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Nice freindly phone good experienced amazing features nice performance
By: Daniyal, Karachi on Jan, 21 2019
You must like it after using this device of nokia lumia 930 that has the faster speed
processor who helps to use this device every time without any problem
By: Jameel, Lahore on Dec, 18 2018
The nokia Lumia 930 is the good quality smart phone who everyone can easily get use that without get any trouble in the reasonable price
By: zeenat, Panjab on May, 07 2018
This is so nice smart phone of nokia Lumia 930 that has the amazing camera result with the reliable specialties that we expect that
By: reema, islamabad on Apr, 19 2018
The nokia Lumia 930 has the amazing features and the good specs that helps to use this device easily with the good performance
By: sayma, lahore on Apr, 14 2018
The nokia Lumia 930 is so good smart phone who give the best signal protection that helps to get use the good data connection with fast speed
By: lareeb, multan on Apr, 09 2018
Nokia Lumia 930 the best smartphone which has no complaint about the features and about the battery life even after the longtime of it
By: Hamid, Karachi on Apr, 03 2018
A new boss of all Nokia is here with name Nokia Lumia 930. The new stylish and
more advanced Nokia lumia has a 1.2 GHz Quad-Core.
By: Fariha, Wazirabad on Mar, 26 2018
If you want to use the mobile phone who works for a long time so you just buy it of nokia Lumia 930 that is able to works brilliantly with the many good abilities
By: misbah, islamabad on Oct, 24 2017
If you want to use the smart phone that could help you to use that whole day long with the many facilities and the long life battery so this is the best device for

By: tabish, multan on Sep, 22 2017
If you want to use the smart phone that could help you to use that whole day long with the many facilities and the long life battery so this is the best device for

By: tabish, multan on Sep, 22 2017
The nokia lumia 930 has the amazing ability like the camera result and the bets performance processor that help us to use it easily every time with the fast speed
By: roobi, panjab on Sep, 19 2017
With the better performance you have everything in this smartphone because it has the faster RAM speed and this is absolutely the best for office work
By: arzoo, karachi on Aug, 24 2017
It’s never let to hanging or any other problem which I faced in mine previous mobile phone that’s why is mine best device of nokia lumia 930
By: ilyana, panjab on May, 27 2017
Now I am truly satisfied with this device of nokia lumia 930 which give me the best Wi-Fi signal every time an every where
By: aroosh, islamabad on May, 19 2017
Finally I found this mobile of nokia lumia 930 who has the big space in its memory become mine old mobile who was doing full from to download some things
By: eshal, karachi on May, 01 2017
This site still helps me to get the any mobile information ion the basses of authentic information which I never get that form anywhere so sit at home
By: wareesha, pindi on Apr, 26 2017
nokia lumia 930 is a good phone. i read its specifications on your website.. but i think you exagurated it so much.
By: Khola, Islamabad on Apr, 25 2017
The good device in the best price available now and you want to know the any information about this mobile of nokia lumia 930 so this is the best site for you
By: hayma, karachi on Apr, 17 2017
Not such really difference this is same as the all Lumia smartphones we have used but the thing is some has the minimum configuration and some has higher
By: Taha, Karachi on Apr, 12 2017
Nokia Lumia 930 is really good smartphone if you compare it with recently upcoming smartphone because it has everything in this cheap price
By: Azam, Karachi on Apr, 05 2017
Its browsing speed is really nice and I download the many things in a day and at the second they download in it with the best wife signals
By: farheen, panjab on Apr, 04 2017
Its Microsoft mobile has the many new features which you never used before and its totally amazing and different then another mobile phone
By: fayqa, sargoda on Apr, 04 2017
The best thing is this nokia lumia 930 didn’t steal the memory of my mobile phone as other mobile phone does many time and show pop up
By: arfa, Karachi on Apr, 01 2017
I love this Nokia Lumia 930 because it is my old smartphone and It still working like a new box pack smartphone with the faster performance
By: Razzaq, Karachi on Mar, 29 2017
Mine mother gifted me this mobile of nokia lumia before some days ago and I use it very eagerly which has the good features and many good things
By: fayqa, pindi on Mar, 25 2017
The Nokia Lumia series was the great series absolutely and you can easily check out the rates of the Lumia smartphones at this place which is so easy for you
By: Areeb, Karachi on Mar, 14 2017
By the Nokia this series is the smarter series by the Lumia which can gives the best experience of the windows OS
By: Sabir, Lahore on Mar, 10 2017
This is the great series of smartphone if you are going to take it with on user demanding position because we just want these things very seriously
By: Majid, Karachi on Feb, 19 2017
I want to know the actual price of this mobile Nokia lumia which I will buy that soon from the market because I really like its features
By: aneeqa, lahore on Feb, 14 2017
I really like to use touch screen mobile that I don’t have and now I am seeing this mobile of Nokia lumia 930 who make me crazy to buy that
By: nayla, karachi on Feb, 12 2017
Nokia Lumia 930 is the best smartphone I am using it from a long time and the best thing in this smartphone that I didn’t need to repair it once in a whole time
By: Ahmed, Lahore on Feb, 01 2017
This nokia lumia has the best quality smart phone which I use very eagerly ad its battery timing works in whole day long that’s why I will not buy it any way
By: rabia, lahore on Jan, 26 2017
Without any browsing and data transferring issue this smartphone give me the best performance of Data usage and make everything easy for me
By: Rasheed, Lahore on Jan, 25 2017
Nokia Lumia 930 is the best smartphone because I am using it and it gives me the best battery timing and also the great functions of this smartphones attract me very much
By: Anam, Karachi on Jan, 24 2017
Nokia lumia 930 is good phone for keeping as back up phone,sound clarity is don't have to worry about low battery,good phone to present to elders.
By: bashir, peshawar on Jan, 19 2017
Nokia Lumia 930 is the great smartphone I was used this smartphone and it allow me to use man things on it which is look perfect than the other windows smartphone
By: Umair, Lahore on Jan, 17 2017
I have this mobile and whole time I download the many things in it which I like and its speed to downloading is really amazing that at the second it downloaded the things
By: anoosha, mardan on Jan, 15 2017
Before this I am faced a problem that in the microphone of this mobile phone which is so irritated and I was compelled to use ear phones
By: Islam, Karachi on Jan, 12 2017
Nokia Lumia 930 allow me to use many new camera apps in this smartphone with the best camera HD Quality of this Mobile
By: Uxair, Karachi on Jan, 12 2017

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Nokia Lumia 930 Reviews

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