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Nokia 8 is one of my favorite cell phone. Its processor was very good and touch sensor was also very smooth.
By: Fauzan, Jhelum on Oct, 14 2018
Nokia 8 has the good Ram speed and the Ram will never be expand so you have to manage with it in this affordable price nokia gives you
By: Jawwad, panjab on Oct, 10 2018
Without get face nay hanging or heat up the body temperature now we easily get use this device of nokia 8 with completely the good performance of their
By: Owais, panjab on Oct, 09 2018
Camera quality of Nokia is remarkable. If anyone who like to buy a selfie cell phone then he/she must go for Nokia cell phones.
By: Ghufran, karachi on Oct, 08 2018
The success of Nokia 8 is the testimony of our trust on Nokia that was gone out of picture in the past. Nokia has indeed proven that it has a competitive spirit to fight and survive till the end!
By: Makiha, Karachi on Oct, 04 2018
This is the nice and reliable smart phone that has the many options for using it easily with the many reliable abilities with the long life battery standby
By: Danish, Karachi on Oct, 02 2018
When i pay a price like this, i expect the phone to be a little more durable with respect to water, so i feel this could work against its demand.
By: Abeera, Islamabad on Sep, 30 2018
the fact that it can employ both its cameras to record videos and take pictures is a feature that stands it apart from all its rivals.
By: Mizna, Islamabad on Sep, 25 2018
This is the good device of the reliable brand of nokia that give us the great models in the reasonable price with the good facilities
By: ammar, panjab on Sep, 22 2018
Now here we have the nokia 8 whole details that we easily get to know that who has the nice features and the good operating system
By: kashaf, Lagos on Sep, 19 2018
With the help of this nokia 8 we easily get play the games in it with completely the great performance things without get any problem
By: nazia, panjab on Sep, 17 2018
Even though, the battery timings are not as great as I expected initially, the good thing is that it takes less time to charge.
By: Asifa, Hyderabad on Sep, 16 2018
Nokia 8 comes across as a phone that is all filled with good things, though, i wish it had a big screen for i heavily and majorly favor phones with this particular quality!
By: Iqra, Gujrat on Sep, 15 2018
Since my last phone was Nokia 7 plus, Nokia 8 somehow failed to come up to my expectations, or it would be right to say that I did not find it competitive enough with Nokia 7 plus.
By: Aleena Shah, Rahimyarkhan on Sep, 15 2018
It works perfectly without get any trouble or any type of hanging the nokia 8 that has the good sound speakers and the many other good things
By: alishba, islamabad on Sep, 14 2018
The nokia 8 is the good device of the reliable brand who give us the amazing display and the beautiful screen and the smart resolution
By: alishba, Karachi on Sep, 13 2018
Looking the attractive smart phone of nokia 8 with the amazing speed and the reliable performance that the everyone expect that their device
By: haris, Karachi on Sep, 10 2018
Looking the attractive smart phone of nokia 8 with the amazing speed and the reliable performance that the everyone expect that their device
By: haris, Karachi on Sep, 10 2018
Looking the attractive smart phone of nokia 8 with the amazing speed and the reliable performance that the everyone expect that their device
By: haris, Karachi on Sep, 10 2018
Looking the attractive smart phone of nokia 8 with the amazing speed and the reliable performance that the everyone expect that their device
By: haris, Karachi on Sep, 10 2018
It’s worth to use easily for a long time that hav8ng the great quality with the amazing battery timing as the everyone need to use that
By: samia, Karachi on Sep, 03 2018
nokia 8 has an amazing display screen of almost 6 inches. One can easily enjoy
movies in this cellphone because of its beautiful screen and enough internal
storage for downloading movies.
By: Faiza, sahiwal on Sep, 01 2018
The nokia 8 is the nice model of this nokia brand who is fully loaded with the nice things like camera result and the touch censer of the hd screen with the great resolution
By: kashaf, Karachi on Aug, 27 2018
Nokia 8 resembles more of Nokia 6. I would not recommend this cellphone as its features does not worth its price. One can wait and opt for Nokia 9 or for Nokia 10 when it launches.
By: Fayyaz, Narowal on Aug, 25 2018
The nokia 8 is mine favorite model of this nokia brand that available here in the reasonable price that I will must buy it soon
By: zara, multan on Aug, 24 2018
Nokia 8 has the most amazing screen with 5.3 inches enabling one to play games on cellphone and taking beautiful pictures from 13 MP resolution. A highly recommended cellphone for my fellows.
By: Jawed, karachi on Aug, 20 2018
The nokia 8 is the nice device with the many reliable abilities specially its battery timing is so good of their who we easily use whole day long
By: anela, multan on Aug, 20 2018
I am still using Nokia 8 and very satisfied with its performance. Highly recommended phone as it provides every feature to it users. I admire Nokia for making these products.
By: Fahad, Sialkot on Aug, 19 2018
I can’t find any uniqueness in this cellphone. Nokia is charging very much high for a cellphone like this. Very dull in looks and features provided can be even find in its competitor’s brand within half than its price.
By: Huzaifa, Islamabad on Aug, 16 2018
How dare you call it overpriced! It is better than any phone twice its price. Performance wise it is amongst top 15 phones - Go check reviews and performance benchmarks!
By: Ijlal, Karachi on Aug, 14 2018
Nokia has been outdated from the market and buying Nokia cellphone is waste of money according to my perception. A very poor design with very poor features available in the sets.
By: Fahad, Islamabad on Aug, 07 2018
I am very impressed with Nokia 8 because of its camera quality and internal storage capacity. I am very fond of taking pictures and seems like this cellphone would be a perfect choice for my hobby.
By: Zunair, lahore on Aug, 06 2018
Its good battery timing helps me to get use this device easily whole day
without get face any trouble of nokia 8 in this reasonable price
By: Nawaz, Quetta on Aug, 03 2018
I can’t find any new or innovative thing in Nokia 8 apart from its high prices. Nokia is just concern about charging high prices from its customer rather than bringing any innovative features.
By: Dawood, jhelum on Jul, 30 2018
this is really amazing cell phone, i like it this feather, camera , & battery time.
By: Muhammad jawaid, karachi on Jul, 30 2018
Nokia 8 is no other different than other sets of Nokia if we talk about looks. But additional features which one can find in this cellphone is its memory and brilliant camera quality.
By: Shumail, lahore on Jul, 29 2018
I appreciate Nokia’s effort of bringing such quality phones again in the market. Apart from its price Nokia 8 provide sufficient features for a normal daily use. Extremely well battery timing with sufficient storage.
By: rehman, sukkhur on Jul, 23 2018
Nokia 8 is really my favorite smartphone I never have any complaint in it related to the signal coverage battery life which is the perfect thing for me
By: Rashid, Sialkot on Jul, 18 2018
Nokia 8 has a splendid battery time with impressive fast processor. Camera quality is average but I am not concern with that. It is stylish and less difficult to carry due to its less weight. I feel very comfortable when I put it in my pocket.
By: shoaib, sukkhur on Jul, 17 2018
Nokia 8 smartphone is definitely awesome because of its amazing speed of the RAM and better usage of the Data that is the coolest thing in it
By: kashaf, Karachi on Jul, 17 2018

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