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Check Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 reviews and video reviews. Get all information about the Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 features and specifications. The Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 review gives a better idea about the mobile phone’s performance. Get in-depth analysis of phone’s screen size, processor, RAM, camera resolution, and battery timing through Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 video review.

Samsung Galaxy A8 2018

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Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 Video Review

Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 User Reviews & Feedback

Nice 1 cell
I like ht
By: Zahid Hussain, Sahiwal on Jul, 31 2019
Samsung Galaxy A8 is really amazing I love to use it it’s camera is excellent I love to take pictures with it
By: Sumbul , Karachi on Jul, 25 2019
Samsung galaxy a8 is awesome. im using it without any trouble.
By: stella yaqoob, lahore on Jul, 10 2019
Samsung galaxy a8 the smartphone is literally awesome I have just used it by my friend and it is really fast as I never think before
By: zoya, panjaab on May, 21 2019
This Samsung galaxy a8 is the best smart phone that available in the reasonable price and also has the long time warranty who everyone need that
By: lareeb, fa on May, 20 2019
This Samsung galaxy a8 2018 is the nice and useful device of this Samsung
brand that has the many good abilities for using this device easily
By: Ghashia, lahore on May, 15 2019
Without get any trouble now everyone can easily use this device of Samsung galaxy a8 with the amazing battery standby as we need that
By: MUZAMMIL, multan on May, 12 2019
This is so nice smart phone of Samsung galaxy a8 with completely the good looks and the amazing display and the many more amazing abilities of their
By: ASFIYA, lahore on May, 12 2019
This Samsung galaxy a8 has the beautiful slim hd screen that helps to everyone for using it easily with the smart malty touch screen and the beautiful resolution
By: ushna, lahore on May, 12 2019
The beautiful camera result helps to get capture every moment beautifully in the any dim light and the pixels are so good that never get blasting even you can zoom in more than more
By: adan, multan on May, 09 2019
With the help of this smart phone of Samsung galaxy a8 now I can easily get watch the movies in the beautiful resolution without blasting the pixels and the lots of bright colors
By: sharib, karachi on May, 09 2019
I need for buy tbis Samsung galaxy A 8
By: Samuel , Adis Ababa on Apr, 22 2019
samsung is a very good mobile phone company. mostly people like android cell phone more than the ios devices. I am an android person too
By: zarqa, lahore on Apr, 21 2019
Samsung galaxy a8 brilliant smartphone with the very good functions and has the pretty good functionality for the good experience of the battery life
By: SHABANA, lahore on Apr, 17 2019
Samsung galaxy a8 the good smartphone which has the really good functions and makes me perfect to using it because it has everything we need
By: kashaf, multan on Apr, 02 2019
Samsung Mobiles are new in the market and that’s why they are pretty affordable and good in the performance just check out the new operating system
By: azra, karachi on Mar, 30 2019
this website has become a part of my daily life. If I want any authentic information I always checked from this website. I really like this website.
By: horia, islamabd on Mar, 26 2019
Samsung galaxy a8 my favorite smartphone which makes my work to easy and good as I need as per as my requirement this is perfect
By: azra, karachi on Mar, 18 2019
Camera is amazing good quality video recording is very nice but i missing 4k recording
By: Azeem Khan, Faislabad on Mar, 07 2019
The apple Samsung galaxy a8 has the nice abilities and the many perfect things that everyone like to use that in their expected smart phone
By: samreen, QUETTA on Mar, 06 2019
Samsung Galaxy a8 I am using this smartphone which has the faster performance of the application and give the really good features we just expect to have it
By: roshni, hyderabad on Feb, 09 2019
Samsung galaxy a8 the best faster smartphone of the 2018 and this smartphone ha the really good function which is we just think to have in the android
By: kaleem, mu on Jan, 26 2019
Attractive phone expensive premium samsung nice back camera design
By: Tariq, Karachi on Jan, 18 2019
I think the Samsung galaxy a8 is just a little more expensive than the previous one . I
would suggest putting in a little more money and getting that
By: Shawaiz, Sialkot on Jan, 16 2019
With the help of this smart phone we easily get watch the Blu-ray movies in this bi
hd screen that has the beautiful smart resolution and the good quality pixels
By: Zafiya, Karachi on Jan, 06 2019
The huge memory space having in this smart phone of Samsung galaxy a8 plus who
has the 128 its own gb that helps to get save nay data in it easily
By: Talha, Karachi on Jan, 03 2019
Very nice
By: Haroon, Pakistan on Dec, 24 2018
Samsung galaxy a8 2018 is in my list of phones that I want to buy and review for my youtube channel. I am very excited to get this cellphone because of its high speculations and because it can be a very good companion.
By: Shazia, Karachi on Dec, 11 2018
I think Samsung galaxy a8 is the best option one can have in this price range.
Features of this cellphone is very reasonable.
By: Ali, Hydrabad on Nov, 28 2018
Actually, the 3000 mAh battery backup of this Galaxy A8 2018 smart phone is not able to fulfill my requirement that is why I am looking a buyer who give me reasonable price of this smart phone, I will definitely buy some new.
By: waseem, khi on Nov, 13 2018
People really love big screen that are over 6 inch, but i adore the small screen on the Samsung Galaxy A8 2018. With that resolution the ppi is very high
By: Yousuf, Karachi on Nov, 07 2018
ماشااللہ بہت پیار اور اچھا ہے
By: بابر شہنیل ساھی , پھالیہ on Oct, 16 2018
I am sure nobody expected Galaxy A8 2018 to turn this brilliant. Indeed, it has shocked everyone, specially those all time critics of Samsung.
By: Shally, Karachi on Sep, 27 2018
Last week when I went to market to purchase this smart phone, I saw this Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 and bought it, the main reason to buy this phone is its 5.5 inches display. I eager to keep large display device, this device is good for me but it is not available yet in the market.
By: fahmida, lhr on Sep, 27 2018
Looking the great smart phone of Samsung galaxy a8 with the amazing performance battery timing and the reliable performance of their
By: zarnish, Karachi on Sep, 26 2018
Is ki final price kitni ha koi bta skta ha
By: Shoaib Malik, Karachi on Jul, 15 2018
Is ki final price kitni ha koi bta skta ha
By: Shoaib Malik, Karachi on Jul, 15 2018
I am good and beautifully A8 mobile beautifully
By: ALI RAZA TABASSUM MUGHAL, Sargodha on Jun, 25 2018
The great camera result having in this smart phone of Samsung galaxy a8 that giving us the good performance from everywhere with the lots of good qualities
By: azam, islamabad on May, 15 2018
Samsung Galaxy a8 this is the smartphone which has the best functions and has the
really best battery timing that I never got before on any smartphone
By: Qaisara, Quetta on May, 12 2018

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Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 Reviews

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