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Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus

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The size of this cellphone is very much huge and battery timing of this cellphone is quite sufficient. Still I won’t recommend this cellphone as one can still have many other alternatives in this range.
By: Feroz, karachi on Nov, 15 2018
Samsung Galaxy j4 plus perfect smartphone is now exist in the world I never switch from it because it has the amazing specs what I never used before
By: zareen, islamabad on Nov, 15 2018
Camera result was too high with all kind of functions and has the brilliant features for the best performance of the smartphone what we love
By: sufyan, islamabad on Nov, 11 2018
Samsung galaxy j4 plus I am using this smartphone which is really good in the name of the good processing speed for gaming online in the good way
By: zara, panjab on Nov, 11 2018
For a 25000 rupee the Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus is an really solid phone with good specs. I wish that Samsung would have used an AMOLED display here
By: Jahanzaib, Karachi on Nov, 09 2018
This cellphone is quite outdated. It is better to go for new addition of OPPO or Huawei which has been introduced this year.
By: Jameel, Shikarpur on Nov, 09 2018
Samsung Galaxy J4 plus is a decent cellphone having very reasonable cellphone features. According to me it is one of the best in this price range.
By: Rumman, karachi on Nov, 07 2018
Samsung Galaxy J4 is quite a decent cellphone having very reasonable features. I would recommend people to go for OPPO cellphone in this price range.
By: Imam, karachi on Nov, 06 2018
Battery timing of Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus is very impressive. Apart from that internal storage is also very huge.
By: Junaid, karachi on Nov, 04 2018
According to me this cellphone is bit overprice because the feature of this cellphone is quite average. One can have good alternative in this price range.
By: Obed, lahore on Nov, 02 2018
According to me, one can find a better cellphone in this price range. Features of this cellphone are very much limited compared with its price.
By: Saad, sukkhur on Oct, 29 2018
I must discourage people from buying this cell phone. Samsung has not been providing against the price they are charging.
By: Hadi, karachi on Oct, 29 2018
Much like other Samsung products astounding camera and a beautiful finish, the difference is the vast variety of new vibrant colors being offered.
By: Faraz, karachi on Oct, 29 2018
This is a great phone for those who just need a general purpose phone. Its sad that the Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus doesn't have a 1080p display
By: Ali, Lahore on Oct, 28 2018
I don't know how to feel about the Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus. On one hand it is a great phone but on the other hand it has very low resolution
By: Zeeshan, Islamabad on Oct, 26 2018
I think the Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus is one of the only phones made by Samsung that doesn't have an AMOLED display.
By: Rafay, Multan on Oct, 25 2018
A phone that is the perfect match for teenagers as well as middle aged people with the practicality and the sleek design and decent ram. Great choice for a next phone.
By: Hamza, karachi on Oct, 22 2018
Galaxy J4 plus has very wide screen which is very impressive. It do have reasonable features which can justify its price.
By: Ali, islamabad on Oct, 20 2018
I think Samsung galaxy j4 plus is the best option one can have in this price range. Features of this cellphone is very reasonable.
By: Ali, lahore on Oct, 19 2018
I normally do not recommend a 720p HD display to my friends in 2018 and this is why i won't recommend the Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus to them either
By: Huzaifa, Karachi on Oct, 18 2018
Very decent cellphone with very decent features in affordable price. Samsung cellphones are very durable and reliable.
By: Sami , Multan on Oct, 17 2018
I am not very satisfied with its looks. I think Samsung should bring more innovations in their design. I can have better cellphone in this price.
By: Taha, karachi on Oct, 16 2018
The Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus is a very large phone and with a 6inch screen but it only has a 720p display that really ruins it
By: Baig, Rawalpindi on Oct, 14 2018
Display graphics of Samsung Galaxy J4 plus is very impressive. Apart from that battery timing is also remarkable.
By: Faiza, hyderabad on Oct, 13 2018
Samsung is providing very effective face recognition and finger print touch sensor in this range which is quite often. I must admire Samsung over this.
By: Imran, rawalpindi on Oct, 10 2018
Samsung Galaxy J4 plus seems to be a female oriented cell phone. I must encourage females to go for this one if they like it.
By: Ghaffar, karachi on Oct, 08 2018
The Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus is a very vibarant phone with very bright colors and an amazing display, just wish it were AMOLED.
By: Saniya, Saiwal on Oct, 05 2018
It has the everything perfect what I need to use in mine expected smart phone the Samsung galaxy j4 plus with completely the stunning performance
By: sonia, Karachi on Oct, 04 2018
It is a very stylish mobile phone, also the funky colors are amazing. It is a nice looking mobile phone. Worth buying. always trust Samsung for their products.
By: Saif, Khi on Oct, 03 2018
Whenever my friend recommends me a phone, I show them my new Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus because it has everything that I need, along with a superb camera. In such a budget price!
By: Neeha kamal, KARACHI on Oct, 03 2018
The galaxy J4 Plus is very Attractive and also i hope everyone like it because more stylish design and RAM,Storage and also other Feature . I Request to Company please Price is reasonable because everyone buy it then you achieve the market goal. Thanks
By: Tehsin Malkera, Lahore on Oct, 02 2018
The great smart phone of Samsung galaxy j4 plus that has the stylish metal body specially the back side looking so cool and the camera result is outstanding of their
By: Umer, Karachi on Sep, 27 2018
I like the funky colors it comes in. Otherwise, the design is decent and acceptable to me. The display is engaging too.
By: Nighat, Lahore on Sep, 27 2018
Samsung j4+ is available in pakistan right now ???
By: Shabana, Karachi on Sep, 26 2018
The Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus is a great budget phone, it has a beautiful Super AMOLED screen and 3 GB of ram
By: Hina, Karachi on Sep, 25 2018

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