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Samsung galaxy note 5
By: Rehan, Timergara on Feb, 21 2019
Not 5 samsung
By: ali, lohare on Sep, 17 2018
I would like tou buy Samsung note 5 edge in Black or White color.

What is the price.

Best Regards.
By: Umair, Islamabad on Sep, 04 2018
I have been using this cellphone and I don’t think it cost this much in the market as I have bought this in less amount. I would prefer to buy this cellphone as it is cheap and good for day to day work. Battery time is good.
By: Hunain, sukkhur on Aug, 11 2018
I want to buy Samsung galaxy note edge in white colour 03466634162
By: Majid , Sialkot on Aug, 10 2018
i like note seares
By: adnan ali, nawab shah on Mar, 28 2018
I love to use this smartphone which has the good feature sand the lovely application performance so you will not have to worry about lagging
By: Ammar, Karachi on Oct, 08 2017
For the faster experience of the Android OS without any crashing report the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be the best choice for you
By: Hamad, Karachi on Oct, 06 2017
This is mine best specs mobile of Samsung galaxy note 5 edge that is looking wise also good and classy and the beautiful features I really like to use
By: samra, multan on Sep, 06 2017
I truly trust on this brand because it gives me the best and expected mobiles in mine affordable price and this is only brand who provide this facility
By: salma, karachi on Aug, 28 2017
The Samsung galaxy note 5 edge is the great device which has the everything is brilliant like the display and the camera result and the many more things are out standing in it
By: sameena, lahore on Aug, 23 2017
If you want to use the good tab for a long time so this tab of Samsung galaxy is the best for yours that has the beautiful screen resolution
By: hayma, Karachi on May, 31 2017
Let's pay our regards to the Samsung's most revolutionary mobile phone by far: The Galaxy Note Edge, drawing the attention of all the techies internationally
By: Hassam, Karachi on May, 26 2017
The Samsung galaxy note 5 edge is the only device that still gives the faster performance which everyone want to use in the bets mobile phone with the long life warranty
By: warda, karachi on May, 14 2017
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge is the strongest smartphone in cheapest and I definitely say that this is become your longtime partner
By: Anwar, Karachi on Apr, 11 2017
I want note5 edge junion and perfect. I like made by Samsung glaxy note5 edge.
By: ghulam muatafa , kamalia on Feb, 16 2017
I have note 4 edga exchange possible note 5 edga or note 6 ..... 03433344303
By: Sami, Karachi on Feb, 09 2017
I have note 4 edga exchange possible with note 5 edge or note 6
By: Sami, Karachi landhi on Feb, 09 2017
I have a blind trust on this mobile of this brand of Samsung galaxy and this mobile is really awesome of Samsung galaxy note 5 edge
By: arshia, pindi on Jan, 19 2017
I am really showing to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 5Edge rates there on this website and now I am making my mind to buy it as soon as
By: Ebaad, karachi on Oct, 05 2016
I want to sell my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge at a half price in Karachi. The phone is in good condition without warranty. I would request the prospective and serious buyers only to contact me. Thank You
By: Furqan, Karachi
its simple galaxy note 5 , not 5 edge isn't released yet GUYS!
By: Omar Ansari, Lahore on Jul, 12 2016
I want to a glaxy note5edge or s7 edge dummy mobile
By: zulfiqar ali, islambad pakistan on Jun, 11 2016
My brother has recently purchased Samsung Galaxy Note 5 edge and he is totally in love with this phone. Its big, performance is supreme, and surely is a status symbol for the owner. 32 GB variant is perfect. I would definately recommend it to all
By: Uroosa, Lahore on May, 26 2016
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge is amazing. But I was hoping to get a much upgraded battery life on this phablet. Anyways, there are lot of pluses about this device that can surely turn your mood towards purchasing it. Loved the specs listed about it.
By: Emran , Karachi on May, 26 2016
Hello guys...Battery life on note edge after M update is not as expected is draining at the same rate when it was earlier on Lollipop version.But the doze mode is as told by samsung..Only 1 % drain for 6-7 hrs on standby mode..thats amazing..Am i the only person facing battery issues after the M update or anyone else with the same issue?
By: Mehak, Islamabad on Apr, 26 2016
The battery life is about the same as the Note 2 edge. With everything still on and syncing i use about 10% per hour web browsing, 9% per hour watching videos and when not in use it is under 1% per hour on wifi and just over 1% on 3G. Charging time is under 2.5 hours from flat.
By: Salman, Islamabad on Apr, 22 2016
i purchased Samsung Galaxy Note5 duos last week , its imported piece, every things seems nice, but in my device,its not getting ON automatically as others do, even i cannot write anythings on screen when screen off, can anybody guide me how can i solve this problem? is there any software problem in my device, please help me.
By: Shakib, karachi on Apr, 16 2016
I purchase this beautiful Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge due to the curved edges and the amazing camera. I am using it for three months but now I decide to keep it for a long term due to its features.
By: dawood, isl
The current price of Samsung galaxy note 5 edge phone is also over from my range, can you please help me to purchase a reliable phone in a reasonable price which features are similar to this model?
By: majid, khi on Apr, 06 2016
32GB at $535 is too much. I'd rather go for 64GB at less than $500. Anyway I don't use SD card cause 64GB is more than enough for a smart user.
By: Ravi das, karachi on Apr, 03 2016
That happened to mine after 5.1.1 update. Mine got so hot i could hardly hold it So i uninstalled cm security and reset it and its not heating up. It could be an app thats causing it to heat. If you try resetting it , but backup your stuff first. Hope this helps.
By: Ashfaq, khi on Mar, 15 2016
Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 Edge is surely an eye catching phone equipped with all the essential features and specs you crave for! I simply love this phone, and recommend it to others as well. My cousin purchased this phone and he is extremely happy and glad to have it.
By: Raza, Lahore on Feb, 23 2016
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Edge this features were much same like Note 5 and so much costly than Note 5 so i prefer Note 5 better than this
By: Kashif, Karachi on Feb, 15 2016
I feel wonder to see the features of samsung galaxy note 5 edge smart phone. It is a very lovely device that is why I decide to buy this smart phone. I also like the color of it.
By: jabeen, khi on Feb, 08 2016
Can you tell me the difference between samsung galaxy note 5 edge as compare to samsung galaxy note 5, I don’t compare it with price but I need fast processor smart phone.
By: Faisal, khi on Feb, 01 2016
no note 5 is better than note 5 edge note 5 edge its like some extra ordinary things and not 5 its like standard and only usable things in this cellphone and the price difference its big problem one cause if we buy some unique so need unique not the same one
By: amir, karachi on Jan, 31 2016
when it will be expected to launch in market?
By: Hameed, Lahore on Jan, 29 2016
Note 5 edge smart phone comes in the large display as well the price of this phone is also very expensive but it is a complete package to use every thing.
By: imran, khi on Jan, 25 2016
Nice phone
By: Aamir, Chakwal Pakistan on Jan, 21 2016

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