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I am looking for low priced camera phone with all the reasonable apps and specs but can’t really locate it anywhere. Saw the description about the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 GC200 on this page and I really liked it but I am still confused about the device. Can anyone review this device for me?
By: Kaneez Fatima, Lahore on Aug, 12 2016
You should still keep in mind it is a phonecamera, wich means compared to a DSLR it has a much smaller sensor wich equals worse image quality. This dont have to mean its bad, but in comparison it wont be able to compete.
By: Gohar, karachi on May, 23 2016
Love the Samsung Galaxy camera 2 GC200 !However the case that came with camera will not stay closed.... Skimped on the engineering here..... Flap is about 1/4" short for case to stay closed..... My first day with camera.... I'm 62 so I love the large screen.....
By: rizwan, Karachi on May, 10 2016
Samsung Galaxy camera 2 for sale in Karachi for 28000
By: Syed Kazmi , Karachi on Mar, 30 2016
Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 more of a camera than a phone. The camera specs are seriously eye catching and amazing that anyone would like to get hold of! Loved it to the core
By: Beena Khan, Karachi on Feb, 09 2016
I want to buy the canera sumsung galaxy gc200 hussain
By: Riaz, Karachi on Feb, 06 2016
The Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 GC200 specs placed on this page are interesting and attention grabbing. I love this phone and want to buy it online from Lahore city. Please help me buy it from an authorized dealer.
By: Amjad, khi on Dec, 15 2015
I dont like Samsung's digital camera I like Nikon and Canon cameras they are amazing and work perfectly.
By: Neelo, Lahore on Jul, 13 2015
Its an amazing result just like a natural camera of this samsung galaxy gc200 which also looking superb, i am interesting to buy this beautiful phone.
By: tulaib, khi on Dec, 01 2014
I have this samsung galaxy camera 2 GC200. When its memory is full or if i load the full card in it, it starts hanged. I feel this issue in this camera for many days.
By: sadaf, khi on Oct, 28 2014
Please show the price of Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 GC200 and also mention the market place from i can buy this
By: Mujahid, Karachi on Sep, 29 2014
Mu cousin recently buy this camera of samsung galaxy, he say its features are very difficult to use.
By: kashan, karachi on Jul, 12 2014
it is not better than lumia 1020 cause it has 41 mega pixel camera...
By: khizar, lahore on Jul, 09 2014
Every one like this camera if the price is better than nokia camera, its shape and design is also looking good.
By: nameer, karachi on Jun, 23 2014
When Nokia has launched 41 mega pixel camera then i think no camera is better than that. Samsung has to make his moves more higher
By: Zafar, Karachi on May, 12 2014
I think it's still not in Pakistan... Here only mobiles are valuable for people Pakistanis believe in follower ship
By: Yahya Bhai , Karachi on Apr, 17 2014
Samsung brought its newer camera which is even more better than this one .... by the what is the price of this machine
By: Kaka, Karachi on Apr, 01 2014
It is not in Pakistan ... If you really want to buy then call on official number of SAMSUNG i hope you would get it
By: Zahid, Karachi on Mar, 25 2014
how much ? I want to buy this
By: Syed Rashid Ali, Hyderabad Pakistan on Mar, 17 2014
By: rafaqat awan, mansehra on Mar, 14 2014
wht is price
By: imran, ISB on Feb, 27 2014
please update the price its price are announced in the Pakistani market i want to buy this that is saying this
By: Umar, karachi on Feb, 15 2014
samsung galaxy camera 2 gc200 is very very good shave and very very good look.16 pikcel camera very good
By: sultan ansari, bahawal pur on Feb, 07 2014
Dont buy this camera is does heated from the back when use flash for taking pictures i sold it just because of this reason
By: Tania, karachi on Feb, 06 2014
i give mobile view from its front but still cant beat nikia lumia camera mobile but one things is good that it is only camera yet nokia is camera plus mobile
By: Daniyal, Lahore on Feb, 04 2014
There's nothing wrong with a smartphone-zoom camera combo, but as always, a new product line takes time to get properly going. With Sammy's 20MP ISOCELL cam and an all-around thinner delivery, a Galaxy Camera can be a winner.
By: Sana, karachi on Jan, 27 2014
one of the best mobile i ever seen in my life..really good one..i am a camera lover.. and if u have ia very good camera in my cell phone what else i want..
By: Samar Ayub, karachi on Jan, 27 2014
wow what a lovely mobile come camera .. i just want to buy this in any condition i love to take pics .. and i cant carry camera all the time so this Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 is good for me as its have 16.3 MP camera .. more pixel then my digital camera..
By: Naz David, karachi on Jan, 13 2014
Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 GC200 is awesome camera on its face it gives mobile phone looks it has nice zooming quality it is best camera ever but Sony cameras are also very good.
By: qasim, karachi on Jan, 10 2014

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