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Check Samsung Galaxy J8 2018 reviews and video reviews. Get all information about the Samsung Galaxy J8 2018 features and specifications. The Samsung Galaxy J8 2018 review gives a better idea about the mobile phone’s performance. Get in-depth analysis of phone’s screen size, processor, RAM, camera resolution, and battery timing through Samsung Galaxy J8 2018 video review.

Samsung Galaxy J8 2018

Price: Rs. 40,999

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3500 mAh
16 MP + 5 MP
64 GB 4 GB RAM

Samsung Galaxy J8 2018 Video Review

Samsung Galaxy J8 2018 User Reviews & Feedback

This smart is very good it has so many features in less price and you can afford it easily I liked it
By: Manal , Karachi on Jul, 25 2019
Samsung Galaxy j8 is amazing it’s processing speed is outstanding and the storage is also good I like it
By: Haris, Karachi on Jul, 25 2019
This mobile phone is very useful for me as it’s storage is good and long time battery helps me during my exams
By: Hashim , Karachi on Jul, 02 2019
Samsung galaxy j8 I am using this smartphone which helps me really much for getting the amazing online performance on the data Usage
By: amna, multan on May, 21 2019
This Samsung galaxy j8 is the best tab ever that has the ever thing perfect and also give the good performance as we expect that
By: eeman, ka on May, 20 2019
Now we easily get use this device of Samsung galaxy j8 with the many reliable abilities and the great battery timing for using it whole day long
By: SADIA, lahore on May, 12 2019
In this device of Samsung galaxy j8 having the many things are new things that can make this device so useful and easy to use with the good battery timing
By: FAISAL, multan on May, 12 2019
The beautiful front and back camera result are provide in this device of Samsung galaxy j8 that helps to get shot the every photo clearly without blasting the pixels
By: hayma, karachi on May, 12 2019
This Samsung galaxy j8 is the amazing device that having the beautiful camera result with the bright led flash light as the everyone like to use that
By: haya, multan on May, 09 2019
Looking the nice smart phone of the Samsung galaxy j8 that is the useful device for the long tie who we easily get buy in this cheap rates
By: fahad, multan on May, 09 2019
I save my lot of data in my Samsung mobile and for me its main advantage is that its memory is good.
By: sania, sargodha on Apr, 21 2019
The malty performance processor available in this smart phone of Samsung galaxy j8 with completely the great performance
By: fakhar, multan on Apr, 09 2019
Samsung galaxy j8 amazing smartphone with some better functions and gives me the best experience of having the great speed of the RAM we would love
By: sobia, karachi on Apr, 03 2019
all those features are available in this mobile that we want in a good phone, so we can buy this phone to use in our daily life.
By: fariha, gakhar on Mar, 26 2019
Samsung galaxy j8 smartphone with every feature what we need to use and this pretty good for me to have it because this is the great smartphone in my life
By: narmeen, lahore on Mar, 18 2019
Nice mobile
By: Farrukh Fayyaz, Karachi on Mar, 07 2019
The Samsung galaxy j8 is the nice device of the reliable brand that we easily get use that with the long time warranty and the good performance of their
By: mishal, multan on Mar, 06 2019
Samsung Galaxy j8 the great smartphone for getting the best application which has the really good speed of the RAM we just need
By: fakhra, karachi on Feb, 09 2019
It is a very beautiful phone samsung galaxy j8 like back mold design nice sharp display pixels i love it a phone great look
By: Abid, faislabad on Feb, 01 2019
Samsung galaxy j8 the best smartphone with the amazing features I really need to buy this smartphone which has amazing specs
By: tayaba, karachi on Jan, 28 2019
Samsung galaxy j8 mobile phone with the ultimate functions and has the great quality services which is we really need to have in the mobile phone
By: zeenia, islamabad on Jan, 26 2019
Now we easily get use the best data connection in it of Samsung galaxy j8 due to the
great signal protection of their that doesn’t drop and works really good
By: Waleed, Sialkot on Jan, 16 2019
Its 4000 mAh battery gives it long running time, so i often watch movies on
weekends without worrying about its charging or battery getting drained in the
By: Sikandar, Jalalpur on Jan, 16 2019
The Samsung galaxy j8 is nothing like the Snapdragon 845 but it is still able to hand
the 4 main cameras in the Samsung Galaxy j8 2018
By: Khird, Sialkot on Jan, 06 2019
Although it is very expensive, I think this Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus 128GB is a good
phone that has amazing features and the best camera. The only downside would be
the battery might not last for long periods of time if you're a heavy game user. But I
love it overall.
By: Khird, Srinagar on Jan, 03 2019
I don’t have any complaint related to this smartphone because it has everything and has the best functions for using the amazing functions on it
By: neha, karachi on Jan, 02 2019
This is looking so cool smart phone of Samsung galaxy j8 with huge ram that helps to everyone for using the device after saving man huge data in it easily
By: tooba, panjab on Dec, 17 2018
I would like to use this mobile phone of Samsung galaxy j8 that has the brilliant
software and the malty touch display who is the bets in it
By: Nimra, Attock on Dec, 07 2018
Samsung galaxy j8 is the largest selling smartphone in the Pakistan and all over the world where Samsung available because of its brilliant performance and no lack experience
By: saman, Karachi on Dec, 05 2018
I don't know how to feel about the Samsung Galaxy J8. On one hand it is a great
phone but on the other hand it has very low resolution
By: Hamid, Hydrabad on Nov, 28 2018
Finger print touch sensors of Samsung’s are not very much effective. Camera quality is also not very impressive.
By: Ali, islamabad on Oct, 10 2018
Samsung Galaxy J8 is very dull in looks and the features provided are not that much impressive if we compare it with its price. I must discourage people for choosing this option.
By: Tahir, hyderabad on Oct, 04 2018
The display, processor, camera, selfie camera and battery, all are its value enhancing factors but it should be somewhere around 30-32k and not more than that.
By: jalal, Karachi on Sep, 27 2018
The Samsung Galaxy J8 2018 is certainly nothing compared to the Galaxy S8, but the look of the phone is no less premium
By: Saba, Islamabad on Sep, 27 2018
The nice and reliable smart phone the Samsung galaxy j8 with the great performance that works really good without get any problem
By: sobia, Karachi on Sep, 26 2018
The display glass is not of quality and prone to scratch. I wish the glass was of gorilla glass.
By: irfan, Hyderabad on Sep, 22 2018
Iam selling my galaxy J8(Black Colour) Price:37000 Just Box open From Lahore contact me :03224356334 :::Khawaja Nabeel
By: Khawaja Nabeel, Lahore on Sep, 15 2018
Samsung Galaxy J8 available
By: Sufiyan, Karachi on Aug, 30 2018
By: yOunas khan, KHan bela on Jul, 28 2018
Due to the reasonable price I purchased this Samsung Galaxy J8 but after used one week I sold my phone. Nothing is different in this phone, it is just same the other Samsung.
By: Shakeel Ahmed, karachi on Jul, 15 2018

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