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Samsung Galaxy J2 2017

Samsung Galaxy J2 2017 User Reviews & Feedback

Now we easily get use this device of Samsung.. this device is not for heavy usage but good for normally use ..
By: hassan, lahore on Sep, 29 2019
Samsung Galaxy j 2 is very amazing I love its gorgeous design and the processing speed is also good
By: Azaan , Karachi on Jul, 25 2019
Samsung galaxy j2 the bets smartphone with the great functions and has the really good quality services we just need for the good experience
By: rufeena, karachi on May, 21 2019
This Samsung galaxy j2 is so smart phone of the best brand who we expect that in the reasonable price with the many best abilities
By: farooq, lahore on May, 20 2019
Samsung galaxy j2 the smartphone with all the great performance I need and has the perfect battery life for the great Data Usage time
By: ayza, mu on May, 19 2019
Without get any hanging or heat up the body temperature now we easily get use this device of Samsung galaxy j2 with completely the good performance of their
By: MUJAHID, karachi on May, 12 2019
The good screen resolution of Samsung galaxy j2 that helps us to get to watch the any blue ray movies in it with the many bright and malty colors
By: zafar, karachi on May, 12 2019
Looking so nice smart phone of Samsung galaxy j2 that give us the reliable qualities and the good performance of it without get any hanging or other problems
By: adil, multan on May, 09 2019
I really like this device of Samsung galaxy j2 because it works really good and faster as I like to use of mine expected smart phone
By: mustufa, multan on May, 09 2019
SAMSUNG GALAXY J2 2017 is the best mobile to buy with the most reasonable and affordable prices. I like the qualities of this Samsung model
By: azeem, karachi on Apr, 21 2019
Samsung galaxy j2 smart good smartphone I would love to prefer every friend of mine because of its amazing battery life we need to have for day
By: rameen, islamabad on Apr, 02 2019
Just check out the best smartphone specs here with the amazing rates you can easily afford and expect to have in this new year what you want
By: sobia, karachi on Mar, 30 2019
this is the good phone in the lower price. If anyone wants to buy a phone in lower prize , he or she can buy this phone.
By: zainab, sindh on Mar, 26 2019
Samsung galaxy j2 the smartphone which is pretty reliable with the good specs and has the amazing features which is truly amazing in it
By: mehak, karachi on Mar, 18 2019
Without get any trouble now we easily get use this device of apple Samsung galaxy j2 with the best battery standby that we have never used before
By: QAMAR, QUETTA on Mar, 06 2019
Samsung Galaxy J2 the smartphone which has the amazing functions and give the best performance of the Data we just want
By: samra, karachi on Feb, 09 2019
Samsung galaxy j2 the smartphone which has the really good functions and it makes me able to get the amazing experience of having the great quality working
By: sobia, panjab on Jan, 26 2019
My mom wedding anniversary i am gift for mom this phone nice budget range phone
By: Samreen, Lahore on Jan, 18 2019
most sellling product in Pakistan for its unbelievable features highly recommended
a must thing to buy before the end of this year
By: khird, faislabad on Jan, 16 2019
The size of this cellphone fascinates me a lot as I love to watch movies on cellphone
and this could be my favorite option to continue my habit.
By: Bakhtawar, Bahawalpur on Jan, 06 2019
With the very good quality of the smartphone Samsung galaxy j2 many of the android operating system because of its great application performance
By: harib, karachi on Jan, 02 2019
Get the best faster android smartphone series here which is the Samsung galaxy j2 and I am using it with the faster amazing speed oGet the best faster android smartphone series here which is the Samsung galaxy j2 and I am using it with the faster amazing speed of the OSf the OS
By: saba, kathmandu on Dec, 27 2018
This is such a nice Samsung galaxy j2 that is able to give the good performance with the good features and the reliable abilities of their
By: ifra, faislabad on Dec, 17 2018
I normally do not recommend a 720p HD display to my friends in 2018 and this is
why i wont recommend the Samsung Galaxy J2 to them either
By: Waleed, Bahawalpur on Nov, 28 2018
Samsung galaxy j2 has the good range of features and the best reliable battery life you can easily use for the week you need very easily
By: affan, multan on Nov, 25 2018
8 GB memory and a 1 GB ram, a decent camera with a sleek faddy design. Good phone.
By: Amna, karachi on Nov, 18 2018
Samsung Galaxy J2 is good for nothing. I really discourage people from buying this cell phone.
By: Saad, karachi on Oct, 13 2018
I must not recommend people to go for this cell phone. A better option within this range can be OPPO A57. OPPO A57 is even cheaper than this and having more features as compare to this cell phone.
By: Ghaffar, karachi on Oct, 06 2018
I really don’t like the looks and shape of this cell phone as I really don’t know how come a company like Samsung can even think of making these types of cell phone and even charging high prices for these.
By: Ali , hyderabad on Oct, 06 2018
Normally i would recommend buying the Samsung Galaxy J2 2017 to people, but it is 2018 you don't need an HD display, you need a Full HD one
By: Arshad, Karachi on Sep, 26 2018
Looking so classy smart phone of Samsung galaxy j2 with the great battery standby and the beautiful display with the amazing resolution
By: tooba, islamabad on Sep, 26 2018
The limited circumference of Galaxy J2 is a major drawback for me for i prefer phones with long and wide screens as i love to watch movies and songs most of the time.
By: Haider, Lahore on Sep, 24 2018
The Samsung Galaxy J2 2017 is an low budget phone, the only problem i have with this is that the battery is so small.
By: Javeria, Karachi on Sep, 19 2018
The fact that its memory can be increased to 128 GB makes Samsung Galaxy J2 one of the best phones in this price range.
By: Shehwar, Quetta on Sep, 16 2018
Samsung Galaxy J2 is comparatively better than other sets within this price. Its camera quality is as same as others, but it has more internal storage capacity and better processor to run other applications.
By: Sami, Islamabad on Aug, 19 2018
The best part about Samsung cellphone which I think is appreciable is that their cellphones are very reliable and durable and that same goes with Samsung Galaxy J2. A very decent cellphone with very decent attributes.
By: Saqlain, faisalabad on Aug, 08 2018
This is very attractive smart phone of Samsung galaxy j2 that having the good software that gives the good performance every time without get any hanging
By: Gujjar, Karachi on Aug, 04 2018
The Samsung galaxy j2 is the fast working smart phone that gives the performance very goodly every time without get any type of hanging
By: anela, faislabad on Aug, 04 2018
This Samsung galaxy j2 is thee amazing smart phone of this Samsung galaxy brand that give us the amazing qualities in a device with the beautiful camera result
By: naeema, Karachi on Aug, 01 2018
This is the nice and reliable smart phone that has the many options for using it easily with the many reliable abilities with the long life battery standby
By: anam, islamabad on Aug, 01 2018

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Samsung Galaxy J2 2017 Reviews

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