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QMobile C12

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QMobile C12 User Reviews & Feedback

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By: Amanullah, Hangu bahadar banda rehman cng hangu on Mar, 08 2019
Q c12
By: Amanullah, Hangu bahadar banda rehman cng hangu on Mar, 08 2019
I became a huge fan of QMobile after the launch of QMobile C12 that served as a milestone in the field of mobile phone manufacturing. State of the art design and useful features makes it extremely worthy!
By: Siraj, khi on Dec, 23 2015
I just got to know about this amazing QMobile C12 after reading the specs on your page. I am thinking to buy this phone for my younger sister at home. Thank you for sharing the information here.
By: ali, khi on Dec, 02 2015
Don't have internet and less games.
By: Usama Ali, Lahore on Jul, 04 2015
Well I wish such phone are equipped with other facilites as well.
By: Naseema, Lahore on Jun, 26 2015
I want to sell my Qmobile R240 if some one is interested, they can contact me on this number 0342-2223344.
By: Sabeen, Karachi on Jun, 17 2015
Still people use such type of phone aren't they are using it?
By: Gul, Karachi on May, 19 2015
My father use Qmobile handsets and he is fine with its performance.
By: Isha, Lahore on Apr, 27 2015
I have QMobile C12 but i want to buy a bar phone that runs tv channels i am mostly out side and ny news supscription is bad it gives late news
By: Hunnain, Khi on Apr, 15 2015
Wow, Qmobile has launched such cell that is protected by scratches and comes with perfect appearance.
By: Sania, Karachi on Apr, 08 2015
I gives you an edge over competitors. It is a simple cell with simple functions. You can find it at reasonable price in the market.
By: Yawar Ali, Karachi on Apr, 08 2015
I have qmobile C12 which joy stick key which i see in the mid of the keypad is not working properly, it is also in warranty.
By: sarwat, khi on Apr, 03 2015
I am Nokia user i bought QMobile C12 then i sold it because it is slow Nokia's old mobile phone are better and faster than this.
By: Obiad, khi on Apr, 02 2015
Effective functionality and pithiness of C12 gives you an sharpness over competitors. It is a low cost cellphone. Good for those who are not smartphone oriented.
By: Farhan, Karachi on Mar, 30 2015
It is a active device that comes in user friendly features and specs or available in an elegant design available in black, red, and blue colors. QMobile C12 is well served by scratches and comes with perfect appearance.
By: Najia, Lahore on Mar, 20 2015
In a low range bar phone C12 is the phone in which bluetooth functions are available, i also use this feature many times.
By: rameez, khi on Mar, 15 2015
The rectangular bar phone designs in this C12 mobile phone seems to be a beautiful slim and stylish phone.
By: farhat, khi on Mar, 15 2015
This seems to be a nice phone but some specs are average nothing extraordinary that will thrill me to buy it. Anyone can give me a fine review of this phone?
By: Wasif, Lahore on Mar, 10 2015
QMobile C12 is look like an Nokia mobile. when is price is coming..
By: irfan, karachi on Mar, 02 2015
Hey.. is this a nice phone.. I mean worthy enough to buy?
By: Qaiser, Karachi on Feb, 27 2015
QMobile C12 is good phone but what is it doing in middle of smartphones i think the placement of mobile phones should be categorized on page.. bar and smartphone should be separate.
By: Hamid, khi on Feb, 24 2015

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QMobile C12 Reviews

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Where to Buy QMobile C12 in Pakistan?

QMobile C12 is available in all major mobile markets across Pakistan, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Quetta, Peshawar, and more.

Where to Buy QMobile C125 in Karachi?

QMobile C12 is available in all major mobile markets across Karachi, including Star City Mall Mobile, Serena Mobile Market, Mobile Bara Market, and more.

Where to Buy QMobile C12 in Lahore?

You can buy QMobile C12 from all major mobile markets in Lahore, including Faisal Mobile Market, Mirza Moblie Market, Bhatti's mobile market, and more.

Where to Buy QMobile C12 in Islamabad?

QMobile C12 is available to purchase in all major mobile markets of Islamabad, including Singapore Plaza Saddar, Imperial Market, Khalil Mobile Market, and more.