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I need Qmobile W20 Call me plz 03455508170
By: Arshad Mehmood, Sargodha on Jul, 21 2017
Cal me at 03455508170 I want M20. B15.B5.G170/175/ G101/400.
By: Arshad Mehmood, Sargodha on Jul, 21 2017
Cal me 03455508170. I want m20
By: Arshad Mehmood, Sargodha on Jul, 21 2017
Mujhe New Qmobile M20 B15 E790/788/795/787 G400 koi sa b mobile ho jae chae plz cal me 03455508170
By: Arshad mehmood, Sargodha on Jul, 09 2017
I want to buy this QMobile M20 from QMobile as soon as possible in half price. I live in Rawalpindi and don’t know about any relevant shop to buy it from. If anyone can guide me please let me know!
By: Mahmood, khi on Dec, 21 2015
I just bought QMobile M20 i did not put the screen protector because its screen is made of plastic which is protector itself.
By: Jibran, khi on Apr, 10 2015
My hand free got broken and then i connect nokia's hand free to my QMobile M20 and it working even more good sound.
By: ameer, khi on Apr, 03 2015
Please tel about its battery. 30 days or fraud ????
What is its battery life with normal usage ???????
By: qasim, isb on Mar, 30 2015
yar koi btayega kya waqi mai eski batry 30 din nikalta hy?
By: shafi, karachi on Mar, 16 2015
M10 and M20 both are awesome phone that is why i decide to give M20 to my sister because i have M10 smart phone.
By: haris, khi on Feb, 28 2015
How can we do the MMS setting in this qmobile M20 mobile phone? My network give me many free MMS but i cannot send any one.
By: nasir, khi on Feb, 20 2015
QMobile M20 is nice bar phone its features are limited and FM is very clear i daily listen FM radio in this mobile phone .
By: Khan Ali, Karachi on Jan, 20 2015
QMobile M20 is good mobile i often use handfree and listen songs while traveling, its slim and easily fit in all the pockets.
By: Qasim, Karachi on Dec, 11 2014
wow, it is a very stylish and beautiful mobile phone. Actually i get this M20 mobile phone in a contest, i like its body shape and specially the weight is very light.
By: yasir, khi on Dec, 08 2014
I dont like M20 and all the other phones of this design, now a days samsung make some stylish smart phones and also a bar phones which look much better then it.
By: shumail, khi on Nov, 28 2014
The screen sharpness is good in QMobile M20 and the body is good.
By: Sajid, Karachi on Nov, 27 2014
Does QMobile M20 has metallic body? the body looks shinny and if it was plastic then it would not be soo shinny.
By: Rohan, Karachi on Nov, 24 2014
Any body have idea about the price of qmobile M20? It support Mp3 songs that is why i am willing to purchase it if it is under two thousands rupees.
By: roshan, khi on Nov, 22 2014
After a long time qmobile bring a good bar phone. QMobile M20 relates to the M series but its bar phone anyways M bar phones are also nice
By: Yasir Shah, Karachi on Nov, 21 2014
I have this mobile QMobile M20 its nice and simple the keypad looks hard but its smooth little hard but you will get habitual of it after one day.
By: Sameer, Karachi on Nov, 20 2014
I have experienced that you can not use internet properly in bar phones like there is written in specs WAP in browser column i must say do not buy QMobile M20 if you want internet mobile
By: Rohan, Karachi on Nov, 13 2014
Look wise QMobile M20 reminds me e400i i had that mobile phone when i was in 9th class and may be it was the first mobile phone i used i remember.
By: Sonu, Karachi on Nov, 12 2014
its camera is very bad. not even u can see the image clear after clicking the pictures. but for sms its very good.
By: tariq, karachi on Nov, 12 2014
Why only 8 GB extendable memory available on this device? Disappointing!!
By: Waqar, Karachi on Nov, 11 2014
QMobile M20 is very good for those who only have to reserve calls and have more out door works, so they dont have any fear of stolen mobile.
By: laila, arachi on Nov, 10 2014

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