I don’t get the time to charge my phone. So it solves my problems.
By: Jabeena, KPK on Jun, 29 2018
The nokia 8 is the good device of this reliable brand of nokia that giving us the good smart device in this good cheap rates now
By: sonia, lahore on Jun, 26 2018
The good smart phone of the great reliable brand of nokia that give us the good device in this reasonable price with the many reliable abilities
By: anam, Karachi on Jun, 22 2018
This is whole the device that I have expect that for using with the good performance without face any trouble like battery timing issue and others
By: amara, Karachi on Jun, 20 2018
With the latest Android features this smartphone has the best functions what we really want and this is totally amazing to see that price for it
By: Moeen, Karachi on Jun, 20 2018
Nokia 8 has come to me like a solution because my previous phone was with me for over 8 years and it was functioning very badly. I loved that phone but had to get a new one. That’s when I bought this and I swear, it is the best phone out there.
By: najma zaydi, LAHORE on Jun, 14 2018
Although a little expensive on the market, Nokia 8 has won my heart due to its amazing storage capacity, battery life, and stunning back camera. Moreover, it’s waterproof! There’s nothing else better for me.
By: ayesha abdani, larkana on Jun, 12 2018
nokia 8 import from dubai box pack brand new complete saman unused price 22000/= fix contact # 0300 9206998
By: ali, other on Jun, 10 2018
Ismail41 Very nice Nokia phone
By: is mail magsi, malic karachi on Jun, 05 2018
The nice smart phone with beautiful camera result that many smart abilities that the everyone need to use this device easily with the good battery standby
By: azmat, Karachi on Jun, 04 2018
With the help of this smart phone of nokia 8 I can easily download the anything in it including the any software because it give me the good Wi-Fi signals
By: shafaq, Panjab on May, 31 2018
This is so good device of nokia 8 who has the good and longtime battery standby that help us to get use this device whole day long without face any trouble
By: ashna, Panjab on May, 28 2018
Looking so nice device with the amazing qualities of nokia 8 who has the good looking metal body with the back and front smart camera
By: zoya, Karachi on May, 23 2018
I want to exchange my oppo f5 youth with nokia 8 if anyone is interested then he or she contact with me 03070011768
By: Mehr Naqash Ali , Raiwind Lahore on May, 20 2018
The nokia 8 available now in the reasonable price as everyone can easily use that without get face any trouble who we easily get use that
By: havia, karachi on May, 07 2018
Best mobile with bad quality camera
By: Tasneem, Saudi arabia on May, 04 2018
Nokia 8 is not the lastest mobile phone but the better one as compared to nokia 5 and 6. The
features are almost same but the specifications are enhanced a bit to the next level for better
By: Neelum, Multan on Apr, 30 2018

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