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Oppo A71 this smartphone is amazing and it is really good to see the good functions of the Oppo A71 which has the amazing long lasting battery life we would need
By: Wahaj, las vegas on May, 18 2018
The oppo a71 available the whole correct details are available that has the amazing performance as we easily get use that for a long time
By: usman, Karachi on Apr, 30 2018
The oppo a71 give us the amazing performance with the beautiful display and the faster performance as we need that
By: eeman, Karachi on Apr, 27 2018
Oppo A71 this smartphone has the amazing collection of the RAM which helps me really much to get the best speed of the online apps
By: Ali, Karachi on Apr, 27 2018
I have oppo A71 i want change his fonts how its posible
By: Raja Nabeel, karachi on Apr, 23 2018
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By: ilyes , jumpur on Apr, 10 2018
Nice comment.
I am New User............
By: Muhammad Usman, KArachi on Apr, 09 2018
Oppo A71 this is the smartphone which has the amazing functions with all the great features with heavy quality sped of the OS
By: Waleed, Karachi on Apr, 05 2018
This smart phone of oppo a71 has the malty touch display and the beautiful screen resolution that helps to get use this device very eagerly
By: azr, lahore on Mar, 28 2018
nice mobail i take some time
By: Asif, Faisalabad on Mar, 27 2018
Without get any trouble now we easily get use this smart phone of oppo a71 with the huge ram that allow to get use this device easily to save many data
By: nimra, Panjab on Mar, 20 2018
With the help of this smart phone everyone can easily use it with the many qualities because it has the good operating system that allow to get use this device easily
By: wareesha, multan on Mar, 13 2018
Use main ye phone chahiye achi condition main
By: Imran, Lahore on Mar, 12 2018
oppo a71 mobile phone is great cell phone with each constituent you hope to have in
the cell phone. We can purchased from this page easily and this is the marvelous
thing for us.
By: Luqman, Attock on Mar, 11 2018
This beautiful smart device has the best camera result with front and back both camera that take the beautiful shots when you get that
By: neeha, karachi on Mar, 09 2018
Oppo A71 the good smartphone with all the smart features and has really good price what I can easily afford to buy the best smartphone of all time
By: Arqam, karachi on Mar, 06 2018
This device of oppo a71 that has the beautiful resolution which we easily get use that to watch the movies in the beautiful resolution and full of brightness
By: tayab, multan on Feb, 23 2018
بالکل ٹھیک فون ہے میں تو اس کا دیوانا ہوں بہت اچھا موبائل ہے بیٹری ٹائمنگ بہے اچھی ہے کیمرا بہت اچھا ہے پکچر کواٹی بہت اچھی ہے اور باقی کے مقابلے میں قیمت بھی ٹھیک ہے
By: gghulam abbas, lodhran on Feb, 16 2018
بہت ہی پیارا فون ہئے بس تہوڑا سا منہگا سا ہئے اس کی قیمت 15000 ہونی چاہیے
By: سراج سمائر , سکہر on Feb, 14 2018
This oppo a71 is the best smart device who is able to works brilliantly and also give the faster speed without get any problem
By: aneela, islamabad on Feb, 08 2018
This oppo a57 make with the best camera results and the both front back camera are works brilliantly that we likes to use that
By: sameena, Panjab on Feb, 08 2018
Oppo A71 the smartphone which has the amazing specs and really good features what every android user dreamed to have
By: Qasim, Karachi on Feb, 02 2018
Its 16 GB Internal may be the negative mark for the Oppo lovers but the camera of this Oppo A71 device is awesome. Love to capture the photo and making videos, in a light weight body this device is amazing.
By: hassan, khi on Feb, 02 2018
With some new functions this smartphone has the great amazing specs with the faster speed of the RA what we exactly need
By: Amjad, Karachi on Jan, 31 2018
This oppo a71 looking so beautiful smart phone that is unbeatable which the everyone likes to use that in the reasonable price
By: alishba, lahore on Jan, 30 2018
kisi k pass ho agar sell karna chahe to please 03212763769
By: shakeel ahmed, KARACHI on Jan, 26 2018
There are some people who don’t focus on specs of mobile phone rather they just see its color and design. I am one of them and that’s why I have this Oppo A71.
By: sadia, isl on Jan, 22 2018
Oppo A71 smarthphone have extra features and beautiful colours. camera result is good and display quality is also good. Oppo A71 easily save heavy data.
By: ayesha, lahore on Jan, 22 2018
I want Oppo A71 soft condition contact me 03018180369
By: Shoaib, Karachi on Jan, 20 2018
Is oppo A71 have expandable memory? And have hang free?
Plz tell me...
By: Ali hyder, Karachi on Jan, 20 2018
Oppo A71 smartphone with all the extra features you expect to have in the upcoming smartphone in your life which I perfect
By: Saleem, Karachi on Jan, 19 2018
Very nice smart phone of oppo a71 that has the beautiful color and the good picture quality with the hd display and the good malty touch screen
By: fayza, Karachi on Jan, 16 2018
Now I could easily use this smart phone of oppo a71 to play mine any game in it because this is able to save any heavy data in it easily
By: nayla, karachi on Jan, 15 2018
The nice gear watch of oppo brand that has the best quality and also able to works for a long time without get any problem
By: havia, karachi on Jan, 12 2018
I am a university student and I am the student of Information Technology as well. Our
teacher who teaches us modern programming languages uses Oppo A71 mobile phone.
By: Hareem, faislabad on Jan, 11 2018
Oppo A71 the smartphone which has the amazing collection and the definite price that every user can easily afford it with the amazing rates
By: Azeen, Karachi on Jan, 10 2018
One of my get-together mate is a kick the bowl heart admirer of Oppo and he has used all around that truly matters every distinction in Oppo A71. Unavoidably a days he is using A71.
By: zahid, khi on Jan, 10 2018
oppo A71 , import from dubai box pack brand new complete accessories price 12000/= fix contact # 0300 9206998
By: khaan, other on Jan, 08 2018
The beautiful front and back camera are available in it of oppo a71 that shot the every photo beautifully which everyone need that
By: naseem, Karachi on Jan, 05 2018
Oppo A71 the smartphone which has the good specs and the definite specs what I extremely need and this is the great smartphone for me
By: Khadim, Karachi on Jan, 03 2018

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