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Nokia 9

Ever since Nokia and HMD Global have announced its release of the new flagship Nokia, we have been waiting eagerly for them. A rumor has been going round ever since the release of Nokia 8; as it is the most powerful Nokia to date. Nokia 9 will be one of the premium phone released this year. Here is everything we know about Nokia 9.


Nokia 9 will have an all-metal body that will be dust proof and water resistant as well. There won’t be fingerprint scanner in the front and bezels are quite small. The front glass and back aluminum body will be IP68 certified – resulting in water proof up to 1.5 meter for about 30 minute and dust proof as well.

From the most recent leaked image we came to know the phone has dual lens front facing camera. But this this doesn’t back up with previous leaked images, where it looks uncannily similar to Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, with curved screen. The fingerprint scanner will be situated on the back below the rear camera.


Nokia 9 features a 5.5 inch QHD OLED screen, with an edge-to-edge screen. This will deliver vibrant colors, but potentially less natural than an LCD display, and this can be the next big screen that is rumored to be used in some other coming handsets.



This flagship phone features a 22 megapixel dual-lens Carl Zeiss rear camera and a 12 megapixel front-facing camera. But in one of leaked photo we can see a dual-lens front facing camera as well. Nokia 9 has more megapixels than most smartphones. Another rumor suggests that Nokia is aiming for five lenses camera in their upcoming smartphone.

Specs &Performance

Nokia 9 will have a Snapdragon 835 chipset, and 6GB of RAM. It will be equipped with 128GB of internal storage which you can expand it. It was disappointing to see that the phone won’t be running the Snapdragon 845, which is most likely to see in many 2018 flagship phones. This phone will ship with Android 8.0 Oreo, which is the latest release.


Battery Life

Nokia 9 is rumored to be with huge 3800 mAh battery with Qualcomm Quick Charge 4. This will make is one of the most powerful battery found in the smartphone. A 3800mAh battery can be surprisingly large for a 5.5 inch phone.

Initial Verdict

This is all what we can gather from the reliable sources to date. Nokia 9 is expected to launch in late March 2018, we don’t have to wait for long to find out what Nokia is planning. This is going to be another great release of 2018, which will be on pricey side. We can’t wait to get our hands on it.

