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2320 mAh
13 MP
16 GB 3 GB RAM

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if someone wants to sell Oppo R7 Pls contact me 03048904476
By: Muhammad irfan, lahore on Sep, 16 2019
Huawei P9 lite is very remarkable cell phone, if some one wishing to sell, what's app me details pls: 03455108416
By: Muhammad Ali, Mansehra on Oct, 03 2018
If some one wants to sell Oppo R7, then what's app me: 03455108416
By: Muhammad Ali, Mansehra on Oct, 03 2018
The design, camera resolution and RAM are the good things about Oppo R7, though, a slight improvement in the battery timing could have make it a flawless set.
By: Wajahat, Faisalabad on Sep, 26 2018
I can’t wait for OPPO R7 to come in secondary. But I don’t think its camera is as same as it is written on this website. If it is true, then it will be a biggest slap to OPPO for making this good for nothing.
By: Subhan, lahore on Aug, 30 2018
OPPO R7 is providing very high and sufficient storage system with wonderful display screen which could help me watching movies online. I would be highly preferable for people like me who love to watch movies on cellphone.
By: Babar, Hyderabad on Aug, 02 2018
OPPO R7 was my first cellphone and I was very impressed with its features. Although it does not had Finger print touch but the censor was very remarkable with beautiful camera result.
By: mahnoor, Bannu on Jul, 20 2018
This is the so cool smart phone that is full loaded with the great abilities and the camera results if so amazing of their with the out standby result
By: naheed, lahore on Jul, 10 2018
This is the so cool smart phone that is full loaded with the great abilities and the camera results if so amazing of their with the out standby result
By: sobia, Karachi on Jun, 30 2018
Oppo R7 has the very good rare camera result which can zoom out the picture with the very good colors and give the brightness to the picture for looking more beautiful
By: Saleem, Karachi on May, 18 2018
The best smartphone ever I am using it with loads of applications in it and it has no lagging issue on the internet online applications
By: Saad, Karachi on Mar, 02 2018
Oppo R7 the best smartphone with all the need features which is required by every user o this is the best thing every in the smartphone what you exactly need
By: Sanam, Karachi on Nov, 20 2017
Oppo R7 one of the best smartphone is now available in the Market I am using I from the long time because I had gift from my uncle
By: Asad, Karachi on Nov, 09 2017
Its big and HD screen make me more excite to watch the movies in this beautiful resolution which I really like to watch movies in it oppo r7
By: Hafiz, Abbotabad on Nov, 07 2017
I love it. it's too slim good battery time,a awesome camera
By: Zahanat, taxla on Aug, 27 2017
I am surprised after buy this mobile of oppo r7 that has the amazing features with the many new and interesting apps which ii never used before
By: layba, karachi on May, 07 2017
Since two years I am using this mobile of oppo r7 and so far it doesn’t hanging in any way and works really fast which I want to use it from a long time
By: samreen, islamabad on May, 01 2017
now a days people love only those phones which have exciting features and stylish
body with clear camera result and for that oppo r7 is best.
By: Iqra, Kharian on Apr, 25 2017
It make mine life so beautiful that has the beautiful big screen with the smooth touch and jelly beans software that gentle me to use it every time and everywhere oppo r7
By: areesha, panjab on Apr, 17 2017
The smartphone which can support the every heavy application so finally I grab this after waiting too long and now feeling very happy with that
By: Mueen, Karachi on Mar, 24 2017
I never forget to use this site when I am going to buy any mobile because this site show me the every information about that mobile
By: sadaf, karachi on Mar, 21 2017
A Premium Metal Unibody. And The Elegance Of A Violin. The body of the R7 was designed with a single piece of aircraft-grade magnesium aluminium alloy
By: nida, canda on Mar, 15 2017
Oppo r7 is the nice mobile of oppo brand which everyone wan to buy it for about its specific features and the best specs
By: sheena, pindi on Mar, 09 2017
in recent months oppo has drawn much attention with leaked photos and videos of its upcoming r7 smartphone that distinguishes itself with an almost nonexistent edge along the sides of the screen.
By: shaheen, istanbul on Feb, 20 2017
The good features and many new apps are available in it who you must like to you in you expecting mobile like this oppo r7
By: areesha, lahore on Feb, 10 2017
I found this mobile of oppo r7 in many places but that didn’t found anywhere so please show me that how should I buy that buy this site
By: aleesha, Gujranwala on Feb, 06 2017
Oppo R7 is the coolest smartphone and now I am using this smartphone which has the great apps and the faster speed of Android
By: Rasheed, Karachi on Jan, 19 2017
Look at the expected price of this OPPO R7 smart phone in pakistan, it such an expensive device that is why I am checking the complete specifications of this device. I don’t know what is unique in this phone which make it differ.
By: zubair, khi on Jan, 03 2017
oppo r7 can effectively solve any problem, smoothly plays your most adored videos and completes the work without any brakes, hangs or jerks.
By: samar, orlando on Dec, 31 2016
in recent months oppo has drawn much attention with leaked photos and videos of upcoming r7 smartphone that distinguishes itself with an almost non existent edge along the sides of the screen.
By: javairia, gilgit on Dec, 26 2016
Many things are new in this mobile of oppo r7 and its battery timing is very good which many peoples need to buy that
By: samera, sargoda on Dec, 24 2016
Oppo R7 is good smartphone and I hope people who using this are very satisfying with the latest android version of this smartphone
By: Rizvi, Karachi on Dec, 18 2016
It is the better smartphone in terms of internet service because it has the largest amount of battery backup which I never got on another smartphone
By: Aqdas, Lahore on Dec, 13 2016
My friend has one his device runs well overall performance is good .it is a good mobile its design is good ant its features are mind blowing without hanging problem.
By: aqeel, frankfurt on Dec, 07 2016
I Love This Better Than iphone. 3mp Camera but whatt A Clarity . excellent Battery. Secuirty Centre for Adjustment.no Hanging Problem No Heat at all. Excellent Screen Resouloution. I think this is the best phone
By: rahat, jarir on Dec, 07 2016
oppo r7 smart phone is famous for selfie because its front camera result is awesome .oppo company is good company.
By: bilal, lahore on Dec, 04 2016
I used this mobile of Oppo r7 and its Belton memory is the best then the other mobile phones because I saved many photos, games and many movies and it work fast without hanging
By: afeefa, karachi on Nov, 16 2016
The Oppo r7 is the very nice mobile phones who has the best camera result and I like that because I am very eager to taking photos so really like its camera specialty
By: sidra, lahore on Nov, 12 2016
The current price of OPPO R7 is 40,000 PKR which I recently confirmed from the market. I decide to sell my phone and willing to buy OPPO R7 because its slim and metallic body give an arrogant style.
By: jalal, khi on Nov, 09 2016
I really like this type of mobile who has the big screen with slim body and this is too good smart phone because with that qualities it also has the light weight body
By: rabeel, karachi on Nov, 08 2016

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OPPO R7 is available in all major mobile markets across Pakistan, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Quetta, Peshawar, and more.

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OPPO R7 is available in all major mobile markets across Karachi, including Star City Mall Mobile, Serena Mobile Market, Mobile Bara Market, and more.

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OPPO R7 is available to purchase in all major mobile markets of Islamabad, including Singapore Plaza Saddar, Imperial Market, Khalil Mobile Market, and more.