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OPPO R7 lite

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2320 mAh
13 MP
16 GB 2 GB RAM

OPPO R7 lite User Reviews & Feedback

I need LCD display of this phone. If anyone has so please contact me
By: Muhammad Farhan, Islamabad on Dec, 05 2018
OPPO R7 Lite design is very innovative, and I must admire OPPO works on bringing its brand image and sales more than Apple company. It will soon takeover Samsung as well.
By: Rohail, karachi on Aug, 31 2018
OPPO R7 LITE is no more available in the market. But going through its specification its seems to be very reasonable set with very sufficient features and impressive looks.
By: Faizan, islamabad on Aug, 03 2018
I bought this cell phone few years back. Although it has battery issue but the overall performance was good. Internal storage was sufficient as I could update my cellphone very easily.
By: Kamran, karachi on Jul, 23 2018
Oppo R7 Lite this smartphone is amazing and it has the very good experience of the LCD with the higher speed of the RAM we absolutely need
By: Waleed, Karachi on May, 18 2018
Oppo R7 Lite the smartphone which has the really good functions and this smartphone helps me really much to allow the access on every app
By: Aqdas, Karachi on May, 01 2018
Here we have the oppo r7 lite that has the long time warranty in this reasonable price who we easily get use that without get any trouble
By: hiba, karachi on Apr, 27 2018
Oppo R7 Lite good smartphone which makes my day really better in the performance and has the long lasting battery life we want
By: Waqar, Karachi on Mar, 02 2018
One of my social occasion mate is a kick the pail heart admirer of Oppo and he has used for all intents and purposes each adjustment of Oppo R7 lite course of action models. By and by a days he is using Oppo R7 lite.
By: fariha, kch on Nov, 29 2017
My daddy is having this mobile phone as my senior sibling skilled her this phone on her birthday. My dad was so upbeat to have it. He said that this telephone is truly adorable.
By: danial, gujrat on Nov, 26 2017
Oppo R7 Lite makes my life really cool and good what I exactly need because now I don’t have a stuck problem in my smartphone which is all I want
By: Akram, Karachi on Nov, 20 2017
Oppo R7 lite is a very good mobile phone as one of my friend is using this mobile phone
for many time and it is still in its best situation that he can sell it at a very good price.
By: Hareem, Halmstad on Nov, 10 2017
Its looing totally gorgeous that has the beat warranty that I never have seen before with the good ability to face the any heavy software without any hanging of oppo r7
By: Raheeb, Wazirabad on Nov, 07 2017
There you can get the any mobile full information with their actual price which you never find that form the another site and now we have the oppo r7 lite mobile updated information available
By: aleeza, panjab on May, 07 2017
I have this mobile of oppo r7 llite and another one also but this works really good and not hanging in every way then the second mobile phone
By: noosheen, karachi on May, 01 2017
i have just bought oppo r7,it is veryintersting phone wiyh lots of icons.its camera has
clear result.i am reallyin love with this phone. thank you for bringing us this awesome
By: Laila, Faisalabad on Apr, 25 2017
Its looing very stylish mobile of oppo r7 lite that has the brilliant abilities that we never used before that's why I haves decided that I will buy it soon
By: pari, panjab on Apr, 17 2017
This is the really good news for the Pakistani that they have the best smartphone in cheap price so there is no issue in this smartphone yet
By: Sarmad, Karachi on Mar, 24 2017
I need to know about its actual price of Samsung galaxy r7 lite because I am going to buy this mobile so before I want to about its actual price
By: ramees, panjab on Mar, 21 2017
it has multiple modes for you to easily customize your preferred effect, matching gender, age, and so much more.
By: haleema, virginia on Mar, 15 2017
It has the big ability to save many heavy things and works good without any hanging usually mobile does this problem but it doesn’t
By: sakeena, lahore on Mar, 09 2017
