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OPPO Find 9

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4100 mAh
21 MP
128 GB 6 GB RAM

OPPO Find 9 User Reviews & Feedback

This is so good smart phone of oppo find 9 who has the good ram that is able to save many heavy software and games in it easily

By: danish, multan on Feb, 03 2019
This is the great smart phone of oppo find 9 with the many exclusive abilities and the beautiful camera result and the bright led flash light
By: alishba, karachi on Jan, 04 2019
Oppo find 9 smartphone with the amazing functions and has the really good quality services what we really need for the best performance we need
By: sheena, karachi on Dec, 24 2018
Camera quality of OPPO is one of the best in the market. I don’t think no other brand have that same quality of camera result.
By: Qasim, karachi on Oct, 12 2018
OPPO FIND F9 is one of the most stylish and trending cell phone of its time. The features provided in this cell phone is as according to its price and OPPO will regain its popularity by introducing these series.
By: Irfan, karachi on Oct, 05 2018
Oppo Find 9 is one of the most advertised and marketed phone by the company, plus, ive heard good reviews about it too. I wish i could have it too.
By: Asim, Hyderabad on Sep, 24 2018
I really like OPPO FIND 9 because of its ultimate big screen. I must be favorable for people like me who has a habit to watch movies on cellphones. Display also appears to be interesting.
By: Yasir, faisalabad on Aug, 09 2018
I Required this Phone Price
Asad From Karachi
By: Asad, Saleem on Jun, 25 2018
Oppo Find 9 operating system of this smartphone is really fast and has the more speed of the RAM than the before series of the Oppo Find which gives more better speed
By: Khalid, Karachi on May, 18 2018
Find out the best smartphone by the Oppo which can make your too good and amazing for you
so this will be really amazing for that
By: Qasim, Karachi on Apr, 26 2018
Yeh mobile chahiye kab aaye ga
Oppo find9
By: Noreel aness , Lahore on Dec, 04 2017
One of my gathering mate is a kick the bucket heart admirer of Huawei and he has utilized practically every adaptation of Oppo Find 9 arrangement models. Presently a days he is utilizing Oppo Find 9.
By: sundas, gujrat on Nov, 26 2017
Oppo Find 9 the best smartphone with all the great features and has the amazing camera pixels for capturing the amazing moments of your life
By: Kareem, Karachi on Nov, 20 2017
I always wanted to try Huawei mobile phone due to watching its ads and commercials
all the time on the television. I think Oppo Find 9 mobile phone is best to try in this
By: Wajdan, Attock on Nov, 10 2017
Bought the Oppo Find was the my big good decision because it has the things what I want to use and the apps supporter what I deserve on my smartphones
By: Ibrahim, Rawalpindi on Nov, 06 2017
Yeh mobile kam aaye ga koi bta sakta hai
By: Noreel, Lahore on Jun, 03 2017
The front of the find 9 is installed with a jaw-dropping, AMOLED glass screen for better image quality. The edges of the screen are gentle, yet compact and safe, endowing the phone with gorgeous charm.
By: varoon, cairo on Mar, 15 2017
I download the many heavy games which I play that every time because it has the ability to save the heavy games and apps and many software
By: nazia, lahore on Mar, 09 2017
I got mine mobile oppo find 9 at last week and I didn’t checked it until Wednesday and when I check out it all so I shocked to see its camera results who is amazing mine before mobile phone
By: nosheen, lahore on Feb, 07 2017
Before some days I listen the rates of this mobile of oppo find 9 and that was very high and now today I saw that so this is amazing because I reach to buy this
By: sheena, krachi on Feb, 03 2017
The audio sound of this Oppo Find 9 smart phone is awesome especially when I listen with its original handsfree. I love those devices which sounds are good that’s why I purchase it and enjoying song.
By: deeba, khi on Jan, 30 2017
Before mine mother have this mobile and when she use that so I really like to see that then I decided that I buy this mobile and now I have this mobile and this is really amazing
By: aneela, pindi on Jan, 18 2017
Before mine mother have this mobile and when she use that so I really like to see that then I decided that I buy this mobile and now I have this mobile and this is really amazing
By: aneela, pindi on Jan, 18 2017
Really this OPPO Find 9 smart phone is a wonderful invention, I am also a camera lover, I always give my preference to those brand in which camera is perfect. I think it’s a right choice for me.
By: iqbal, multan on Jan, 03 2017
maximum functionality features are quite notic able in oppo find 9 exterior having a stylish and elegent design.
By: irshaad, iqbal town on Dec, 31 2016
this phone also have some amazing sensor which will help you in navigation and use of compass, light sensor will help you to auto adjust your phone display light according to day and night time.
By: saeed, salalah on Dec, 26 2016
This is the new mobile of oppo brand that is oppo fine 9 but this is not available in the market normally so peoples don’t know about it
By: uroosa, pindi on Dec, 24 2016
Oppo Find 9 is now famous on markets and the price are also highest like touch the sky but I am really happy to bought this smartphone from there in reasonable price
By: Naveed, Karachi on Dec, 18 2016
Is Oppo Find 9 still available On Box pack Because I bought Oppo Find 9from another website and it is usable I saw
By: Bilal, Lahore on Dec, 13 2016
this mobile phone features are amazing.oppo fine 9 mobile has slim and seek design with exterior and inner strength.
By: zainab, australia on Dec, 04 2016
This is an amazing mobile phone and its many features and many things are very good then the other mobile of Oppo brand
By: shafaq, Lahore on Nov, 16 2016
I used this mobile of Oppo fine 9 and was mine first mobile which I like very much but after some days when I bought that its screen was broken from an decadent
By: shaani, lahore on Nov, 12 2016
The back cover of my OPPO Find 9 smart phone is white and the front is dark blue which give my phone an arrogant look which I really like. This device is expensive but very handy to use.
By: talat, khi on Nov, 09 2016
I really like the Oppo smart phones because its body weight is very light then the other mobiles which I like very much and it also work really very fast
By: hameera, lahore on Nov, 08 2016
Oppo’s most anticipated smart phone Find 9 is going to launch soon in the market. This phone features 5.5 inches 2K display that will give amazing view of screen.
By: hina, gujranwala on Nov, 08 2016
I want to sale my OPPO find 9 . I was buy in April. This phone is full ok in using. I just want to change my mobile that why I am sailing . so if anybody willing to buy contact with me.
By: ahmad, lahore on Nov, 06 2016
It has the big space in its memory which we use for many things and with the help of big space it is very easy to use without any hanging
By: afeefa, karachi on Nov, 04 2016
My experience of using oppo device is also good because it is totally different as compare to the samsung or Qmobile. I have Oppo Find 9 smart phone, it such a light body.
By: qaiser, khi on Nov, 03 2016
Oppo find 9 is good smartphone battery timing stylish most perfect for the work purpose as you want the long battery distance in a day
By: razia, thatta on Oct, 15 2016
For a long time I was looking for a decent smart phone, finally and after checking out the specs of OPPO Mobile . I am successfully purchase this phone, its such a right choice
By: touqeer, masqat on Oct, 09 2016

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OPPO Find 9 Reviews

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OPPO Find 9 is available in all major mobile markets across Pakistan, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Quetta, Peshawar, and more.

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OPPO Find 9 is available in all major mobile markets across Karachi, including Star City Mall Mobile, Serena Mobile Market, Mobile Bara Market, and more.

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OPPO Find 9 is available to purchase in all major mobile markets of Islamabad, including Singapore Plaza Saddar, Imperial Market, Khalil Mobile Market, and more.