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mug chya yah 1
By: nawaz saqi, gujrat on Oct, 09 2017
mujy Q450 cel chahiye
By: ahmad, lahore on Jun, 28 2017
mery mobile ko puk cood lag gaya hai kesy kholay ga plz batain
By: naseer ahmed, karachi on Mar, 22 2015
i sale q mobile m400 in 1500 no warenty
By: usmansaeed, islamabad on Aug, 11 2014
any change with q mobile m450
By: kashif, islamabad on Jul, 04 2014
My dad had this since his friends laugh on this he is using iPhone now everything he asks with me when he has to do something in iPhone
By: Akram, Dhaka on Jun, 25 2014
I went to the mobile market yesterday but I did not saw this beautiful mobile phone of Qmobile. I think it is recently launch in the market.
By: arham, karachi on Jun, 23 2014
Lets see this i am going to buy this mobile phone phone for my dad, my dad uses simple mobile so i think its good for him
By: Danish Iqbal, Karachi on Jun, 19 2014
Good rate of this Qmobile already very less, this is very good mobile and screen is very good
By: anwer, karachi on Apr, 25 2014
This one has bigger screen and lower price. Qmobile are not that bad as used to think about them qmobile are good.
By: Hamid, Karachi on Apr, 22 2014
Mention the price on which you want to sell your mobiles also mention where do you live... leave your mobile number
By: Shan, Karachi on Mar, 28 2014
I have htc wildfire s and htc wildfire simple who wants to buy ? both mobiles are good in condition
By: Yasir, Lahore on Mar, 27 2014
I need a dual sim mobile phone simple and easy phone so i bought this one its good and easy to understand
By: Qaim , Karachi on Mar, 26 2014
I do not feel shame using this mobile phone i do not want to got robbed or snatched that is why i use normal mobiles
By: Saad, karachi on Mar, 22 2014
Touch mobiles phones are like luxury and mobile like this are more like for normal usage simple is that
By: Faisal, Lahore on Mar, 18 2014
If you talk about the quality then please make sure first which type of mobile you are talking about i had touch screen mobile once it was fall and broken and now i have this mobile and it has been fallen many times but still working. Quality proved
By: rizwan, karachi on Mar, 13 2014
qmobile are very bad their price are low but on other hand their quality is also very low i had noir i have had exprencd it i would never suggst any one to buy qmobile
By: Rayyan, karachi on Mar, 10 2014
I have a lot of friends and relatives. when my friends want to purchase the mobile they get
consult me and asked which mobile is best and cheaper. I always recommend them to purchase
Q mobiles because they are cheaper. So, I had become a Hidden Broker of Q-Mobiles.
Keeping in view above facts Please gift me a new and latest set of Q-Mobile so that I may further get enhance sale of your mobiles to my friends and relatives. Thanks
By: qasim ali, mirpur mathelo (sindh) on Mar, 09 2014
Mobile phones like the one m450 runs for a long time no with minimum price it has nice features no doubt
By: Gul Khan, karachi on Mar, 07 2014
Hmmm nice and decent one i think its perfect mobile phone battery would run for a long time really cool
By: Etei, karachi on Feb, 25 2014
comparing to its other mobiles it has wider screen size and display is also quite better and brighter
By: Hannan, karachi on Feb, 17 2014
Again Qmobile started making featured phone may be they faiiled in their smart series or what anyways this one is catchy
By: Fahad, karachi on Feb, 14 2014

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