to keep the product slim, a non removeable battery is also introduced in oppo r7 lite’s architecture which holds a capacity giving it a talktime of over a day on average use.
By: azaan ali, iqbal town on Feb, 20 2017
I need to keep cleaning the ram of mine mobile oppo r7 lite but I don’t know how should I do that so if anyone know that so tell me must
By: laiba, pindi on Feb, 07 2017
It looking very nice mobile of oppo r7 lite its metal body make it stylish also which support to its inner system from cracking
By: urain, pindi on Feb, 03 2017
The battery of this OPPO R7 lite smart phone is totally out from my expectations. Every thing in this device by oppo is perfect but it gives me just 18 hours battery backup, although my phone is in warranty.
By: naeem, khi on Jan, 30 2017
I found the oppo brand mobile in the market but I can’t found that because this is too short in the markets so now I want to buy it by this site
By: naveera, lahore on Jan, 18 2017
OPPO R7 lite is such a right choice for those who wants to use 4G LTE, the price of this phone is very expensive due to the fast processor and amazing camera result but I like it.
By: bilal, khi on Jan, 03 2017
oppo’s r7 lite is said to be powerfully smart as it comes in a slender design of 6.3 mm thickness.its bettery timing is also so good.
By: shagofta, india on Dec, 31 2016
it has the best battery timing which I need most because I use mine mobile in whole day so I want this type of mobile who work best in whole day.
By: hira, mumbai on Dec, 26 2016
Please update this site to knowing the latest price of this mobile which I like to and also buy it soon but there are its new price not available
By: zara, panjab on Dec, 24 2016
This smartphone from Oppo is amazing you can sue many apps on it which is the best supporter of this smartphone and give you the best experience of using
By: Sami, Karachi on Dec, 21 2016
I am using this mobile....it is really slim and fast mobile........
By: Haseeb, Lahore on Dec, 20 2016
I just buy it after seen there because you cannot t get it in market the stock is on ending and they don’t sell it I have touched the rates many times
By: Hammad, Karachi on Dec, 18 2016
The best supporter 3G and 4G networks only here I got the best networking performance of Internet I have used many smartphones before in this rates
By: Ismail, Lahore on Dec, 13 2016
the oppo r7 lite mobile runs at a faster pace making pace making sure that you can download and run as many features and apps easily.
By: nukhba, england on Dec, 04 2016
It has the big Belton memory which I for many things like save many games, movies, and many photos and it works best without any hanging
By: wania, lahore on Nov, 16 2016
It looking really cool from the back side and its metal body is very working good who protest the its inner body and screen
By: shaani, lahore on Nov, 12 2016
Oppo R7 is the best smartphone I am using this smartphone for longtime chatting with my friends it doesn’t matter I am using it on internet and somewhere
By: Ahmed, Karachi on Nov, 10 2016
Please tell me is this mobile price old or new because i want to buy it but I don’t know its fix price and so if I know that so buy it soon
By: afatab, pindi on Nov, 08 2016
Stylish phone that gives you pride, none other than Oppo R7 Lite. This phone gives you everlasting experience of technology and style.
By: irham, iqbal town on Nov, 08 2016

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OPPO R7 lite Reviews

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Where to Buy OPPO R7 lite in Pakistan?

OPPO R7 lite is available in all major mobile markets across Pakistan, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Quetta, Peshawar, and more.

Where to Buy OPPO R7 lite5 in Karachi?

OPPO R7 lite is available in all major mobile markets across Karachi, including Star City Mall Mobile, Serena Mobile Market, Mobile Bara Market, and more.

Where to Buy OPPO R7 lite in Lahore?

You can buy OPPO R7 lite from all major mobile markets in Lahore, including Faisal Mobile Market, Mirza Moblie Market, Bhatti's mobile market, and more.

Where to Buy OPPO R7 lite in Islamabad?

OPPO R7 lite is available to purchase in all major mobile markets of Islamabad, including Singapore Plaza Saddar, Imperial Market, Khalil Mobile Market, and more.