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Thursday, October 17 2019 View latest list of 468 Nokia Mobile Price in Pakistan offered by Nokia brand. Nokia price starts in Pakistan from Nokia105 Rs.2850 and goes to high end Nokia7.2 Rs.44999. Top three trending mobiles are include Nokia 105 2019, Nokia 3.1 Plus, Nokia 6.1 Plu as per last updated Thursday, October 17 2019. Read more

Nokia 7.2
Rs. 44999

Nokia 6.2
Rs. 33999

Nokia 7.1
Rs. 33900

Nokia 7 Plus
Rs. 29900

Nokia 6.1
Rs. 28999

Nokia 6
Rs. 19990

Nokia 2.2
Rs. 18700

Nokia 3.2
Rs. 18300

Nokia 2.1
Rs. 12450

Nokia 1 Plus
Rs. 11450

Nokia 1
Rs. 9499

Nokia 3310
Rs. 7750

Nokia 216
Rs. 5850

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Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type

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Nokia 6.1

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Kashif , Islamabad Mon 07 Oct, 2019
Nokia X1-01

Dear All
I want to sale x1-01 in 9/10 condition all accessories available in just 2000/-
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Zafar Iqbal , Islamabad-Pakistan Mon 07 Oct, 2019

Nokia Mobile Prices

Nokia Price in Pakistan – Nokia is among the top notch mobile manufacturers who ruled the market for more than a decade. Nokia was accustomed to make its place in 100 fortune list of highest revenue making corporation until the topsy-turvy ride started for Nokia which left this manufacturing giant out of the market as well as from the minds of their customers.

Nokia is one of the pre-eminent producer from Finland, was founded in 1865. Nokia apart from making cellphones, indulged in other segments too including telecommunication, information technology and consumer electronics. Nokia fortune started in the twilights of 90’s when it brought a new generation portable cellphones in the market which permeated in the entire world.

Nokia cellphones were considered as the most stylish and more trustworthy compared to its competitor’s such as Samsung, LG etc. People use to feel reluctant while going for some other brands, while Nokia cellphones used to give a sense of complacent among its users. Nokia ruled the market for more than a decade and value of their cellphones in customers mind were impregnable.

With the dawn of this past decade, other manufacturers like Samsung, Apple, and HTC started to concentrate on technological advancement which sabotaged the popularity and curtailed the demand of Nokia cellphones. With the initiation of Android cellphones, the consumers preference drastically shifted from Nokia outdated orthodox cellphones to new stylish and technological furtherance cellphone being created by its competitor.

Nokia sales plummeted and was ultimately ruled out of the competition. The ultimate reason for Nokia’s negligence was its own arrogance of not accepting change and remaining in their comfort zone in hope to remain the market leader. Nokia’s doomed was inevitable and rekindling its lost popularity seemed ominous.

Nokia’s cellphone Price in Pakistan

Facing all the impediments, Nokia did not gave up its persistency of remaining in the market. Nokia did take time to adopt the advance technology, but currently in a grapple of providing high end cellphones with abundance of features in different prices. Some cellphones created by Nokia is in good demand and after remaining in a decade of isolation, again becoming a hot topic among the users. Nokia cellphones can be categorized in different price ranges such as:

High Budgeted cellphones

Nokia is producing amazing cellphone with extensive features in high prices. People are reluctant to go for Nokia’s high price cellphone because of their poor credibility in the market. Users prefer only big 3 brands when it comes to purchasing high budgeted cellphones. Some of the Nokia’s high budgeted cellphones are Nokia 8.1, Nokia 7 plus, Nokia 6.1 plus.

Mid-range cellphones

Nokia has been improving a lot in mid-range cellphones and now on a verge of giving tough competition to its competitors like OPPO, VIVO, and XIAOMI MI. Handsets which sprawl in mid-range categories are Nokia 6, Nokia 3.2, Nokia Phoenix and Nokia 5.1.

Low budget cellphones

Nokia has been very consistent in producing low range cellphone to cater the middle and lower middle class segment. The sole purpose is to deliver this neglected segment and to win the hearts among these populations. The quality of their low budgeted cellphones are exemplary and enough to beat its competitors sets. Some of Nokia low budget cellphones includes, Nokia 4, Nokia 2.2, Nokia 5, Nokia 3, Nokia 2.1.

Nokia’s Battery Performance

Nokia cellphone’s are very well known for their battery backup timing ever since. The only credential people nowadays miss about Nokia, is their superb battery timing of their cellphone. Nokia’s still holds the competitive advantage when it comes to the battery quality of their cellphones.

Nokia cellphones today, still holds capacity of stretching its battery for more than a day and with the initiation of their fast charge technology, Nokia has again started to boost up the morale of their potential customer. If Nokia improve the quality of other functions of their cellphones and enhance its marketing management, they can get a breakthrough in the market again.

Nokia 6.1 can be a prime example for battery performance of Nokia’s cellphone, as it battery timing can be protract to more than a day, even with rigorous usage. Nokia 7 plus and Nokia 8 can also be a prime example when speaking about the battery’s performance.

Nokia’s Camera Performance

Nokia was one of the pioneer to bring cameras into their cellphones and people wentabsolute berserk with the initiation of this technology in past. With time when Nokia’s competitor were busy in improving camera quality and other technological segments, Nokia ignored this advancement and was left out in the market.

Nokia realized its mistake and started to work on the quality of their camera. Currently Nokia has improved the quality of their camera by learning from its past mistakes but did not come closer to the standards of its competitors camera result. Nokia also need to upgrade this function to rekindle its lost popularity.

Nokia 5.1 being a low range cellphone fits best to the example of camera performance of Nokia. Nokia 8 and Nokia 6.1 can be considered as a good camera cellphone compare to its competitors cellphones.

Nokia Performance

Nokia was very ignorant when its competitors were switching to touch screen and android cellphone and remain complacent because of its impregnable value among the users. This was the turning point which burgeon the popularity of its competitors and proved to be a devastating moment for Nokia’s portfolio.

Nokia remained consistent with its old fashioned processors and inadequate touch screen cellphones aiming to conserve its customers. When Nokia learned about its mistake and its negligence, they started to work on their processors and internal storage capacity. Since Nokia started to upgrade its processor and operating system, their head went under the water and all the competitors surpassed this giant and left them in isolation.

Nokia has been working persistently towards it processor and have come at the par of its competitors cellphone. The processor are much of high quality and the operating system used by Nokia is much updated.

Some of the good example of Nokia’s cellphone can be of Nokia 8.1 as it has amazing octa core processor with 4 GB RAM. This cellphone is run on updated android 9.0 operating software. Coming towards its internal storage capacity, this cellphone holds 64GB of internal storage which can be protract to 400GB.


Nokia cellphone are now in a race to compete with the mediocre brands such as OPPO, VIVO, LG whereas going to the level and standard of top notch brands including APPLE, Samsung, and Huawei seems to be a very rigorous and never lasting journey.

Last Updated: 17 Oct, 2019

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