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Samsung Galaxy A6s

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A6s 10/10 conditions... I sale my cell 30,000 contact me 03132649255
By: Muhammad Sajjad, Karachi on Jan, 13 2020
Vivo Oppo se 100 guna achi cell phone look be achi battery timing Bhot achi hai fast be hai aur market se achi price may mil raha hai
By: Muhammad ishaq, Karachi on Jan, 07 2020
I wanna sale my a6s in good working condition and with aut Peck and other things price 30000
By: Quetta, Quetta on Nov, 29 2019
Is This Mobile A6 s Available In Market?
Bahawalpur City Me To Available Nahi
By: Fayyaz, Bahawalpur on Nov, 28 2019
It’s gorgeous design and battery standby is outstanding.. this smartphone is really awesome and has the best rates which can be affordable...
By: faizan, multan on Sep, 29 2019
Samsung galaxy a6s this smartphone is really awesome and has the best rates which can be affordable for all the users of the Android
By: afreen, islamabad on Sep, 14 2019
Samsung galaxy a6s the good smartphone which has the really good functions with really good speed of the RAM which is we would love to use
By: narmeen, multan on Sep, 14 2019
It’s gorgeous design and battery standby is outstanding I love to use it
By: Shayan , Karachi on Jul, 25 2019
The Samsung galaxy a6s is so good device who has the beautiful display and the attractive smart features for using it every time without malty functions
By: Shaiq, karachi on Jul, 22 2019
Samsung galaxy A6s has a wide range of different colours which attracts teenagers like me
By: Sumaiya, Karachi on Jul, 02 2019
Bhai jan koe achy sa mobile bto price 40000 tk ho lakn Camara bhut he acha ho plzzzzzzzz tell me 03448952433 is pr SMS kr dain
By: Saeed, D I khan on Jun, 18 2019
The Samsung galaxy a6s has the beautiful camera result with bright led flash light that capture the every epic moment as we expect that
By: HAMDAN, karachi on May, 12 2019
Samsung galaxy a6s this is the smartphone which has the best functions and the really good speed of the RAM what we exactly need for using
By: narmeen, lahore on Mar, 26 2019
This is the great smart phone of Samsung galaxy a6s that has the beautiful front and back camera result with the beautiful filters as everyone need to use that
By: harib, karachi on Mar, 08 2019
Samsung galaxy a6s this is the great smartphone with the rare camera result and the faster speed of the RAM with the good battery life
By: aleeshan, pa on Feb, 09 2019
Nice phone i love it samsung a6 series smart attractive beautiful a series this is excellent phone
By: Kamran, Rawalpindi on Jan, 30 2019
The good sound speakers are available now in this smart phone of Samsung
w2019 who everyone can easily use that for listening the music In the good waves
By: Kainat, Karachi on Jan, 28 2019
The size of this cellphone is very much huge and battery timing of this
cellphone is quite sufficient. Still I won’t recommend this cellphone as one
can still have many other alternatives in this range.
By: Rabail, Gojra on Jan, 27 2019
Beautiful phone wonderful samsung A smartphone series this is a quality phone
By: Kashif, Karachi on Jan, 18 2019
This is reliable smart phone of Samsung galaxy a6s that give us the great camera
result without blasting the pixels who we exactly expect that for capturing the every
movement beautifully
By: Sumbal, Lahore on Jan, 16 2019
wow , the cellpone was amazing . it have more new features and its a good news of us.
By: hameez, LAHORE on Jan, 05 2019
With the latest Android features this smartphone has the best functions what we really want and this is totally amazing to see that price for it
By: BIYA, karachi on Jan, 02 2019
Samsung galaxy a6s amazing smartphone with some better functions and gives me the best experience of having the great speed of the RAM we would love
By: aleeza, LAHORE on Dec, 27 2018
This phone comes with the latest Android 8 but not the 8.1 update. It maybe low
spec but it has a lot of features
By: Daud, Sialkot on Dec, 23 2018
Amazing features of this cellphone and the price of this cellphone is very much reasonable for features like these.
By: Umer, karachi on Nov, 27 2018
This cellphone of Samsung seems to be very sophisticated and reliable. I appreciate Samsung for all the features available in this price range.
By: Mustafa, Islamabad on Nov, 25 2018
I am very much concerned about this cellphone as it has no fast charge technology despite having this price. Samsung must come up with more features if they are charging this amount of money.
By: kamran, karachi on Nov, 21 2018
A much overpriced phone comparing the features to others in that category it has nothing to beat them. Would've been great if it was around 30 to 35k.
By: Aarib, lahore on Nov, 11 2018
The Samsung Galaxy A6S has 6GB of ram and you never run out of memory when using apps. I wonder why they used a micro usb port
By: Javeria, Karachi on Oct, 08 2018
Nice look and very interested technology phoneA6S
By: Muhammad Haider Abbas, Lahore Pakistan on Oct, 08 2018
Nice phone
By: Muhammad Haider Abbas, Lahore pakistan on Oct, 08 2018
This is the classy smart phone of the reliable brand of Samsung galaxy a6s with the amazing abilities and the faster speed operating system
By: samraa, lahore on Oct, 06 2018

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