Nokia 9 User Reviews & Feedback

This is the attractive smart phone of nokia 9 that has the great smart abilities who can make it this device so easy to use without face any trouble
By: mehreen, Hyderabad on Jun, 20 2018
Nokia 9 is a beautiful mobile set for those who can afford it. I love how modernized this mobile phone is and since I’m a big fan of a fast processor and good memory, will think of buying this phone.
By: Khalid, ISLAMABAD on Jun, 12 2018
The nokia 9 has the beautiful display that give us the good malty bright colors for using this device very eagerly specially for watching in this beautiful picture
By: zara, lahore on May, 31 2018
can anybody tell me the orignal price of nokia 9
By: zain, lahore on May, 26 2018
The good smart phone of nokia 9 who everyone can easily use that without get any trouble as everyone can easily use that easily
By: hiba, Panjab on May, 07 2018
Nokia 9 simple and better mobile phone which can give you the color screen and the camera
result with the best solution of battery
By: Wajeeh, Quetta on Apr, 29 2018
Nokia brings it water proof and dust proof smart phone in the shape of Nokia 9, its launches in Pakistan may be in May. Lets see what will be the price of this phone.
By: hasham, khi on Apr, 25 2018
Nokia 9 is all set to mesmerize you with outstanding performance and incredible way of doing things. But the price of Nokia 9 is way too high man! This phone is not in my budget.
By: Raheem, Rawalpindi on Apr, 24 2018
The good display available now in this smart phone of nokia 9 that has the long time warranty and the good battery standby
By: pari, islamabad on Apr, 19 2018
The best battery standby available now in this smart phone of nokia 89 that take the few minute to charge and give the long time performance
By: ifra, lahore on Apr, 14 2018
Nokia 9 smartphone which has the really good speed of the RAM and has the complete functions what we would definitely love to use In it
By: Alishan, Karachi on Apr, 10 2018
Nokia 9 I am using this smartphone and this is really good to see the best functions of this smartphone which is I need for the great usage of it
By: Jameel, Karachi on Apr, 05 2018
Nokia 9 smartphone with the amazing functions and has the really good quality services what we really need for the best performance we need
By: SHakeel, Karachi on Apr, 03 2018
Nokia 9 the good smartphone with all the great configuration you want in your phone so juts buy it for the cooling experience of the android
By: rayma, islamabad on Apr, 02 2018
Nokia 9 the good smartphone which makes my time very well with the best time spending on social network with speed and battery life
By: Akmal, Karachi on Mar, 29 2018
Nokia 9 the best smartphone of all time which has the really good functions with all the great quality services and has the faster speed we need
By: Ahmer, Karachi on Mar, 27 2018
The screen of Nokia 9 takes up seventy six of the front of the smartphone and also
the emblem on the rear panel is impressed by the standard Chinese embroidery.
By: Kubra, Sahiwal on Mar, 26 2018
nokia 9 is the coolest cell phone. I like its amazing usefulness. To be straightforward
I value the camera result. It has proficient camera result that I adore it a lot.
By: Usama, Okara on Mar, 25 2018
Nokia the smartphone which has the perfect speed of the RAM and give me the amazing features what I need and this is what we need
By: Safdar, Karachi on Mar, 22 2018
nokia 9 possess forte in launching low end devices for non tech savvy users. Nokia 9 is
for those who believe mobile phone is only for receiving calls and sending SMS.
By: Gulsher, Rozas on Mar, 21 2018
Buy the Nokia 9 which is the brilliant smartphone and has the really good performance which is we need for the great experience
By: Taha, Karachi on Mar, 19 2018
This nokia 9 has very big space in its memory who helps it save mine all data
without any hanging I really like this mobile because its better than the mine mobile
By: Binyamin, Jalalpur on Mar, 18 2018
Nokia has demonstrated that you can without a lot of an expand get in addition
fortifying highlights in sensible cost also. Like the Nokia 9 is obliging its
clients and clients.
By: Kaleem, Attock on Mar, 14 2018
Nokia 9 the best smartphone which has the good performance and the amazing result which we definitely love to use
By: ashna, lahore on Mar, 13 2018
I am so amazed to read Nokia 9 mobile phone’s feature. Oh My God…..!!!!! Can’t
wait to buy it as soon as my father sends me money from abroad. I hope that it will
happen soon.
By: Mirha, faislabad on Mar, 12 2018
This nokia 9 is looking so nice smart phone who has the reliable abilities that helps to use this phone easily with the long life battery standby
By: fariha, multan on Mar, 08 2018
Nokia 9 is the cell phone with the wagers highlights what we could undoubtedly
bear the cost of and has the great working Android framework which has no stuck
By: Jaleed, Lahore on Mar, 07 2018
This nokia 9 mobile phone the beautiful smart phone that has the many abilities which is able to works brilliantly without get any trouble
By: noshad, islamabad on Mar, 01 2018
The nokia 9 is so nice smart device that has the beautiful smart abilities and the big hd screen with the malty touch screen
By: sonia, Karachi on Feb, 23 2018
The nokia 9 is so nice smart device that has the beautiful smart abilities and the big hd screen with the malty touch screen
By: sonia, Karachi on Feb, 23 2018
Nokia 9 good smartphone better features and the amazing functions which is we need for the great life experience of the android smartphone
By: Waqas, karachi on Feb, 17 2018
Nokia the best combination of the Android applications which is we need for getting the great experience of using the apps in it
By: Naseem, karachi on Feb, 15 2018
This phone is too common to use I won’t recommend anyone to spend their money on this type of phone.
By: Laraib, Karachi on Feb, 13 2018
Nokia 9 is the cell phone which has the astounding execution and the considerable
speed of the RAM which makes it too quicker as we require. I really adore this
phone a lot.
By: Naeem, Hydrabad on Feb, 12 2018
This nokia 9 is the faster speed device who everyone like to use that in the reasonable price who give the best battery standby
By: yasmeen, islamabad on Feb, 07 2018
It looks like the ideal gadget of Nokia. Nokia 9 is the wagers gadget ever that has the
splendid capacity to spare numerous information in it smoothly because of the best
immense memory.
By: Ayesha, Sahiwal on Feb, 04 2018
I favor Nokia 9 to those people groups who utilizing the mobiles in entire days and
are extremely tense to have their mobiles battery timing while this versatile gives
the best reinforcement from the battery.
By: Khani, Sibi on Jan, 31 2018
The best smart phone of nokia 9 which gives the faster performance which we easily get use that every time without get any trouble
By: alishba, lahore on Jan, 29 2018
Nokia 9 the smartphone which is really good in the performance and has the amazing performance we ever need for the android
By: Anam, Karachi on Jan, 29 2018
The nokia 9 give us the many facilities for using this device easily without get face any trouble that available now In the reasonable price
By: afeefa, Karachi on Jan, 25 2018

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