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Check Samsung Galaxy A6 reviews and video reviews. Get all information about the Samsung Galaxy A6 features and specifications. The Samsung Galaxy A6 review gives a better idea about the mobile phone’s performance. Get in-depth analysis of phone’s screen size, processor, RAM, camera resolution, and battery timing through Samsung Galaxy A6 video review.

Samsung Galaxy A6

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3000 mAh
16 MP
32 GB 4 GB RAM

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Samsung Galaxy A6 User Reviews & Feedback

that mobile phone which has so many good features in it. This is so cool smart phone and its very useful mobile phone
By: bilal , khi on Sep, 29 2019
Samsung Galaxy A6 is a mobile phone which has so many good features in it. I Use it and love it a lot
By: Sareena , Sialkot on Jul, 25 2019
Samsung galaxy a6 the best smartphone in my life which has no issues as we get from any other smartphone from the speed from the charging
By: hayma, islamabad on May, 21 2019
This Samsung galaxy a6 is the amazing smart phone that works really nice and faster and also available this smart phone in the rang able price
By: umema, islamabad on May, 20 2019
This is so cool smart phone of Samsung galaxy a6 with completely the good looks and the nice camera result with the bright led flash light
By: UMAIR, karachi on May, 12 2019
Everything I want with this smartphone Samsung galaxy a6 is available and I don’t want to change it now so far because it has the ever best performance I ever want
By: MONA, karachi on May, 12 2019
This is the useful smart phone with the good reliable abilities specially its display is very attractive thing in that that gentle to use it every with the full of brightness
By: BADAR, lahore on May, 12 2019
The beautiful and stylish of this metal body the Samsung galaxy a6 that has the good front and back camera that is able to get shot the every photo very clearly
By: nayab, multan on May, 09 2019
This is the perfect device for mine normal using because it is able to give the best signal protection specially for using the fast data connection easily
By: falak, multan on May, 09 2019
I used this website not only because of information about mobiles but also used it for other information.
By: fatima, omaan on Apr, 21 2019
This is very easy to use of Samsung galaxy a6 with the lots of amazing filters that can make more beautiful of every photo
By: sayka, lahore on Apr, 09 2019
Applications performance of this smartphone is really awesome because it has the operating system which can manage the speed of the RAM better
By: kashaf, multan on Apr, 03 2019
This is really nice smart phone of apple Samsung galaxy a6 that has the great features and the nice specs and the many more good things
By: azra, lahore on Mar, 27 2019
All the specifications of Samsung A6 mobile is available here, you can check any time from this website. This is the best smart phone in Samsung A series.
By: atif, khariyan on Mar, 26 2019
Samsung galaxy a6 the best smartphone which has the really good specs and the amazing price I could easily afford and this is pretty great for me
By: azra, multan on Mar, 18 2019
I want to get buy this phone of Samsung galaxy a6 that has the big hd screen with the good screen pixels that never get blasting
By: zeenat, karachi on Mar, 07 2019
I want to get buy this phone of Samsung galaxy a6 that has the big hd screen with the good screen pixels that never get blasting
By: harib, yangon on Mar, 06 2019
This Samsung galaxy a6 is the exclusive smart phone that has the great options for using this device easily every time without get face any trouble
By: harib, hyderabad on Mar, 06 2019
Samsung Galaxy a6 the best smartphone with the amazing features and has the good spec we absolutely want with it this is really good for me
By: neeha, panjab on Feb, 23 2019
Samsung Galaxy a6 this smartphone is really amazing in the name of the good performance and this is the best thing that we can easily updated it
By: roshni, karachi on Feb, 09 2019
Samsung galaxy a6 with the Large screen and has the perfect operating speed we would definitely like to have here
By: roshni, karachi on Jan, 28 2019
Samsung galaxy a6 the good smartphone which has the amazing features and the best speed of the RAM we would love to have in the list
By: arzoo, islamabad on Jan, 26 2019
In spite of keeping the prices low, samsung has not compromised on the quality and
design of good quality. This one, very frankly, is a wonderful set that has a good
camera and 5" screen.
By: Majid, faislabad on Jan, 16 2019
i have samsung a6 2018 in blue colour
in 8 month warranty for sale
By: bilal, kot addu on Jan, 13 2019

Samsung galaxy a6 is great design nice features fast processor
By: Ahmed, l on Jan, 04 2019
I wish to buy galaxy a6 sooner but despite of me loving this phone from head to toe,
i still believe that Samsung is charging too much against it.
By: Wajeeh, Sialkot on Jan, 03 2019
Samsung galaxy a6 the best brand and has the very good processor speed while running on the same time when you do multi-tasking in this smartphone
By: harib, karachi on Jan, 02 2019
I bought the Samsung Galaxy A6 thinking that it is a Samsung phone with a Super AMOLED display so it must be good. I regret that decision.
By: Salman, Lahore on Nov, 07 2018
Samsung is a very strong and trusted brand. Their cell phones are very reliable and durable. People must opt Samsung without having any second thought.
By: Yasir, karachi on Oct, 11 2018
Samsung Galaxy A6 is available in many colors and the best thing I really like about this cell phone is its strong body. Nevertheless features of this cell phone are also very admirable.
By: Hasan, lahore on Oct, 02 2018
Amazing to see the specs of this Samsung Galaxy A6 phone know one knows when this device comes in market because here we just heard the rumors about A6.
By: ali, khi on Sep, 27 2018
Galaxy A6 is a tried and tested smartphone that needs no words of praises. Those who have used it would never deny to agree that it is one the smartest Smartphones made by Samsung till date.
By: sajid, Karachi on Sep, 27 2018
I am a huge fan on the Samsung A series phones. They have the best built quality and feel amazing in your hand
By: Rashid, Hyderabad on Sep, 26 2018
Galaxy A6 is meant to target the mid-ranging buyers who expect a little more from their smartphones. 4GB RAM and dual 16 Megapixels pair to make Galaxy A6 a phone way more valuable.
By: Adil, karachi on Sep, 18 2018
samsung galaxy a6 is my mother’s phone. My father recently bought it for her.
This phone, amazing. The features the specifications. Everything is amazing
about it.
By: Khola, Kharian on Aug, 10 2018
Samsung galaxy a6 the good smartphone with all the great configuration you want in your phone so juts buy it for the cooling experience of the android
By: nayla, panjab on Aug, 08 2018
I have this Samsung Galaxy A6 in yellow color, when I bought this phone its price was so expensive. Please some one tell me can I upgrade the android version of this phone upto lollipop?
By: Samiullah Awan, karachi on Jul, 16 2018
Using the Samsung Galaxy A6 is the best thing for me I am just waiting for the shipment of this smartphone which has many new things we just expect
By: Fahad, Karachi on Jul, 11 2018
In the smart phones range of Samsung, this Samsung galaxy a6 is the device which price is reasonable that is why I bought this phone to my daughter, she love this phone and use internet.
By: Masroor Khan, karachi on Jul, 10 2018
I have this Samsung galaxy a6, the specs of this device shows that I can support video calling so how can I download the video calling option on this phone by Samsung.
By: Mansoor Ahmad, karachi on Jul, 10 2018

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