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Nokia Lumia 638

Nokia Lumia 638 User Reviews & Feedback

Nokia Lumia 638 has very decent looks and display screen making it Nokia most attractive cellphone at the current time. Battery timing of this cellphone is very impressing and camera quality is also very good.
By: Farhan , kashmir on Aug, 11 2018
This is so good device that has the many good apps who can make this device so attractive without face any hanging or other problems
By: nayla, Karachi on Jul, 10 2018
This is so good device that has the many good apps who can make this device so attractive without face any hanging or other problems
By: zara, panjab on Jun, 30 2018
The nokia Lumia 638 has the good camera result with the front and back both camera who helps to get capture the photos clearly
By: farheen, karachi on May, 07 2018
Nokia Lumia 638 the good smartphone which has the best functions and the amazing price what we would love to have in the list
By: Iqbal, Karachi on Mar, 25 2018
This is looking so nice smart phone of the good brand of nokia that give the best smart device with the many reliable abilities in the cheap rates
By: zara, lahore on Mar, 16 2018
This is the best device ever that has the big hd screen and the beautiful resolution as everyone want that with the full of brightness and many bright colors
By: afeefa, islamabad on Oct, 24 2017
Every launcher is working great in this smartphone by the Nokia Lumia 638 so you are not a prison of any one appearance with this smartphone
By: rameez, karachi on Aug, 24 2017
I am satisfied now of this mobile of nokia lumia 638 that has the good battery life and also has the everything is perfect
By: rumesa, Multan on Mar, 16 2017
Nokia made very special for me to using the smartphones just because of their special effort in their Lumia series
By: Hassan, Karachi on Mar, 07 2017
I have no confusion to buy a new smartphone because I have used it from my sister and this smartphone is really amazing in this price
By: Rahil, Karachi on Mar, 03 2017
Nokia Lumia 638 is the great smartphone which can give me the good faster speed and the good specs in the affordable price
By: Murtuza, Multan on Mar, 01 2017
Without flashing of china it is able to updated with the Windows 10 which is already enable on the updated function of this smartphone
By: Azlan, Karachi on Nov, 17 2016
Nokia Lumia 638 is looking perfectas per as on my demand I highly recommend this smartphone to all the users who need the extra performance
By: Nawab, Karachi on Nov, 09 2016
this is superb in every single way that where you want to use it as gaming or as work all of specs is truly available as they mentioned in top of details of this smartphone
By: yasmeen, Lahore on Oct, 26 2016
Nokia Lumia 638 comes with polycarbonate design with some changeable shells available in matte black and white colors to suit the preferences of the customers.
By: younas, Naran on Oct, 15 2016
nokia lumia mobiles are best mobiles .one reason is this it have Microsoft system which I really like it and 2nd thing is its have amazing features and specification.

By: mAZHAR, kaghan on Oct, 08 2016
The Nokia lumia is good for those who take selfies any time it’s just good for its camera result otherwise its features are not good for using
By: sheeza, fouzia on Sep, 29 2016
According to Microsoft website Nokia Lumia 638 it's Windows 10 compatible. Windows 10 mobile update is not available for Nokia Lumia 638 alone in India. When I inquired about this issue to Microsoft, they said that denim update will be launched officially.
By: Imtiaz , lahore on Apr, 17 2016
Nokia Lumia 638 seems like a mid range phone with all the recent updates and I think this phone has nothing so great in it! I am thinking to replace it with my old phone. Thanks for the information
By: Raheel, Peshawar on Mar, 28 2016
Can you tell me the current price of this lovely nokia lumia 638 smart phone? I decide to change my smart phone, I am interesting to buy this device due to its features.
By: awais, khi on Feb, 15 2016
Look at the display of Nokia lumia 638 smart phone, in a 4.5 inches size the grid icon give a lovely look. It is an old model but I am using it and use all the apps.
By: zeeshan, khi on Feb, 04 2016
In a large display this nokia 638 smart phone is very right choice for those who like to use internet in this phone, I eager to use apps that is why I choose it.
By: mustafa, khi on Jan, 25 2016
I want to ask if this phone is available in some OS update or not? The phone must be slow as it runs on 1 GB RAM only! Nokia Lumia 638 is not my cup of tea! Disappointed
By: Nadir Khan, Lahore on Dec, 29 2015
How can I update the operating system of this nokia 638 smart phone which I like but it windows operating system version is very old, I want to update it.
By: qayyum, khi on Nov, 19 2015
Aww! This model by nokia lumia is good which is also affordable in the price but in this phone the only secondary camera is available, many users of this phone tell me the sound of this phone is awesome.
By: asif, khi on Oct, 31 2015
In Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 smart phone this windows phone which name is nokia lumia 638 smart phone, I think this is the phone which price is affordable for the every person who loves nokia.
By: A.Ahad, khi on Oct, 23 2015
I have Nokia Lumia 635 London Model, This model not Launch in Pakistan, came from UK. 4G supported, windows 10 installed, Original set. Box, charger and hand free, scratch less. Long battery timings, Only serious buyer contact me. 03009249067.
By: REHAN, KARACHI on Oct, 11 2015
The new Nokia Lumia 638 is truly amazing due to its specs, features and prices. I love everything about this phone and want to keep it for longer period of time. Thank you for recommending me this phone
By: Bilquis, Karachi on Sep, 18 2015
I like this phone and I am planing to buy it in a near future in black color.
By: Waleed, Lahore on May, 20 2015
In every phones the more important thing is the battery timing with talk time which both are include in this nokia lumia 638 phone.
By: zareen, khi on May, 17 2015
Nokia Lumia 638 is the best phone in function and performance you should get one for yourself too.
By: Sahar, Karachi on Apr, 30 2015
I want to sell my Nokia Lumia 638, anyone interested call on this number 0300-2334459. My Lumia 638 having versionZ mobile warranty.
By: Qasim Ali, Karachi on Apr, 15 2015
The processor of nokia lumia 638 smart phone is quad core which is veryfast to perform the task, I love this windows phone.
By: faraz, muree on Apr, 15 2015
i think the Nokia Lumia 638 Price in Pakistan would be 22000 well its just estimated because all nnokia mobile phones having same specs are of 20000 to 22000.
By: Hamid, khi on Apr, 12 2015
Nokia Lumia 638 ha very big screen one of the best feature i found in this awesome mobile phone is OneDrive (15 GB cloud storage)... amazing just perfect
By: Turrab, khi on Apr, 06 2015
The phone possess smooth, flexible body with improved Windows OS. The Nokia Lumia 638 is equipped with 1.2GHz that guarantees reasonably good performance. It is a must buy guys!
By: Badaruddin, Lahore on Mar, 19 2015
It offers a smooth, easy and fun experience with much improved Windows Phone. The Nokia Lumia 638 is equipped with 1.2GHz that guarantees reasonably good performance.
By: Hina, Karachi on Mar, 18 2015
Pakistan mai launch hochuka hai ya nahe? Can anyone tell me? In case it is launched then from where can I get the phone guys.. can anyone please let me knoe
By: Asad, Karachi on Mar, 04 2015
How many colors are available in karachi in this nokia lumia 638 smart phone? Is it available in dark green color?
By: arsalan, khi on Feb, 28 2015

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