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Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus 2018

Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus 2018 User Reviews & Feedback

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By: Yasir Qureshi , Rawalpindi on Dec, 20 2019
wow! it is so amazing smart phone .. its processing speed is very good and his camera quality is also outstanding .
By: noman, multan on Sep, 27 2019
Samsung Galaxy A8 has good features in it.
It’s processing speed is very fast and the camera is also outstanding I like it
By: Kaazim , Sukkur on Jul, 25 2019
I want sale my phone Samsung a8 plus new phone With full accessories. Only 8 days use new phone Whattsup#03136170765
By: Wasif Hussnain , Faisalabad on Jul, 05 2019
Samsung galaxy a8 plus this is the best smartphone which can give me the amazing functions with the reliable experience of having the best speed

By: kashaf, mu on May, 21 2019
This Samsung galaxy a8 plus is the best tab ever that is able to works for a long time without get any problem in the reasonable price
By: anam, multan on May, 20 2019
Its bright hd screen make this device so good and attractive for everyone and the pixels are so good of their that never get blasting
By: SANA, multan on May, 12 2019
The amazing performance smart phone of Samsung galaxy a8 plus that great operating system that allow us to get to use this device with the faster speed
By: uswa, lahore on May, 12 2019
The good operating system and the good performance having this device that give us the long time battery performance without get any heat up the body temperature
By: adfnan, lahore on May, 09 2019
Its camera results touches the DSLR camera that has the great pixels that never get blasting and capture the best epic moments as everyone like to get that
By: falak, multan on May, 09 2019
Good Phone I Used 1 Year
By: Adnan Malik, Madinah on Apr, 27 2019
I like the full screen view of this mobile. I can easily watch movies , dramas nonstop. This is my favorite mobile.
By: asma, lahore on Apr, 21 2019
Samsung galaxy a8 plus good smartphone with some amazing functions which we never used before on the other expensive smartphones from the other brands
By: haniya, multan on Apr, 02 2019
all the specifications I have checked from this website, but anyone will tell me how this phone in use ? I want to buy this phone .
By: hijab, queta on Mar, 26 2019
Samsung galaxy a8 plus smartphone with every kind of specs and has the really good specs what we need to have in it and this is the perfect thing for me to have it
By: azra, multan on Mar, 18 2019
Its feel awesome great smarphone battery timing is amazing i like flaghship design very nice working and handson experience
By: Rida, Lahore on Mar, 07 2019
This is the great brand smart phone of Samsung galaxy a8 plus that having the everything perfect and quite different then another smart phone
By: harib, hyderabad on Mar, 06 2019
Samsung Galaxy a8 plus of the Samsung Galaxy is really good because they have the longest battery life which is not expected for me before
By: azam, karachi on Feb, 09 2019
Samsung galaxy a8 plus the best smartphone which has the really good price and gives me the amazing functionality what I need in it to use for the better use
By: haris, islamabad on Jan, 28 2019
Samsung galaxy a8 plus smartphone which has the really good speed of the RAM and has the complete functions what we would definitely love to use In it
By: haris, karachi on Jan, 26 2019
Good phone nice beautifull looking attractive good performance nice battery life
By: Ahmed, Lahore on Jan, 18 2019
I am looking for a phone with a good battery life, something that will last me more
than a day. Is the Samsung galaxy a8 plus pro any good?
By: Fazal, Sialkot on Jan, 16 2019
Display screen of this cell phone is very huge favorable for people who frequently
watch movies on cell phone or play games.
By: Sikandar, Sialkot on Jan, 16 2019
This this so nice smart phone of Samsung galaxy a8 plus with the beautiful picture
quality and the reliable performance of their
By: Mani, Karachi on Jan, 06 2019
Samsung Galaxy a8 Plus great smartphone of all time with the highest space of the
memory with the brilliant performance what we exactly need
By: Daud, wazirabad on Jan, 03 2019
For the long lasting battery life this smartphone has the amazing functions and has the very good amount of the MAH in the very short charge
By: danish, karachi on Jan, 02 2019
Galaxy J4 plus has very wide screen which is very impressive. It do have reasonable
features which can justify its price.
By: Bakhtawar, Sialkot on Nov, 28 2018
Excellent smart set
By: Abid Ali , Karachi on Oct, 26 2018
Samsung A8 puls 10/10
Good condition
6 months warrnty ha
By: Kashi, Rawipindi on Oct, 16 2018
Samsung A8 puls 10/10
Good condition
6 months warrnty ha
By: Kashi, Rawipindi on Oct, 16 2018
Mery pas Samsung A8 puls 6 month Warranty m
Gold m ha condition 10/10 ha almost new ha
Koi fult ni ha
47000 Rwp Islamabad
By: Inayat, Islamabad on Oct, 16 2018
i was completely flatten up by the features of Galaxy A8 2018 and imagine, what this phone would have done to me when introduced:( But the funny part is, i cant afford any of these two.
By: J.J, Islamabad on Sep, 27 2018
I am wondering to read the specs of this Galaxy A8 Plus 2018 smart phone because its Octa Core processor looking better than my phone. I am very delight to use this phone, I love this Samsung device.
By: dua, khi on Sep, 27 2018
Its exclusive features and the nice specs make this device so cool ad easy to use that works faster who the everyone need to use that
By: anamta, islamabad on Sep, 26 2018
The facts that it takes less time to charge and has a metallic body are points that motivate me to buy a phone like this as i like durable phones that does not bother me for their battery much.
By: Shumaila, Hyderabad on Sep, 25 2018
I sale my Samsung A8 plus
Just one month used
Final price 55000
Contct me .03454168462
By: Ahsan Ayyaz, Gaggo mandi . on Sep, 06 2018
Good but very high rate
By: Yasir mehmood, Faislabad on Jul, 21 2018
is cell my fingerprint lock ka option hai
By: ali, Karachi on Jun, 20 2018
I need Samsang A8+ 2018.colur Gold, IN OFFICIAL PRICE AT karachi punjab colony.

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By: Amjad, Mozambique on May, 20 2018
A8 plus Pakistan my lunch ho chuka hai ?
By: Soni, Harbin on May, 11 2018

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Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus 2018 Reviews

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