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Check Samsung Galaxy A8 reviews and video reviews. Get all information about the Samsung Galaxy A8 features and specifications. The Samsung Galaxy A8 review gives a better idea about the mobile phone’s performance. Get in-depth analysis of phone’s screen size, processor, RAM, camera resolution, and battery timing through Samsung Galaxy A8 video review.

Samsung Galaxy A8

Price: Rs. 2

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3050 mAh
16 MP
32 GB 2 GB RAM

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Can i get a fresh set from the market- i mean, is it available or only available in second hand quality?
By: Ishtiaaq, Hyderabad on Sep, 26 2018
Samsung Galaxy A8 is a very customer friendly cellphone. I must recommend this cellphone over Apple cellphones as it is very easy to use, and its features do worth its prices.
By: Asim, jhelum on Aug, 31 2018
I just bought this cellphone. Battery time is acceptable and its display is also quite impressive. I am not fond of selfies so I don’t really care about its camera. I would appreciate Samsung for bringing LTE technology in their cellphone.
By: Beenish, bhawalpur on Aug, 02 2018
I am still using Samsung Galaxy A8 and I am very satisfied with this set. Apart from its internal storage, Camera result and battery average is very prodigious and touch sensor is very amazing.
By: Tahir, K-town on Jul, 20 2018
It has the beautiful screen resolution with the malty colors and full of brightness that increase the enjoyment much more specially its really good for watching movies
By: areeba, islamabad on Jul, 10 2018
It has the beautiful screen resolution with the malty colors and full of brightness that increase the enjoyment much more specially its really good for watching movies
By: sania, faislabad on Jun, 30 2018
Samsung Galaxy A8 the good smartphone which has the amazing functions and has the really good speed of the RAM with all kind of functions
By: Jawwad, Karachi on Apr, 24 2018
This Samsung galaxy a8 is the nice smart phone who has the good front and back camera that helps to get shot the every photo beautifully
By: anas, Panjab on Apr, 10 2018
There is dependably a need of advance in human nature and this need is same in
perspective of cell telephones too. So now I am will have a modification in my
wireless check by obtaining Galaxy A8 soon.
By: Nadia, faislabad on Feb, 12 2018
It's to an awesome degree a staggering slant to see such a great remote having this
much personality blowing features…. We should have this Samsung Galaxy A8 in
addition to benefit from its quality and features.
By: Daima, Addis on Dec, 24 2017
Samsung has demonstrated that you can without a significant measure of an expand get what's all the more empowering highlights in sensible cost as well. Like the Samsung Galaxy A8 is obliging its clients and clients.
By: danish, isl on Dec, 15 2017
I am wetting to get down of this smart phone price of Samsung galaxy a8 which has the amazing abilities and the long life battery standby that I easily use that whole day long
By: sabeen, islamabad on Nov, 28 2017
I have ever want to use this type of bets device of Samsung galaxy a8 that has the smart big HD screen with the beautiful resolution
By: anoosha, islamabad on Nov, 25 2017
Samsung GalaxyA8 this is the smartphone which has the everything you need like good faster performance which is exactly what every user want
By: nabeel, Karachi on Oct, 28 2017
I am truly impress with the mobile phone of Samsung galaxy s8 that has the many new thing which I didn’t used before in the another smart phone
By: hayma, lahore on Sep, 20 2017
I want to buy this anyone Who wants to sale
By: Sajjad, Karachi on Sep, 20 2017
I can charge it once in three days and it totally give me the best backup in these days without any hanging or any hotness
By: sobia, Karachi on Sep, 18 2017
Samsung Galaxy A8 faster and the good smartphone which can definitely show you the faster performance and the amazing clear result of the camera
By: Amil, Karachi on Sep, 14 2017
The good looking and the perfect device of everyone who specially for those peoples who wants to use them mobile smart phones for a long time with the exclusive abilities
By: aroosh, lahore on Sep, 11 2017
Samsung Galaxy A8 the smartphone which makes everything possible for me like gaming what’s app and the best applications collection I would like to use
By: Tanveer, Karachi on Sep, 08 2017
It totally standing on mine expectations which I expected in mine best mobile phones and it never disappointed me any way
By: rayma, islamabad on Aug, 29 2017
Samsung galaxy a8 is the nice device that has the huge Belton memory which help us to save many data without using any sd card
By: hiba, karachi on Aug, 22 2017
Samsung galaxy a8 is the nice device that has the huge Belton memory which help us to save many data without using any sd card
By: hiba, karachi on Aug, 22 2017
The best thing about Samsung Galaxy A8 mobile phone is its stylish look and exciting features. One must buy it in order to have the experience of using the best ever mobile phone.
By: Nadia, Sukkar on Aug, 20 2017
SAMSUNG Galaxy A8 is like the Note smartphone it has every function what we really like to have in the smartphone by the Samsung
By: Nadeem, Karachi on Aug, 09 2017
Whenever I want to buy the any mobile information so I just come at this online site to get the information with the correct price
By: iqra, Karachi on Aug, 05 2017
This site gives me the best facility to provide the every information about every mobile of every brand which we want to know
By: eeman, islamabad on Aug, 04 2017
This is the very good mobile phone by Samsung if you see the photos of this also by its shape and by it colors it looks like handsome Mobile in cheap price
By: Nazi, Karachi on Jul, 30 2017
I want to know the full of information about this mobile phone of Samsung galaxy a8 that I will buy that from the market as soon as possible
By: tabinda, Karachi on Jul, 22 2017
This is the nice device of Samsung galaxy a8 that has the good software and the best processor who still give me the good performance without create any problem
By: layba, islamabad on Jul, 16 2017
Samsung Galaxy A8 have the large amount of specs and the faster speed of browsing and transferring data on Google easily
By: Saleem, Karachi on Jul, 13 2017
I am satisfy with the Samsung Galaxy A8 which is really helpful for me and now I don’t want to change my smartphone from many years I think
By: Fahad, Karachi on Jul, 06 2017
Amazing smartphone has great features and the good audio speakers where I can easily enjoy my movies experience very easily which is really happy for me
By: Kashif, Karachi on Jul, 03 2017
The Samsung Galaxy A8 is the faster and expensive too but smartphone is really amazing I have this one and I don’t have any little complaint with it
By: Aqeel, Karachi on Jun, 30 2017
The upcoming brand new smartphone price is available there with the amazing features information so get the available details for your ideal phone on this page
By: Shakeel, Karachi on Jun, 30 2017
Samsung Galaxy A8 is certainly my first priority when it comes to changing a new phone. I am sure that the Galaxy A8 must have similar specs as compared to the other devices of A series.
By: Marium, Lahore on Jun, 20 2017
Samsung Galaxy A8 helps you to use every application with the faster speed which is so good for the android user and we all expect with smartphones
By: Jamal, Karachi on Jun, 14 2017
I easily download the any heavy software in this mobile of Samsung galaxy a8 who give me the best performance without any hanging
By: areesha, islamabad on Jun, 14 2017
Body shape is amazing of this Samsung Galaxy A8 smartphone so you can sue it with the most pleasure you want with any expensive smartphone
By: Ajmal, Lahore on Jun, 09 2017
This smartphone has much better function than I was used Huawei 4c before this smartphone but I am feeling much better with it now
By: Jawwad, Karachi on Jun, 03 2017

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